Dubai Familymoon! Let’s Go!

During this summer, I decided to give my two brothers and my mom a treat to Dubai, our very own familymoon. We did nearly every single activity cramped up into 5 days: from dirtbiking, to skydiving, to water theme parks to Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi to the amazing desert safari tour.

I will give you the insights of how much all the activity costs and how you can go about covering the entire sunny Dubai within 5 days.

Why Dubai, you may ask? Personally cuz my younger brother Sukri has been dying to go there since he was about 17 years old always bugging me saying that he would love to go there and would wanna stay there in the near future. It is also because  I find that Dubai has a lot of family activities that you can do altogether, which I needed that bonding since I’m always away working and never really got to catch up with my brothers and this was just a deserving trip for my mommy.

Of course, we had to add people to the list, my favourite cousin Michelle decided to take the wild decision in booking the tickets few days before the trip, Mr A. whom is very sticky with me came along too. My younger brother’s girlfriend, Huda, (our family calls her hoodie, Sham calls her buddha ._.) had the first family holiday and she probably saw all the craziness happening in the Rosta family. My mom’s friend’s daughter, also came along on the trip cuz she was dying to go skydiving. There you go, the 8 of us, on the journey to Dubai for the first time.


Thank God for Michelle, at least Sham has a buddy for the entire trip.


IMG_0199My momma who was so busy on the phone (two phones), picking up calls and looking at her facebook. Well, she’s keeping up with time.


Eversince Mr A. started on his new job, I rarely had time for him and he rarely has time for me. Finally having a holiday with you, not alone, but at least it’s still fun, the only reason why I brought Mr A. to this familymoon, was for him to bond with my brothers. Stay tuned to find out whether he did. 🙂


Enroute via Kuala Lumpur to Dubai, we took Malaysia Airlines MH628. With the recent missing airplane of MH307, the ticket prices for all destinations were reduced like crazy, from the usual $600 to about $400 for a return ticket. Giving my family a treat for the first time eversince I started work, was quite a pay off. The satisfaction I got accomplishing this familymoon and planning every single detail of the trip was hell ,worth it.


My habibi lil brother, Sukri, has finally arrived at Al Maktoum International.


#ootd of myself at the airport, already shagged from the 8hr flight from Singapore.



Look at how tired and annoyed everyone face is after checking into our humble Golden Sands Family Apartment. Finally had our first Arab styled chicken steak and mutton briyani.



While the guys had their morning already planned for, booking a dirtbiking tour with Just Gas It, they each paid 550aed (exclude bike insurance) for a 2 hour sunrise dirtbiking experience in the sand dune. While they had a good time there, the ladies…..


Started the day visiting the World’s Tallest Building, the Burj Khalifa!


Mr Sun was so scorching hot it was literally eating my skin alive and I could feel it.


You wanna Maserati? You betta work bitch! 0_O Dubai Mall is famous for their luxury cars that they bring in to attract people to visit the Dubai Mall on a regular basis. Then again the owner of the Dubai Mall is freaking rich, a few cars like Bugati, Maserati and Ferrari won’t kill.


 As we were walking into The Souk, Michelle squealed as she found her dream wedding ring and sneakily took a picture of it to show it to her boyfriend. LOL.


Introduced my family to Lunch at the Cheesecake Factory. Been dying to let them try what’s the craze I got for the food here, thank God Dubai Mall opened a branch here. Just love the vibe and delicious food. We also had Flaming Buffalos for our appetiser.

hp58 hp63 hp66

The boys were done with their dirtbiking tour and we met back at the hotel to freshen up and awaited for our desert tour to pick us up at the hotel at 1500hrs. The 6 hour sunset desert safari tour costs us 240aed each. The sand dune ride could sit up to 6 per group, so we decided to split 4 by 4.

hp74 hp75 hp83 hp80 hp78

We had our first pit stop, where we got to try those habibi head scarfs! Shammie and Mr A. bought it as a souvenoir and also because we were heading to a desert, which will look cool on them.

hp84 hp85

Found this really beautiful head piece at the souvenoir shop which was selling at 100aed, first thing that came to my mind, GRAB IT! In case you guys wanted to know what tour we took, our hotel arranged for us Lama Tours. There are a few scam websites on the net when I tried booking, so I decided to book it with the hotel the day we arrived.


The arab driver was also all dressed up for the sand dune bashing tour.


In our private car, going through some bumpy sand dune ride. 🙂IMG_0293


Our driver for the day. Michelle and Mr A. wanted a picture with him so bad.


 A family portrait of us in the desert. How many times could you actually take a picture like this?


Just had to take as many memories while in the desert with Mr A.


#ootd for a desert tour 🙂


My elder brother, Shammie, (my siblings and I call him that strictly to annoy him and also cuz his name is too short we had to make it longer) is SMILING TO THE CAMERA, for someone who HATES, and I mean really seriously HATES taking a picture, is finally opening up and enjoying this tour. Now I forgive you when you were grumbling saying that I forced you on this trip. Hahahahaha. Glad to have taken this picture with you, so honoured! 😀


Camel riding was so fun especially in a desert, the atmosphere was just amazing and looking at the sun that was just about to set. I know everyone had a great experience with the camels.


Bugged my mom to get up on the camel which she refused to sit at first, helped me get onto the hump of the camel and I glad I did… just looking at her smiling to the camera made me so happy :’)


Shammie and his buddy, Michelle.

While waiting for the buffet arabian dinner to start, we ordered some sheesha and had some bird show going on.


My baby who volunteered himself to go up and touch the crow.



We got bored of waiting so we went out to have some fun renting the ATV bike for the sunset riding.


 Ended the night with our buffet dinner which was included in the tour, topped off with some belly dancing for our entertainment for the night.

On the next episode, I’ll give you the insights of our day 2 and 3, the road trip to ABU DHABI for our Ferrari World Day Trip and also, SKYDIVE DUBAI! Stay tuned!

XOXO Lisafemme

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