The Beautiful Santorini: Ammoudi Bay and Kamari Beach

Day δύο


Woke up at 6 just on time to see the sunrise, it was really freezing outside though and summer was already ending here in Greece.

IMG_7622 IMG_7616 IMG_7612

Humble breakfast buffet by the villa, they added in their greek salad which Mr A loved so much and greek yoghurt, known to be one of the best yoghurts in the world. My love for bread is just cray cray so I’m satisfied that we managed to get breakfast included all the days here.IMG_7650 IMG_7640

Love waking up to you every morning honey.


You know what is so amazing about this hotel? I woke up, dressed up and the minute I stepped out, the villa lady said “Happy birthday my dear” , I was so impressed and touched by them and somewhat made my day. :’)


 IMG_7692 IMG_7666

Feeling like a princess today!

IMG_0947IMG_7689 IMG_7688



Walking down the steps to Ammoudi Bay, it takes about a good 20 minutes to get down depending on your own pace. Please don’t take the poor donkeys down, although you can ride them at 5 euros. Definately not recommended for elderly to walk down, our knees were so painful after walking up and down, you will need good shoes for this.


Not forgetting the donkey poo trail that leads you as well, you will never ever get lost here, just follow the poops 😛 We were already mentally prepared for it, also not forgetting the smell. Nonetheless, we had a good experience dodging the donkey’s poo, it was like a maze.


Aaaah, Ammoudi Bay!


However, we did tresspass this zone to catch a good glimpse of the mediterranean sea. We were all prepared to take a dip into the waters but there was no sign of anyone doing it so we backed out. Good place for summer.


The volcanic view of Ammoudi Bay.

IMG_0977IMG_7736 IMG_7741

It really feels amazing to be right here, the wind was so chilly and we were so much closer to the sea.

IMG_7725 IMG_7730

It was said that the clear blue waters here had amazing corals, however, we did not take a dip cuz it was too deep and were afraid that there was no one to save us.

IMG_7740 IMG_7739

Amazing backdrop for an outfit of the day 🙂IMG_7724

 IMG_7751 IMG_7752 IMG_7753IMG_7757 IMG_7760 IMG_7768 IMG_7772IMG_7717 IMG_7718

That’s a wrap for Ammoudi Bay, here’s a panaromic view before it started to drizzle. We also had a difficult time trying to walk up the steps as there were no buses around to take at Ammoudi Point and it started to pour like crazy. There was no way out for us. Would definately recommend to rent an ATV bike if you’re planning to head here.


Sunshine finally out and it was time to head out and have some beach time!

IMG_7782 IMG_7787 IMG_7789 IMG_7790

We took the public bus and headed down to Perissa Beach which was the other end of Santorini.IMG_7794 IMG_7797 IMG_7800

This is typically how the bus ticket will look like when you enter and pay the bus ticket guy. Santorini public buses are really easy to get around. Fira is the main bus terminal, whichever route you are taking, you’ve got to stop at Fira town bus station before making your way to the other parts of Santorini. Bus tickets per trip is usually starting from 1.40euros – 2.20 euros.IMG_7803 This is the Fira town main bus terminal which is where you will link all the other buses to your next destination. Buses comes by very frequently, 15mins during the day and every half hour after sunset.

Perissa Beach, it was super quiet and the sun decks were all unoccupied. I heard during Summer the temperature could hit up to 41 degrees. However, we had the perfect time in Santorini as it was scorching hot and we get to enjoy the cold winds, the best of both worlds.



Decided to hop onto the bus and head over to Kamari Beach, also known as the Black Beach of Santorini.

Spent the evening here and watched the sunset go by.



What are the odds seeing a rainbow on my birthday? 1 in the million. *kiss

IMG_1033  IMG_1035 IMG_1036 IMG_1037 IMG_1039 IMG_1044 IMG_1045

We literally had the whole beach to ourselves. It was incredibly wonderful.

IMG_1053 IMG_1054 IMG_1055

Took a stroll down the beach path where they housed many sunset bars and restaurants, decided to grab dinner here.

IMG_1056 IMG_1057 IMG_1058

Sunset restaurant bar…

IMG_1061 IMG_1062 IMG_1063


Mr A’s fav dish of them all, the greek beef ribs.


My super yummy and oily beef lasagna. Mmmmm!

We were all prepared to leave and Mr A asked for the bill, he actually winked at the lady and I saw it! I was super mad and jealous (lol) but instead, the wink caught me by surprise and I had a sparkling dessert to end my birthday night. Awww. My sweetest boyfriend ever.

IMG_7826 IMG_7828

All the guests who dined in Sunset Bar was entitled to a greek shot before they leave the table. Pretty much sums up our night, it was time for us to head back to our villa and crash.

Til the next Santorini adventure, we head to Red Beach!



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