Road Trip to Hollywood Boulevard

I had one of the bestest times here in Los Angeles with my bitches, Kavidha, April, Regina and Winson. We instantly clicked and I was stuck with them for 7 days, and we still remain friends til this very day, thanks to social media.

In LA, there’s no way you can find public transport in good use. Simple to say, if you don’t know how to drive? You’re screwed. Thank God for me I’ve learned to drive. *winks

Here we are, after getting our awesome open top Chevrolet Camaro from HERTZ, well actually we only rented this because it was Winson’s dream car and we agreed cuz I love red cars, reminds me so much of my Mazda RX8 back home called Rouge Coco.

Started our day at 9 in the morning and headed out for our first road trip to Hollywood Sign and Hollywood Boulevard.

los1 los2

After about 1 and a half hours drive from our hotel, and all the crazy highway and the amount of turns we had to make to make it to the top, we finally saw the Hollywood sign right infront of our eyes!

los3 los4

 Kavidha if you’re reading this, I love this picture of us so much. Thanks for being such a sweetheart. ❤

los6 los7 los8

I was trying too hard to be a photobomber. I really don’t get how people can just stand there if they know someone is taking a picture. Oh wells, I obviously find my unglam shots very disturbing.


Then there’s me being all diva about it.

los10 los11

My two madame checking on their phones to QC the pictures before we leave this beautiful place. los12 los13

 I ended up driving halfway because it wasn’t my first time driving in LA *flips hair so I took over from Winson because we were all scared of our lives by the way he breaks the car. Ok moral of the story is, that explains why my boots were unzipped in this picture because I obviously took them out while I was driving. You know that secure feeling when you can actually feel the breaks? Yeah.

los14 los15los16

Took us a hell lot of shots before getting all of us to get our feets off from the ground. I swear we were all panting after that.


She’s the coolest Taiwanese girl I ever met. My darling April. 🙂

After all the crazy camwhoring sessions, we headed down to Hollywood Walk of Fame!


Me attempting to take a selfie with a star on the floor with my lousy iphone4 camera megapixel.


The Road to Hollywood – how some of us got here. Well, this pretty much says it all how I was able to travel the world for free and to those who already know me, knows how hard I worked for it and how blessed I am to be able to achieve my ultimate dream. I could never have done it without the support of my loved ones and my friends and God *angel face


Yessss, people were literally walking up and down the stairs but we don’t care 😛


Regina’s sexy cat look and sending my love to you guys. *blows kisses


This was the main Hollywood Boulevard district where you can find tons of shophouses and it’s basically like a shopping mall with an outdoor atmosphere. I didn’t take much pictures here cuz we were so hungry we needed to look for food.


Look what I found at the souvenoir shop in Hollywood, they had too much of nonsense.

 los26 los27

Basically walking the Walk of Fame is like any other street in the world, just that they have stars with super famous people’s name engraved on it. I wasn’t as excited as I expected but good ambiance though, especially the hot dog stand.




I always wanted to have a vespa in my life, I think it’s kinda cool to own one, especially if you’re a chicka.los30


I nearly wanted to kill him for driving so wrecklessly, but its okay, everyone had their first left hand driving experience.los33

The hooters lady was nice enough to take our picture, and of course her ass and tits were relevantly nice too.  I wonder hows their boob criteria in getting a job in Hooters. Don’t get me wrong, these ladies are hot!

los34 los35



April and I’s selfie moments were as crazy as the calories we had. Making our way down to Santa Monica.

los37 los38

More shopping to be done here at Santa Monica area, really love how the palm trees are placed and it’s a long walking street with lots of casual wear and brands like Forever 21, Abercrombie and Fitch, Zara, Spectacle Hut (which I got for Mr A his raybans spectacles right here) and all the other US brands you can think of.


Ladies shot before we head down to Santa Monica beach! los40

I never really understood what Route 66 meant until I was here in Santa Monica. Route 66 is apparently the largest and longest street in Los Angeles and it leads you right here at the very end.

los41 los42 los43 los44

I may not be taking masters or honours or even might not be studying anymore, but it’s things like this that I find out through travelling that makes me wanna learn about the world – wanderlust. I always wanted to experience things first hand and share my knowledge and the culture I’ve learned anywhere around the world. It is priceless.


My clique walking towards to beach.los46

We were just on time for the sunset, (the parking here was madness we decided to pay 18USD for express all day) but it was worth every penny watching the waves and sun just slowly going down.

los47 los48 los49 los50 los51

How we felt after getting sand in our shoes and the most epic face goes to Kavidha.


It’s a wrap from Santa Monica. I hope you guys enjoyed my read. I would like to personally thank April, Regina, Winson and Kavidha for going the extra mile to entertain all my nonsense talks and crazy road trips around LA and adding a favourite button here when people ask me about LA. Til we meet again.



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