Blue Grotto: The Magical Sea Cave in Capri Island


Finally back here again in Roma, it was so good to see the picture frames that hung up the hotel room walls at Sheraton Golf Marco De Medisi Hotel, I had 48 hours to accomplish what I needed to do, key word, need.roma2Showered, got dressed, and managed to take the bus shuttle service from the hotel to town at 11.30 in the morning without sleep.


After much walking from the main history museum, we headed for lunch at Ristorante Alla Rampa.roma5roma6

Yellow and Green Spagetthi Carbonara and Mushroom and Cheryl enjoying her Frutti de Mare spagetthi.

The Spanish steps, home to a romantic city area in Roma, packed with tons of tourists and even locals just sitting down and enjoying the view of the bustling shopping area and the fountain that recently renovated.
roma8This girl right here was my motivation to get on roaming the streets with minimal rest because it’s her last flight and I didn’t wanna disappoint her.


So I’ve heard that this beauty will be still under renovation by the time I got there, used to remember the time I came here with my bob hair tossing the coin over my shoulders at night, wishing that I’ll be back in Roma again someday, which I did and I’m blessed to be standing right here even though construction is at work.

…they still put hope on those who wants to toss their coin and had this tiny small basin that they kept the water and fake wallpaper statue, there goes my 1euro, hoping the next time I get here it’ll be gorgeous as ever.


Swing past the Pantheon as some of them wanted to do their prayers in Rome…so I sat down at this small bench inside the church, admiring those 3D wall paintings.roma12roma13

Back here at this museum, you can’t go wrong finding the Colosseum, located just behind this beauty, apparently kept some amazing ruins from the World War.roma15roma16roma17

My melting vanilla gelato, you can never ever skip having gelatos in Italy.


It’s the start of summer and that’s where you will find tons of people being around the Colosseum, this beauty also just had fresh coat of paint recently and it looks so timeless now.roma19roma119

Gotta thank Jimmy, Anthony and Derek for the company as well throughout this trip.roma114Back at the hotel, and the sun is still as bright as ever at 7 in the evening, so I had a early night because we were going on a full day adventure in Capri.

This is by far the most classic souvenoir I have ever bought for anyone, my little brother loved it so much he bugged me to get him more cock boxers when he heard that I was going to Rome again. Kinda good price for a 5 euros underwear.

roma23The booklet that we got from the hotel, Capri Island. I really had no idea about this place until I started flying and saw my friends going here and taking such breathtaking pictures of the island…then of course I did my research and found out about the magical blue grotto, one of the most famous sea cave in the world. The tour starts picking up guests at the hotel at 0630 in the morning…
roma22... and this is how 0630 looks like in Rome during Summer, so chilly and windy.


By far the most expensive tour I paid for throughout my years, we had to make a pit stop at the main bus station and make payment at the Green Line Tours counter before boarding onto the tour bus. The bus ride was going to take us 3 hours to Capri, through Naples.


We finally got out of the bus and waiting in line for the 50mins boat ride to Capri, tickets were all included in the package and so was lunch.


Imagine sitting on the bus from 7 in the morning until 11 in Napoli and we still haven’t arrived Capri Island. I think my ass grew bigger during the entire time spent just travelling.

After so much sitting around spending half the morning travelling, I am finally here at Capri Island, feels surreal.


We got lucky with the weather in Capri, so nice and sunny and pictures turned out so great!

roma31roma27 roma28

Here’s my ecstatic face with the backdrop of Capri.


Warning: I have way too many selfies on this beautiful island, please excuse me *shy*
roma30The tour brought us straight to Blue Grotto at about 2 in the afternoon, to avoid any waiting time. 
roma32 roma33


How cool is this?!?!??! All their cabbies are open top cars with shade! They should totally have this in our country!roma34

There are 2 main islands: Capri (lower part of the island) and Anacapri (top of the island). I had more time in Anacapri and Blue Grotto was one of 3 grottos on the island, we didn’t manage to take the boat ride around the island, which will take about an hour to view the whole island via boat, we paid an additional of 28euros for Blue Grotto, while other tourists paid about 16euros for the entrance ticket for the blue grotto alone. Con side of getting a tour.


Really loved the magnets in Capri, although the guide told us not to buy it here at the Grotto cuz it will be a little expensive, but I loved it so much I couldn’t resist.



roma62 While waiting for the lines at Blue Grotto.


These were the tour boats that came in around the same time as us via bus ride, they had to get in on smaller boats to get into the blue grotto. Amongst many, there were a lot of Korean people on this island.roma37

roma118 roma38roma125roma126

So close to getting on our boats!roma39

Can’t get enough of the view here at the Grotto Azzura (Blue Grotto in Italian)
roma42 roma43


After much waiting and snapping countless pictures of the sea, we finally got onto the boat.


Boat queue….


Pretty much what everyone would do while waiting to get inside the sea cave, #selfie!


The queue got longer as time passes by, duration inside of the sea cave only last about 5 minutes.roma68


It’s our turn!!!


