Catacombes De Paris: Halloween Special

It’s halloween day here in Paris and what better way to visit the World’s Largest Grave, Les Catacombes. Famously known to have 6 million bodies buried under one tunnel, it is the longest queue I have ever waited in my entire life, 3 full hours of waiting under the hot sun, though we were there exactly at 10 in the morning when it opened. I wondered what time those waiting in the front line actually came.

If you’re interested in skulls and bones, you drop off at Denfert-Rochereau metro station down south of Paris, 10euros for adults and 8 euros for people like me 18-26 years. Please bring along your id to get this rate.

IMG_1345 IMG_1342 IMG_1343

Such adorable toddlers crossing the road with their teachers. The boy in the blue tee and grey jacket was so cheeky he decided to show a tounge at me and I showed mine back 😛 and waved and he was so happy he waved as well while walking past the catacombs queue.


Love the signboards in Paris, well basically love everything in Paris, the buildings the culture the pastas and so many more you can think of. I love it here.

My buddies for today, Eliza and Katie….

IMG_9636 IMG_9634

My boyfriend during this trip, basically did every thing together and all my photo credits goes out to her.




That amazing satisfaction feeling you get when you finally managed to get to the front line of the counter after THREEEEEE HOURSSSSSS.


Yay, so nice to still be young!

The stairways up was just insane and I felt guilty cuz I haven’t been exercising for the longest time and my stamina is going down the drain…The walk through the tunnel looked like this…dark and cold.



IMG_1368 IMG_1371 IMG_1374


The only place that was allowed to be vandalised. There was a major incident of vandalism that happened in Catacombs September 2009 and it was closed for renovation and reopened back end year.

IMG_9673IMG_9677 IMG_1380

I was telling Eliza how torturing this is for us, not only we have to wait 3 hours, now we have to walk about 1km away til we meet the skulls and bones. So keep walking that ass off.

Catacombs is an underground ossuaries in Paris, the underground cementery became a tourist attraction from 1874. The remains of 6 million people were designed so miraculously I was amazed by the sight while walking through the tunnel.

IMG_1394 IMG_1395 IMG_1398IMG_1431

They even had a heart shape made up entirely from skulls. ❤ Mad love for this.


I really tried my best not to smile in this place and gave me some time to reflect on how blessed my life is and give respect to the dead. To be honest, Catacombs made me think about how death is just terrifying.


Beautifully created way back in 18th century, these are some of the places that got me thinking how people were so creative back then compared to the modern society of technology.

IMG_1425 IMG_1427 IMG_1429


There was even a well made up of skulls and bones….IMG_1468IMG_1469

Spotted some leaks at the top and was wondering how long this place would actually last. Was glad that I managed to visit it before they cease this place in the near future, another bucketlist checked 🙂


If you honestly ask me if it was really creepy inside, I would say it is not that creepy if you give respect to them and give your little prayers to all of them. We were warned that we were not suppose to touch the skulls at any point in time.

IMG_1454 IMG_1455 IMG_1457

There was also a warning sign that those who caught stealing the bones or skulls from the museum will be prosecuted. All bags will be checked upon exit.

IMG_1459 IMG_1460

There had this cute little chair for us to sit and take pictures. All cameras and video recording were allowed but was to be kept in flash off mode. The lightings inside were just perfect for shots from your digital or dslr cameras, so make sure you bring them along for this trip.


It took us 136 steps down to the Ossuaries and now 83 steps up (yes difficult stairway it brings you round and round you might get dizzy :P) during exit. Definately not for the faint hearted and elderly with wheelchairs, there’s no sight of any lift nor escalators around. The self guided tour is also not for those having heart and respiratory problems and young children. If you have children who aren’t afraid of skulls and bones, age 14 and below, has to be accompanied by an adult. NO TOILETS INSIDE so please go and use them before heading inside Catacombs or you might have to hold your pee for the whole 45 minutes or so.

IMG_9737 IMG_9743

I really hope you enjoyed this walk through of the Catacombes De Paris with me, and I’m sure in order to love such a place one must experience it.


Opposite of the exit held the catacombs shop, the owner was so nice, he asked me if I wanted a picture to be taken of myself….with a big ass skull head. I shamelessly agreed and got the other shop visitors staring and started to whip their phones out….

IMG_9753So here’s to my first Halloween in Paris, I may not be able to dress up and go to parties but this is by far one of the coolest picture I’ve taken. Peace out!



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