New Year Resolution 2015

“I love new years. I love the fact that I’ll be leaving a whole year behind me, no matter if it was good, bad, or average. I like that kind of closure. I love this feelig of starting over again and having a fresh year ahead of me, filled with new chances, new experiences.”


So cheers to the 100 things I wish to fullfill in 2015:

1. Kickboxing is definately one sport I wish to learn
2. Go on a hot air balloon in Cappadocia
3. Take up the diving license course with my brothers
4. Attend yoga classes with my sister
5. Get trained by my brother and teach me how to get great abs
6. Not to cut my hair until my wedding day
7. Buy atleast one Chanel bag by year end
8. Drive up to Las Vegas from L.A with my batchmates
9. Make a wish at Meiji Shrine at Tokyo
10. Take a selfie with the lions at Johannesburg
11. Knowledge about real estate properties to keep my brain working
12. Come up with a monthly savings plan for the future
13. Take up bike license and hopefully be the coolest biker chick around
14. Make a 360 video across the world (here comes another 1TB hard disk)
15. Work on my travel blog atleast once a week
16. Revamp my youtube channel: info about travelling, do haul videos and make a brand
17. Visit india and give the children on the streets something to treasure
18. Visit Six Flags Magic Mountain in California
19. Visit Bali for our wedding photoshoot
20. Learn how to get on the cableski and ride the waves
21. Get myself a Macbook Pro as a Christmas gift
22. Visit the gym atleast 3 stations overseas each month
23. Read more books about self improvement
24. Work on my eyesight and get myself glasses if I have to (oh dear)
25. Grow my fingernails like those in pinterest
26. Have a better skincare regime for my face and body
27. Go on a helicopter ride around Maldives
28. Sit down on the rocks of Grand Canyon
29. Go skydiving in Auckland
30. Revamp my entire wardrobe from scratch
31. Get my navel rings in order and start to wear them permanently
32. Do yoga at home, definately need a new set for gym wear
33. Make the effort to catch up with my girlfriends
34. Prioritise sleep and manage my jetlag and insomnia issues
35. Take supplements that are good for general health
36. Have a 2015 planner and write out my schedules and money savings plan
37. Eat healtheir choices of food – restrict myself from going to Macdonalds all the time
38. Learn how to cook Italian dishes😝
39. Learn how to make cupcakes and macaroons
40. Keep all my heels in order : from colour, height and types
41. Limit myself from using credit whenever I go shopping (now that’s gonna be hard)
42. Motivate myself to learn my religion and its practices
43. Reduce the number of times taking the cab all the time😝
44. Try to get food before I go for work
45. Make an effort to not skip breakfast
46. Have more family dinners with my siblings
47. Going to explore what’s outside of Paris
48. Visit St Petersburg during Russia
49. Restrict myself from shopping so much during New York
50. Eat more vegetables and fruits
51. Get a fruit blender to make homemade avocado and papaya milkshake for myself
52. Make a brand for myself for private property
53. Start looking for my wedding gowns and decor for my venue
54. Get in touch with dear friend Halim for wedding plans
55. Own a glass Louboutin heels
56. Find my highcut heels Timberland boots
57. Get my london Hunter boots
58. Go for a full medical check up
59. Learn how to draw and paint on a canvas
60. Visit Rome in Summer and go to Capri Island and Florence
61. Go on a wild adventure in Delhi and visit the Taj Mahal
62. Climb the cliffs of the tallest mountain in Jungfrau Switzerland
63. Drop by Verona and take pictures of Romeo and Juliet’s house
64. Take a cruise down Blue Grotto during summer in Rome
65. Shop like cray cray at the Houston’s San Marco 3 hrs away
66. Hold and real gun and go on shooting range at Top Gun Houston
67. Visit the Alcatraz Island in San Francisco
68. Get into a model management
69. Visit the Syed Mosque in Abu Dhabi
70. Go on the crazy rides of Tivoli in Copenhagen
71. Family year trip to Barcelona with my siblings
72. Dropped by Amsterdam and Paris by doing a 12 hr transit
73. Learn how to speak Mandarin
74. Walk in the blackforest of Triberg Germany
75. Visit the love locks in Heidiberg
77. Go to Hobbiton movie location in New Zealand
78. Buy decorative items for my new house from all over the world
79. Learn how to speak Spanish and take up lessons at Las Lilas School
80. Pose with Rio de Janeiro in Brazil
81. Take a camel ride at Cairo Egypt
82. Go to Pinnacles Desert in Perh
82. Take the risk and go sandboarding at Lancelin Sand Dunes Perth
83. Take a picture with the upside down house in Moscow
84. Take a scroll down Navyn Copenhagen
85. Take a plane to Ibiza island from Barcelona
86. Go to Surfers Paradise and take a picture with my bikini
87. Brighton Beach houses in Melbourne
88. Disney sea Tokyo during festive season
89. Take an evening at Sydney Opera House
90. Visit the Universal Studios in Osaka
91. Take a ride of the horses in South Africa
92. Own a gopro4 and do a 360 video of places I visited
93. Visit the Great Wall of China when in Beijing
94. Learn to makeup professionally learning from my sister
95. Try to wear more jeans instead of dresses
96. Support my lil brother through his polytechnic
97. Try not to be selective when it comes to food
98. Get on track and go for atleast 1 marathon
99. Let my hair grow until my belly button
100. Love life and pray to God for all the blessings

In 2014,

I laughed. I cried. I turned up. I got drunk. I loved. I lost trust. I was betrayed. I made new friends.

But most importantly, I learned.

So in 2015,

I wanna get hella fit. I wanna improve on my blogging skills. I wanna do well in my private life. I wanna improve on my art and skills. I wanna eat healthier. I wanna be happier than I ever was. I wanna give less fucks. I wanna get rich.

Happy New  Year everyone!

God bless all my loyal readers, I promise to be better this year. I had about 5,600 views since I started in September. Pretty much made me happy.

Til next year,




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