All You Need to Know About Maldives: Kurumba Island

Early last year, I had my virgin trip to Maldives and boy, i was so excited! We usually stay here in Kurumba Maldives, about 15 minutes boat ride away from the Male Airport. Yup, speed boat ride. Being a beach babe myself, I’d always loved the idea of the sun, sand and clear blue waters of Maldives. male1

That’s me, when my hair was waaayyy shorter than it is now, damn I kinda miss my short hair!


Picture perfect ain’t it? Beautiful outdoor restaurant here in Male.


The open waters, the island surrounded by this clear blue sea.


The view from my balcony, just few steps away til you reach the sea front.


Yup, all of the space just for me, myself and I. This is the deluxe room of bed 101.


The bathroom which includes the outdoor shower behind the curtains, bathtub and an indoor shower. They even have 2 sinks for couple.

What was so special about Kurumba compared to the rest of the islands? The coconut ice cream to welcome us just swept off my feet.

male8 male9

Beautiful sunrise at about 06 in the morning.


I decided not to laze around on my bed and head out and feed the fishes. Apparently that’s how many fishes I needed to feed.



Just in case you guys were wondering where the pool of fishes came from, its right here at the entrance of Kurumba, where our speed boat docked.

    male27 male28

male10 male11

When they say how clear the water is in Maldives? Crystal! Here you can find baby sharks swimming with you instead of fishes. Don’t worry, according to the concierge, it is a vegan shark. Is there even such a species of shark?


My bubble bath for the day. Of course, the soap provided by the hotel was just meant to be. I nearly got my bathtub overflowing as I left the water running while I got my hot tea and tom yam cup noodles ready to soak myself in. Eating while having your bubble bath can be so much fun!


Apparently I was the only one all ready to head out at 10 in the morning, the atmosphere was just breathtaking.

Well basically this is what Maldives is about. You overlooking the sand and clear waters, that’s really the one and only thing to do is to sit back and relax and feel the wind gushing through your hair.


Water sports obviously available on the island but it is sooooo god damn expensive! Prince range starting from 50USD for 15mins jetski to 450USD for helicopter island tour (Wednesdays, advance booking needed) Oh well, it is afterall a good experience if you’re here on honeymoon,right?



Honestly, when people ask me why am I so tanned, I blame it on Maldives. Their snorkelling experience here is to die for! So many beautiful corals and fishes and baby sharks and stingrays I always spend a good 3 hours in the water just admiring the sea life.


Apparently if you’re a good and trained diver, you can go further out behind those black markings and into the deep sea, where you can find sharks which were literally bigger and taller than me. I also heard that in Maldives at some point of the month, you can even go for whale watching tours underwater. Amazing. I always wanted a diving license.


That’s me attempting to go near the baby shark and take a picture with it. Obviously, I failed miserably as they would swim so fast each time human beings go pass them.


Definately my favourite part of Kurumba. I’ve seen so many pictures of Maldives with this cute hut place where people get their massages done right here at this place. Sooooooo romantic ain’t it?



I swear I wanted to bring the entire ocean in Maldives back home.


Sunsets about 6 in the evening, it really feels good to just be sitting on the sand with the waves crashing on you overlooking what God has created in this beautiful island.


At night, you can drop by the Sand Bar just round the corner of the concierge and enjoy the night breeze overlooking the million of stars from where you are.

Kurumba Maldives is definately one of my favourite places in the world. I’d go back here anytime if I can.



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