My Week in Roma – Colosseo, Vatican City and Pisa!

My week in Roma was incredible, I have enjoyed every bit while I was here. It was my first time and thank God I had one of the best companies throughout the entire trip.

Staying at the Marriott Hotel in Rome, it was quite far off from the city but instead they had shuttle services to town.

The town had every sight seeing place that you need to see in Rome. From the Colosseo, to Fontana de Trevi to Grand Roma Capitale to Spanish steps, all just walk-able from the city itself.



That’s me and my babe on our first adventure in Roma, behind us is a museum, Roma Capitale where the shuttle bus dropped us off and we had to find our way around the city.



I was so glad to get one more checklist out from my travel bucket list. The amazing Fontana de Trevi. Right smacked in the middle of nowhere, just around the tiny street lies the fountain with pretty much tons of people tossing their coins over their shoulders and making their well wishes.


The restaurant that we ate nearby Fontana de Trevi. All I got to say is that we got scammed. When I meant we (thank god it wasn’t me who fell for it) I meant them and it was pretty much a good lesson learnt from Day 1 in Roma. The ambiance was amazing and the heaters were so good outside we didn’t need to be seating inside. We had pizza, pasta and good escargots.




This was it. The famous frutti de mare spagetthi I will never ever forget in my entire life. So my colleagues looked through the menu and was wondering why they didn’t have any typical seafood spagetthi on the list, being Singaporeans, they asked and the waiter immediately agreed and that he could fix each and every one a Frutti De Mare spagetthi, the thing is FIX. It was not on the menu and neither was the price. The worst part was, not one of them asked about the price until they gobbled up the entire plate. Guess how much this plate of spagetthi would have cost them? 10? 20? 30 euros?

…….it was friggin 60 euros PER PLATE. There and then they all knew that they got scammed. The bill came in a piece of paper and it was handwritten. Yes, handwritten! My advice to all my readers out there, if you ever order any food, PLEASE ORDER WHAT THERE IS ON THE MENU LISTED AND IF THEY DONT HAVE A MENU, ASK ABOUT THE PRICE BEFORE EVEN ORDERING. Fortunately for me, I had ordered a carbonara spagetthi which was prolly like 12 euros on the menu. Phew.


This is what I got for ordering 12 euros worth. Looks like shit, but oh well, thank God for me I didn’t have half of my spending gone on food. If you guys were wondering, I didn’t finished my spagetthi, their carbonara here had raw eggs mixed with cream.


Fontana de Trevi by night, and there were so much more people by then. Such a beautiful scenery to soak in.


Obviously we couldn’t get enough as well. We got ourselves a wefie!


Winter in Europe has like sunset by 4 in the evening and that was just really weird for me.



So this was it, the moment I’ve been waiting since like forever to toss a coin over my shoulders at the most famous fountain in the entire world. Can you believe this was the best shot I could ask for with the amount of photobombers around I just couldn’t deal with it anymore!


Getting around the town area in Rome is easy. You can either follow signs or buildings that can guide you back where you want to be.



Enroute to Piazza di spagna – spanish steps.



There it was, the spanish steps in Italy. Audrey Hepburn had filmed a movie Roman Holiday in 1953 with Gregory Peck which made it famous to the U.S. Also known to have such a romantic atmosphere at night.



People were surrounded by this 135 steps, there were also flower boys selling roses and people playing music on the steps for entertainment. It is indeed romantic for those couples looking where to head out at night.


In italian, Scalinata della Trinità dei Monti, is a church at the top of the Spanish steps.


It was such a good exercise for us as we only had about 15 mins to climb and down to take pictures and then meet the rest who were so lazy to go up.25

It was so sad that Fontana della Barcaccia was under renovation, the view would have been breathtaking with it.



Walking along the streets and there were a few men doing this, I really wondered how they managed to sit on top of one another until someone told me that there is actually a chair for them to sit underneath their clothes and that the hands were fake. *scratches head* Still amazes me!


If you’re heading here by train, you can get off at this station – Sottopassaggio Pedonale.


What is Italy without its awesome gelato ice cream, right? And of course a pot of tea to save me from the freezing cold weather happening outside.


The next day, we headed back to the central via the shuttle bus and this time headed to Colosseum.

Yes, finally going there! The walkway through was beautiful, the sun was out and I knew it was gonna be a good day!

roma100 roma101

We were there at 10am in the morning, the queue to get in was about half an hour or so, better yet the people outside tried to con us about how waiting time is about an hour or 2 and tried to psycho us to get private tours. So don’t fall into the trap, stay close with your company and get warm together in the queue, it wasn’t so bad afterall.roma103 roma104

Heh heh heh, finally sitting on the railings of Colosseo! Good morning!

roma105 roma106

These were the amazing bunch who accompanied me through my first few steps in Colosseo. So happy to have such good company for a week!


