LV. PRADA. CHANEL – How much they really cost in Paris?

Luxury Bags, oooooh we all love them, we eye on them, we save our ass out for them, we carry them with pride, we dream about owning all of them one fine day.

The day I had this on top of my hotel bed, I wish I could sleep and cuddle with all the boxes everyday, the feeling was incredible.



Look at how mad happy I was receiving 4 different types of Louis Vuitton items at Lafayette.


My very first LV Keepall Travel Bag travelled across Paris with me as I lugged it while sightseeing the beautiful sunny Paris. Me being careless and forgetful, I forgot to bring along my passport when I wanted to buy my keepall, the store lady told me that I could not reserve it and it was the last piece at the store at 11 in the morning when Lafeyette opened. She even mentioned that most of the LV items here were fast selling and I immediately told her I will be back in an hour. I literally ran in and out of the metro station as the hotel I was staying was quite a distance from Lafeyette itself, I was out of breath. I managed to grab my passport, shut the door and ran for my life to Lafeyette hoping that those chinese foreigners will not take everything from the shop. (How do they even get such cash to buy the whole store? I wonder hmmm..) I reached Garies Lafeyette at exactly 53mins later and purchased my keepall. Phew. That was the story of my keepall and I, that is why I treasure it so much and decided to use it for work. An anniversary gift for myself for working so hard for the past year, the fact that I do not care about how people judge, bitch please if you wanna own a LV bag, own it. Let those losers yak. *winks 😉


Paris is my favourite city in the entire world. I would love to stay here permanently one fine day and drink my cuppa tea overlooking the Eiffel Tower speaking to you in French, the ambiance here is just too incredible. Whoever says that Paris is dirty and smelly should really see the beautiful side of the city, it’s the most romantic city in the entire world for a reason.


So here was my 50″ Keepall Luggage Bag waiting for the store lady to get my card. I know I need to find a good long lasting bag that could last me good lifetime years, mainly using it for work. I wasn’t interested in getting a Rimowa nor a Samsonite nor a Prada. I wanted something more, and this was it. I felt that the monogram is classy and timeless. size 60″ was too huge in size for me, so I settled for the 55″, it cost me a whipping $905 euros for the bag. *squeals

Also adoring the new spring collection Lv pink sling bag that cost $1150 euros.


Definately great for travelling, that’s Mich and i awaiting for boarding for our bangkok trip! I must say that it can be a little heavy but who cares? It’s a Louis Vuitton.



My very first Chanel from Galeries Lafayette, Paris, back in March this year.

I’ve been eyeing for this for months eversince I came to Paris for my first work trip back a year ago. So happy we got the last piece ready in stock when we arrive – all  my branded stuffs apparently has eventful happenings before even purchasing it. My dearest Chanel baby wallet costs $550 euros.

Something for the men, Mr A received an early birthday gift right here in Paris, its a multi function dual belt where you can twist it and change design whenever you get bored of 1 design. LV belt costs $512 euros



Mr A bought me this lovely Louis Vuitton wristlet for my 21st birthday in Singapore, i was really caught by surprise after my birthday dinner. There is however the bigger size LV Monogram wristlet with sling, but I really love this one cuz it sits just nicely on my shoulder and it’s suitable for petite ladies like myself and also who doesn’t carry a lot of stuffs, prolly just throw in your lipstick, credit cards and eyeliner in case of emergency, it also fits the iPhone 5s perfectly. My lovely LV wristlet costs $344 euros.

I have walked in and out of Galeries Lafeyette a few times when I was here for work, window shopping is the best here in Paris, especially when you get to touch and hold branded goods and experience it first hand without being judged. Here are some of my very own wishlist bucket I have made for myself and also for my readers who would be interested in purchasing branded goods like myself. Photo credits to pinterest and prices are all in euros.


Classic Small Monogram Saint Laurent Satchel

Why I love it? The gold chain is to die for, fit mostly only your credit card, wallet and mobile, it is small and great for dinners and suitable for petite people like me.

Price? $1350 euros

Cassandre Tassel Shoulder Bag

Classic Saint Laurent Tassel Satchel

Why I love it? It’s classy, just perfect for fitting your daily makeup, mobile, wallet and credit cards, slightly bigger than the one above, great for office ladies for a fun night out

Price? $1395 euros


Chanel Mini Flap

Why I love it? It’s Chanel! , is there anymore that I can say?! It’s really tiny though but its just nice ‘sitting on your ass’ kinda sling bag. 😛

Price: $2020 euros

saffiano wallet metal

Prada Wallet

Why I love it? It’s simple, sleek and elegance, comes in different colours: red, blue, pink and black.

Price: $395 euros

saffiano bow

Prada Saffiano Bow Wallet

Why I love it? Suitable for ladies and girls who are more girlish,flirty and fun!

Price: $410 euros


Chanel Classic Caviar 

Why I love it? It’s my ultimate dream bag, I wish to own one someday before I officially leave work and be a housewife and I’m gonna make my daughter wear it when she’s 3 years old and take a picture of her. I also wanna make it as a passing down present to my kids.

Price: $3550 euros


Chanel GST

Why I love it? More professional and suitable for work compared to the Chanel classic. Fits A4 size and in love with the beige and gold chain!

Price: $1950 euros


Dior Pink Bag

Why I love it? It’s like a barbie bag and it’s classy for outings and the pastel pink colour is just attractive.

Price:$2750 euros

Hope you enjoyed my mini luxury goods review and prices!



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