7 Natural Wonders of the World: Niagara Falls ’12

Back in 2012, as many of our close friends and family know, Mr A and I took off away from Singapore for more than 2 months celebrating my 21st in Paris, then flew over to London, visited A’s mommy in Canada and drove up to New York. Mr A had served the Nation for 2 years and as for me, I can finally call myself a diploma graduate, after much suffering for 3 years in Ngee Ann Polytechnic, we were much needed for a getaway. There were way too many places we visited during our vacation but I’ll start off with one of the 7 NATURAL wonders of the world – Niagara Falls. Hopefully slowly I will show you what we did on all the other places (it did took me 3 years to even write about this trip :P) It seemed so long ago, but the times I had felt like it was just yesterday!


I heard that one of the best views of Niagara Falls is to be standing on the Ontario, Canada side, cuz you will be able to see the best of both worlds: Niagara Falls New York & Niagara Falls Ontario. Here’s what I meant *points below*

306879_10151504268569918_1522376955_n396756_10151504244084918_1815149764_n 295884_10151504244279918_707159161_n63878_10151504244944918_541607221_n557719_10151504244624918_2024150951_n

My mom joined us one month after our trip, when we already settled down in Canada, with the casinos around, I think I just made my mother the most happiest woman around town. It was my first time actually buying for someone else a full fare ticket, which other person I would ever buy for if it wasn’t my mother.

598621_10151504245624918_1703041164_n 536535_10151504246364918_1526126959_n

A’s mommy and my momma instantly became best friends when they met and I think this was the peak of their relationship together, posing like how pretty young ladies would do. ❤ A’s mama has always been so sleek and awesome with what she wears, she never fail to dress me up with her clothes and jackets and boots when I was around in Canada. I remember the times we would just drive out to the nearest shopping area and hunt for vintage clothes and have so much fun chucking those bags in the yellow Volkswagen Beetle.


Momma will never stop trying to be foolish around the camera.


To my sexy Mr A, sorry you had to leave your work after 6 months and not getting those awesome bonus the company had to offer, however, I’m sure our 2 months break was more well deserving than any amount of money given to replace it.


Here is our special star of all our photos in Canada, little man Daniel. Mr A’s only younger brother to depend on to bully and play jokes on and of course watch cartoons together. Their frequency are on the same page.


I remember how clingy he was to us and his never ending kisses he would generously give to everyone, even to his brother, on the lips. *not shy at all*



We had a good walk all the way to Maid of the Mist, hoping that it would open during the fall season…


Fat hope 😦


Heard so much good reviews of the maid of the mist, another reason to come back again someday.

The Oaks Hotel overlooking the Falls was one of the bestest hotels we stayed during our trip. The view was magnificent.

534743_10151504249654918_1039570094_n 374388_10151504251214918_290611842_n 485135_10151504252154918_1421403279_n 402513_10151504252584918_448141376_n 487134_10151504253139918_112931590_n

Saying byebye after we freshened up and headed over to explore Clifton Hill.

207615_10151504253629918_99882299_n 482951_10151504253819918_1150616205_n 15233_10151504254599918_118579028_n 305588_10151504255004918_1323949921_n 486381_10151504255199918_1490612795_n 394984_10151504255784918_1067034679_n 484998_10151504256169918_59456158_n 561720_10151504256429918_1960244014_n

It is a free walkway to visit around these colourful attractions, you can either buy a pass or pay individually at every attraction door.

18619_10151504256644918_108883037_n 61417_10151504256864918_1487260795_n 3607_10151504257169918_911364332_n

I bet it wasn’t easy looking after a rascal and two big babies during this trip.

378398_10151504257394918_2106701705_n 76225_10151504257559918_147900767_n 68353_10151504257709918_499041218_n 406892_10151504257824918_1953316140_n 35021_10151504257989918_434529423_n

at Harley Davidson’s shop.

63331_10151504258159918_931775582_n 534090_10151504258279918_714513216_n



23876_10151504258449918_107049072_n 61605_10151504258614918_752648453_n

The famous Sky Wheel Niagara Falls behind us. I came to realise not only London Eye and Singapore Flyers, apparently this observation wheel is almost anywhere around the world.

575509_10151504258834918_1075867589_n 552427_10151504259124918_32728240_n 542753_10151504259359918_1513365550_n 150284_10151504260069918_52206362_n

Covering those fat cheeks of mine, can’t deny that I’ve gained so much weight during the vacation. Eat, shop, sleep all day everyday.

72169_10151504260739918_435903661_n 68210_10151504260999918_1629018923_n

The atmosphere was just superb, we didn’t really need to go in most of the attractions, we felt happy just looking at it!

295797_10151504261389918_1652170996_n 535494_10151504261599918_672750522_n 207584_10151504261914918_2084424814_n 487087_10151504262474918_1940592732_n 12730_10151504263394918_894804314_n

Mother and son conversation.

