A Little House called Upside Down in Russia

Beautiful Russian ladies everywhere, with their light blonde hair and their piercing blue and green eyes, they are known to be one of the hottest ladies on Earth. One of the things I have learnt in Russia is that people here are really serious, they don’t smile and usually give those resting bitch face whenever wherever. And if you don’t know their language, you’re screwed. I can hardly say anything because they earn almost 1/3 of the world, besides China, they refuse to speak in English.

Don’t get me wrong, Russia’s city is beautiful, Moscow in particular. I managed to witness the subzero freezing temperature of -19degrees, the worst winter temperature I’ve ever had in years. My wind was really eating my face up and my fingers just felt that they could fall off anytime. It was so Mosssscoollldddd!

IMG_0725-0 IMG_0737-0 IMG_0714

Russia’s metro stations are known as one of the world’s most amazing underground metros, their metro is almost similar to arts museums, rumour has it that you aren’t allowed to take pictures as security will confiscate your handphones and cameras. Of course I didn’t believe such, rebellious me however managed to get a sneak peak of it. Their metros are located really deep down beneath ground level, connected to really long escalators that takes forever to get down, they are most probably to act as a bomb shelter during war.

See that Russian hat lady? She must be so pissed that I was taking a picture of the station.

We were finally here at the VDNH park.
The Upside Down House exhibit is located on the grounds of the All-Russian Exhibition Centre.



The building stands on the roof. Visitors walk on the ceiling, they have to jump to reach the floor. Beds are firmly nailed above your head, pillows and blankets do not fall.
According to visitors one looses the sense of reality while wandering around the house. It seems that you are in a mad fantasy world. The Moscow upside down house is open to visitors from 10:00 to 19:00 on weekdays and from 10:00 to 20:00 at weekends. Admission fee is 300 rubles.

IMG_0916-0 IMG_0924   IMG_0935

How nice the pictures are when they is actual snow on the ground and I just love how the snow stays at the top of the buildings and houses. “Upside Down House in Moscow” is actually not the first building of its kind in Russia, but the first public attraction. Not so long ago, a Repino resident built an upside down house for himself, to live in. :O


So I hanged out my jacket when I entered the house….


Tasted some fruits in the living room…..

IMG_0812-0 Complete my meal with a cup of hot coffee…

IMG_0829-0 Stole some eggs before I left…. Muehehehe!IMG_0835 Did my morning stretch before I started my day… IMG_0837 IMG_0839 Invited my friends to come over and play… IMG_0849 Grabbed some pillows for storytelling time… IMG_0843 Played some makeup and doll up session with my friends…

 IMG_0855 IMG_0866 IMG_0863 Time to do some laundry in the house….

IMG_0873 IMG_0885Hanging out in the kitchen (literally)… So, you guys must have been wondering how the pictures were actually taken? Here at the Upside Down House, visitors experience the novelty of walking on the ceiling. Familiar household items and items of furniture hang overhead, the ceiling is under your feet, while the entire house stands at an angle. You basically have to rotate your pictures 180 degrees to get pictures like this *points above. But of course, your hair will definitely give way that you’re not actually hanging from the top, unless they’re anti-gravity!  You get confused at times with all the head turning, you basically feel like you’re on the roller coaster ride.

IMG_0950 IMG_0946 IMG_0952IMG_0955 IMG_0957

IMG_0963  IMG_0971

For such a mini house which will basically take your less than 20mins inside, well at least I can say that I’ve been there done that in the future. All bundled up in my thick jacket bought my lovely future mother in law from Guess, so snuggled up and definitely managed to keep myself warm from this crazy winter temperature. For those of you looking for directions on how to actually walk to the Upside Down House, I would suggest you get off from the metro, look for this ferris wheel from afar and follow in that direction all the way until you meet the upside down house located on the left side. It’s pretty simple.


I find buildings like this pretty amazing, it’s so futuristic!



Our shoes were all soaked and some of us definitely had some slippery moments. Thank God for Mcdonalds who saved us from suffering in the cold!



Thanks for the company ladies for fulfilling the wish of going to the house with me. Yayyy!

And so, later that evening, I met up with snowman gang….


We had a random impromptu discussion the night before during drinks, to build a snowman together, and boy I’m glad we did. We had so much fun and laughter, Joel even managed to fetch us some carrots and grapes over in the freezing weather just for our snowman.

IMG_1007 IMG_1009   IMG_1010 Couldn’t have build such a round and fatty snowman without them. Our fingers were so numb after and our nose were runny like cray!

We managed to change our Moscow Olaf into a….


Singapore Olaf! (*coughs coughs our rocking summer Olaf is wearing my Chanel shades with H&M beanie yo).


IMG_1031 IMG_1030 Til then Moscow, prolly won’t be seeing you until after winter, I really don’t know how people can actually stand such weather.




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