Aaaaahhh, the walk at Pont des Arts going to the love bridge. Who doesn’t love the sight of this?

I was awaken by the news in June this year by the collapse of the love lock bridge, since I was back here again late October, I really wanted to find out for myself how the love bridge looked like after the incident. I have definately heard rumours that they completely removed the entire bridge, that the bridge had a hole and pedestrians were not allowed to cross anymore and also heard that the entire bridge was gone after that. Well, NOT TRUE. I don’t like reading the media nowadays because there are all lies and filled with fake internet stories you don’t even know which one to believe anymore.

The love bridge in Paris, famous for locking the padlocks and throwing the keys into the river, its an indication that your love will last forever and no one could open your padlock. Afterall, it is the city of love.

Mr A and I had our love lock placed back in September 2012 on my 21st birthday…

02 03 04

Yes, we were young, free and so romantic back during our first ‘honeymoon’ period, they say.01

Our precious lock that we made and engraved :’) It was definately less crowded with the locks back then, through time, you couldn’t even see the metal railings on the bridge. The second time I was there some moron had already taken out our pictures and our Eiffel Tower keychain so it was just the lock by itself. Tons and millions of love locks were placed, everyone from different parts of the world wants a piece of this bridge, why am I not surprise that it actually collapsed.

  So here’s how it looks like now: (31st October 2014)IMG_1508

The entrance to the bridge, placement of the wooden planks were basically everywhere,some of the locks were still hidden  behind those wooden planks, it was so sad just to look at the state of the bridge. 😥

IMG_1509    IMG_1512

Famous for their talent, the art of graffiti were replaced by the love locks.IMG_1513 IMG_1514

IMG_1538 IMG_1540

That tiny area that I managed to find that had the entire love locks that wasn’t covered by the wood planks. Time to make the best out of it.

IMG_1545 IMG_1546

Really love how creative this pussy looks on the love bridge. How I wish I could spray paint that well.


Apparently the lock that I placed with my mama when I brought her here in Paris is still insight, it’s fading and rusting pretty badly but that’s the best memory I think I have ever had with her.

05 06

Paris has always hold a special place in my heart, and I’m truly blessed that I visited this romantic city about 4-5 times since the first time I came here for holiday with Mr A. To more Paris adventures in the near future, most probably wanna bring my sister and brothers here as well.

IMG_1570  IMG_1581 IMG_1582 IMG_1593

Who knew that the love bridge had such an amazing sight after sunset when the lights come on at the bridge further down Pont Des Arts?


For those of you who had your love locks once placed here at the bridge, i’m sure you made good memories of it and took lots of pictures with it cuz I’m guessing it’s gonna be completely gone with the wooden planks in place on most parts of the bridge.


The area of the love lock that I have placed with Mr A. was completely gone, replaced by a glass panel at the bridge, no one could even hang their locks anymore at this side of the love bridge. Booooo.


Left: what has become of it now.

Right: what it was like before.

IMG_1601 IMG_1604 IMG_1605

My respect to this fella who drew this, I felt the exact same way looking at the love bridge now.


I hope you enjoyed my post on the updated love lock bridge experience, after collapse edition.

Til the next! Muahhhh!



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