The sunlight passing through an underwater cavity and shining through the seawater, creates a blue reflection that illuminates the cavern. The cave extends some 50 metres into the cliff at the surface, and is about 150 metres deep, with a sandy bottom, most probably to be white sand, thus the magical colour of the sea cave.roma49


I would love to stay inside here longer though, the waters were so cold and the sailors singing throughout the time inside was really an amazing experience. roma50

roma67 roma51 roma52


I placed my hands inside of the water, it felt amazing to be finally here.roma54 roma55

Making our way out, that’s me with the sea cave!


This was how tiny the entrance was to the blue grotto and boats have to squeeze and go pass it, ducking our heads as they row their boats inside.

I was positioned at the back of the boat, my attempt on getting a panaromic view of the grotto with myself in it.


So happy that Cheryl and Ning was on board this trip with me, the company was great!roma57


Rowing back to the same place where we got on the boat.


(obviously wasn’t ready for the camera)


We got the guys attention to help us snap a picture of our boat! Hehe!



Left this place with a very happy me. 🙂


After our boat ride at Grotto Azzura, we made our way to Anacapri to have our free (included) lunch. However, we noticed a chairlift ride that was going up to the top of Anacapri and we all got really excited. The guide told us that we could go up and take pictures for 5 minutes and be back down for lunch before the Korean tour group conquer the top of the island. We happily bought our tickets for 10euros and jumped onto the chairlift!



Didn’t regret taking the chairlift even if we had to skip or delay lunch for this.

roma72 roma73

First time wearing my gold gladiators out for a walk, obviously got a lot of stares from people, but who cares 😛roma74 roma75 roma76

Ain’t got no time sucking on shot glasses for that Kylie Jenner’s challenge, appreciating my own lips but however, really love her sexy big lips though.


The chairlift was getting steeper and steeper by the minute, I had to make my 13 minutes chairlift ride up useful. The view is magnificent, isn’t it?


Got off from the chairlift and overlooked the cliff below, this was the first thing that I saw on the other side of Anacapri. *lovesssssssroma80roma81roma82

The sun was giving me a big headache, but for this view, I ain’t complaining.roma83roma84

Sending my love from the top of Anacapri back home in Singapore.

I’ve asked Jimmy (who is prolly 40 years older than myself) to help me snap some pictures of me and island behind, however he couldn’t see what he was taking due to the sun shining in our faces and had no idea what mode my camera was on, to my surprise when I was flipping through my pictures, he had captured some really old school film pictures of me and Capri which I loved so much…roma85roma86

Feels like this was back in the 1920s and with this, I could show my future kids how Anacapri was like. roma87roma88

For those of you who have already noticed, I got myself a lighter shade of brown hair which is newly dyed specially for this trip, felt abit weird and awkward to digest the fact that I have lighter brown hair now, but I’ll get used to this, special thanks to Stanley for making my hair so glam up.roma89roma90

Obviously 5 minutes wasn’t enough for us to take pictures on top of Capri, the guide must have been crazy waiting for us downstairs at our lunch table.

By then I was so hungry, the only picture I took out of the whole course meal, was the pasta which I regretted cuz I should have taken the risotto instead….All I had was just carbs and 3 pieces of leaves.

…of course there was fish and vanilla ice cream after which I gobbled down even before I could take a picture of it.


Headed our way back down to Capri to do some souvenoir shopping before we head back to the boat.

The story behind the little bells of Capri….



Interesting indeed. And of course, I had to grab one of those lucky charms with me back home, hoping that it will bring lots of luck and success when I display it at my lovely future home.


I swear prior to this picture I was rushing and hunting for souvenoirs like crayyy! We only had like 30 minutes to shop and meet back at the boat, which wasn’t enough honestly to cover the whole of Capri Island shopping itself.


Their typical convinient store in Capri.


I would have loved to visit Marina Piccola, but due to time constraint I couldn’t. This was how Capri Island looked like in the map.


…..These handmade crystal sandals and this cute man was selling them for about 400euros per pair. Yes, no kidding, his sandals are entirely handmade and crafted and even made to custom fit your feet.roma108


Hoping that someday I will come back here for holiday and stay overnight here in Capri itself, heard that there’s gonna be a million stars shining at night!

This cute old 80 year old italian man wanted to help me to snap a picture the minute he saw me just staring the island as I was walking to the boat back to Naples. 

Marina Grande, it was nice visiting you. It really was indeed spectacular.roma102roma103Honestly wasn’t ready to leave at 5 in the evening but we had no choice.


Even the souvenoir bags had the map of the island, you definately wouldn’t get lost here!


One of my favourite souvenoirs I bought for myself on this island. Not very much a cap person, but something just told me to get it and I loved it so much. Bon voyage Capri! *boats were honking and it was time to head back to Naples 😦roma130 roma131

They say, take a piece back home with you, cuz the memories made are meant to last a lifetime. I couldn’t be more happier to buy all these back (although my entire allowance for this trip went flying) but it was worth every penny.

Til the next Italia trip, hopefully to other parts of Italy. I’ve officially conquered Southern part of Italy, Roma.

Where to,




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