533892_10151504263794918_1545083248_n 533543_10151504263924918_438952494_n 20281_10151504264074918_52691364_n

That poutine friessssssss ❤ ❤ ❤ it’s so unhealthy but the amount of cheese melting in your mouth is to die for! I remembered one of my bestie Joannie told me not to forget to try these poutine when I was in Canada, boy it was super yummy!

406858_10151504264484918_1008783908_n 408031_10151504265009918_1884814971_n 311387_10151504265159918_717837022_n 522238_10151504265359918_1350689330_n 480149_10151504265624918_956040971_n 536453_10151504265764918_2019520412_n 486925_10151504265934918_586351572_n 561491_10151504266239918_1758011260_n 18246_10151504267314918_1424457503_n

Guess what we were waiting for…

    374388_10151504271439918_568430487_n 484923_10151504271834918_765684612_n 182590_10151504271979918_644636283_n 14300_10151504272394918_705032354_n 417109_10151504272484918_780194020_n

The Niagara Falls show right in front of our hotel room view! Too pretty!


Tried hard to focus on his face but failed miserably, atleast I got the fireworks in your fav colour honey.


Not to forget that A’s step dad was on the trip with us, he was the only one who wasn’t a camwhore like the rest of us.

305586_10151504273434918_1316071324_n 546951_10151504273494918_154831217_n 22317_10151504273859918_1785865181_n 395075_10151504274044918_1612812374_n

We decided to try out this haunted house together, it was super dark we couldn’t see anything, real humans were actually standing inside screaming and trying to hold our arms and hair.

46557_10151504274114918_1025576075_n 533968_10151504274199918_243502217_n 61608_10151504275149918_1544466561_n

And so, we got hungry….time to go Indian tonight.

154305_10151504275269918_1361451931_n 259897_10151504275404918_1842083091_n

They had such good butter chicken and naan!

485110_10151504275659918_1454138619_n 396256_10151504275784918_1442896098_n 533766_10151504275544918_1649838243_n 530907_10151504276499918_1247209097_n 604070_10151504276779918_1269662232_n

After dinner, we took a stroll down the park.

27906_10151504276969918_1367833382_n543058_10151504278384918_2026096895_n 548866_10151504278154918_1928606512_n32385_10151504277774918_385414328_n536352_10151504277649918_1024718822_n533751_10151504277369918_1230328910_n

The morning after, Mr A and I decided to bring our mommies for a walk while Daniel was still sleeping, we sneaked out and decided to have a stroll near the falls again, the walk was never enough, it was so good to be true.

Of course, this big baby of mine wanted to stand on the tree, so he need help pushing his bumbum up…

1100_10151504281759918_455377177_n 558892_10151504281904918_1002771885_n 521678_10151504282404918_942999956_n 406873_10151504283414918_107829223_n 557695_10151504280834918_553545395_n 602386_10151504280689918_1310307981_n

Now the weather is confused between Fall and Winter, but I loved these shots taken by A’s momma.

154325_10151504279919918_1747376118_n 295885_10151504279814918_351946184_n 575482_10151504279599918_2035662283_n 306756_10151504279494918_224694729_n 61399_10151504279389918_1247598429_n 644141_10151504279294918_717915465_n


I loved how we ran across the waterfall mist and gotten ourselves all wet just to be close to the fall and enjoy the moment, it was our monthly date 10th which made it even more special.

557839_10151504284224918_960503010_n 480687_10151504284444918_53104704_n 402539_10151504284819918_2014422891_n 407716_10151504285134918_1782512062_n 295719_10151504285199918_1715288674_n 530982_10151504285644918_569421655_n 558783_10151504285779918_401156820_n

❤ The four of us

21783_10151504285914918_357759135_n 550678_10151504286024918_581998528_n 318987_10151504286119918_597740520_n 395083_10151504288119918_1718230481_n

It was time to take the drive back to our home in Toronto, Ontario. We split into 2 cars so we don’t have squeeze and be all mushy with one another, A was happy he got the yellow beetle to drive me around. This was one of our pit stops before home.

311346_10151504288699918_1464441303_n 405060_10151504289114918_1662903251_n 539918_10151504290159918_1954805791_n

We made a little detour to this little lane and had late lunch. We were all so shagged and hungry by then.

522415_10151504291249918_1207516221_n 481727_10151504291774918_1822104459_n 532204_10151504292504918_1061595859_n 318919_10151504294584918_610728265_n 598958_10151504295499918_281438401_n

The town was really nice and the weather was just perfect, felt a little Europe all over again.


If there was one thing I miss the most in Canada, it would be this car right here, how Mr A would drive and we would sing to all the songs played on the radio, looking at the pretty houses and admiring just nature itself. The first time I left hand drive illegally was right here in this beetle, you should have seen the joy in my face that I could actually make a car move. Such good memories. 🙂

395161_10151509152764918_1034347476_n 8786_10151509152129918_1380616388_n 259967_10151509152759918_1252983041_n 536741_10151509153449918_1837184846_n

Goodbye Niagara Falls, til’ we meet again someday.



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