Paranomic view of the entire Colosseo! 🙂roma118

Trying to pose like the rome paintings in our bathrooms. Hahahhaha. roma117

People were everywhere by the time it was time for us to leave, couldn’t get enough of the place!roma107

This was the place I saw a video of Scam City Rome on Youtube whereby mascots will be dressed up in Roman soldiers who will ask tourists to take pictures with them and then get charged like 20-40 euros for taking with them, yes, that’s the rate of their tip. So becareful before doing anything foolish here in the city of Roma. I ever had a friend who got into a situation whereby a man tied friendship band around his wrist and then asked him for 20 euros for it when he thought it was free because they just randomly popped out from nowhere and grab your hands.

So my fellow readers, it’s really good to read up of the places you’re heading to before actually being there. Likewise, you can just learn it personally from my blog! 🙂 Ohh, and beware of your personal belongings as well and don’t ever ever ever flaunt your branded goods here in Rome.

Goodbye now, definately visiting you again someday, the walk was really therapeutic.roma108 roma109

Nearby, we headed to the nearest station onto another adventure in Roma…….roma110 roma111 roma112

Ola from Vatican City~~~~ the sun was shining but the cold breeze gave me goosebumps everywhere.roma113 roma114

Just look at the sculptures above the buildings, makes it look so complete! Feels like heaven too!

roma115  roma116


Reminded me of a scene from Sister’s Act.


Some of us decided to head inside of the Basilica di San Pietro church, who would miss the chance of going in when you’re already here, right? roma128 roma129 roma130

Respecting the fact that I am not Christian, however I really admired the church and how beautifully decorated with angel wings and how the paintings were romantically painted. I also helped a friend to take the holy water from the fountain inside of the church in his little water bottle and he was so greatful that I did it for him because he felt it was too embarrasing to queue to take the waters of the church. Oh well, I’m an angel in disguise. *winks

The next day, we decided to head straight to Roma Termini, central station to take to other parts of the Italy. We really wanted to put Florence in one of the itenary however according to the concierge, winter isn’t a good time for Florence, so we decided to head to Pisa instead.

 roma131 roma132

We paid 92 euros for the express train to Pisa, 1 stop and we were literally rushing in the wee hours of the morning and even managed to grab breakfast before our train departed at 0810 Rome time. It was crazy but worth it! Ticket lady will only check your tickets after the train departs, so make sure you get onto the correct track and lane for Pisa, or else you might end up at another part of Italy. Trenitallia is the best so far taking the trains in Europe, always liked their comfy seats provided in the economy class section.



After a much drooling 2 hours sitting on the train seat, we arrived at Stazione Pisa Centrale. From here, we actually walked straight to Torre di Pisa, it took about a good 20mins walk minus the time we were lost! I downloaded the app called CityMaps2Go and was literally following the direction off from my iPhone while it shows you off line wifi direction to get you to your destination. Try it! Be sure to download the city map before heading out from your hotel wifi!


Walking in the freezing temperature of 9 degrees. They say we’re cray cray like that for not taking the bus!

roma120 roma121

Yay! One more travel bucket list checked from the seven wonders of the world!


Lisa is in Pisa!!!!


*blows kisses to Leaning Tower of Pisa*


The view from the cafe sipping on some thick and hot hot chocolate!


All of a sudden, in the midst of sipping my hot drink, I ran out of the cafe and decided to take this paranomic view of Pisa. Yes, this is basically the entire place of Pisa. The tower, the church and a horse sculpture at the side. However, it was worth every damn euros to be here. I even bought a leaning tower bedside lamp with the holes of the windows.


After getting ourselves warmed up, we realised there was nothing else to do here besides going up to the Leaning Tower. Yes, go up!! I wondered, won’t you leaning sideways and get yourself all giddy?

roma135 roma136

Prezzo: 18 euros!


A shot from the little windows provided inside of the leaning tower. And my head of literally spinning from going up the hundred stairs provided, what more to sit and take a picture. Heh.


Rushed up to get this view of the church!roma139

Leaning Tower bells and I.roma140 roma141

The epic shadow of the tower leaning towards the left.roma150

Roma wouldn’t be complete with them joking around and entertaining my video vlogging moments (which I am still trying to find where I put it sighhh) but the memories made was incredible. Thank you guys! *hugs


That’s my babe pretending to be some kind of super star while I was attempting to take a paparazzi shot  of her. Hahaha.


Accomplished and happy to be right here at this very spot! 🙂

Our stomachs were calling and it was time for us to eat at the humble cafe next to the leaning tower.


Ok the only reason we decided to head inside its because we had freeeeeee wifi! Who doesn’t love cafes with free wifi right? Especially when you’re far away from home for a week!

roma144 roma145

And so, I got my italian traditional beef lasagna and it tasted sooooo goood!


       The next day, Lia and I decided to head out to grab some good lunch and hang out at McCafe Roma for some good hot chocolate and cuppacino. for the last time.


Couldn’t get enough of Fontana de Trevi, good thing we were there just nice before they were down for renovation and maintenance, prolly my best area of the entire town.

roma154 roma155

Thanks to this babe and I am officially hooked to Risotto til this very day when she first introduced me to try her lobster Risotto, still the best one though right here at the heart of Roma. I would definately be back here again during Summer when the weather is hot and sexy! Til then!



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