GO BIG OR GO HOME: Skydiving in Dubai!

I had the time of my life at the SkyDive Dubai, my session was at 0600 in the morning, and Tom was my buddy for the day. You can book your skydive experience right here: http://www.skydivedubai.ae/

The whole place was filled with the skydivers and photographers for the day and they were very welcoming. I also have booked the tandem together with still video and images in a CD to bring memories back home. Boy, it was super worth every dirham!

Special thanks to Junior, for taking the jump with us and for shooting and videoing my entire skydive excitement moments! 🙂 Enjoy!

IMG_8561IMG_8562IMG_8564IMG_8566IMG_8567IMG_8568IMG_8570IMG_8571IMG_8572IMG_8573IMG_8579IMG_8580IMG_8581IMG_8582IMG_8584IMG_8588IMG_8590IMG_8592IMG_8594IMG_8595IMG_8596IMG_8597IMG_8599IMG_8601IMG_8602IMG_8604IMG_8605IMG_8606IMG_8607IMG_8608IMG_8609IMG_8610IMG_8611IMG_8612IMG_8613IMG_8615IMG_8616IMG_8617IMG_8618IMG_8619IMG_8620IMG_8621IMG_8624IMG_8625IMG_8626IMG_8627IMG_8628IMG_8633IMG_8634IMG_8635IMG_8636IMG_8637IMG_8638IMG_8639IMG_8642IMG_8643IMG_8644IMG_8645IMG_8646IMG_8647IMG_8648IMG_8649IMG_8650Treated my two brothers to join me in this awesome journey, I’m really glad that they enjoyed themselves. They even bought a beanie and a tee as souveniors from the skydive shop while waiting for our dvd to get ready!


This annoying boy who bugged me to bring him to Dubai, just look at him now.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset


The sun was scorching hot and we were so glad that we were already done with our skydive or we’re gonna burn to death. At first I was so sad getting a slot early cuz the bookings were all full at a later time, but I realised how blessed to get the earliest tandem cuz it was so nice watching the sunrise!


Stay Tuned til the next Dubai adventure!

XOXO, Lisafemme

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