Siblingsmoon: Paris Invasion

My siblings and I are back from our first europe trip together, I must say that we have enjoyed every bit of the 10 days getaway from work and sunny Singapore.

In this episode, I will give you an insight on our 12 hour transit in Paris, followed by our summer vacation in Barcelona *shakes butt* which we stayed for 6 days and then take a plane off to Roma for 2 nights and ending it off with a half day visit to Amsterdam, Netherlands. Sounds pretty amazing? Also, I will give you a rough idea on how I did the bookings for the tickets and the insights of how much we have spent and all there is to know about this amazing summer vacation.

15th June 2015

Boarding tickets received, we were all ready to board on AirFrance AF0259 to Paris. Finally not having any red nails instead I spiced things up with some pretty tiffany arcrylic nails!! Pretty ain’t it?

As promised, I will give you a rough finance insights on how much I have spent along the way…

We made bookings for the flight tickets from Singapore – Barcelona via AIRFRANCE early January this year and paid a total of $998 per person for the flight and spent about 250euros for just souveniors and food here in Paris.

 photo paris2_zpsdfb2geh1.jpg
 photo paris3_zpsi6mca9cs.jpg

  My sister and I finally wore our charm bracelets out together for the first time, what a better way to start it on this trip. Proud owners of Thomas Sabo and Paris Bijoux charms *winks

 photo paris4_zpsqcrqu8wk.jpg photo paris5_zpsog71vbsf.jpg

All psyched for take off and ready to sleep with my green froggy! :p  photo paris6_zps0bterktv.jpg

itchy me decided to order child meal before check in, just to see what is like being a kid onboard. There it was, barely-any-meat-bolognese.

 photo paris7_zpsretypplp.jpg

Finally survived our 12 hour flight of sitting our ass off on the plane, we got off at Paris and took their airport subway to the main city center. It cost us about 10euros per ticket to go over from Paris Charles de Gaulle to the main metro stations at Gare Du Nord.

 photo paris8_zpsvarahjpn.jpg

We had no time to waste so it was straight to the Eiffel Tower at Trocadero station, they reminded me of how excited I got when I first saw the Eiffel Tower back in 2012 with Mr A. Their smile melted my heart when I took this picture. FINALLY seeing my Shammie so happy taking in the moment!

 photo paris39_zpsasnxi49y.jpg

Our very first wefie after decades, I don’t even remember when was the last time we had all of us in a picture together because my elder brother here hates the camera so much when we’re in SG. Lol. So kudos and many more selfies of us together with beautiful backgrounds.

 photo IMG_3794_zps4ritv3tm.jpg

 photo rte2_zpsq3j5t6xv.jpg
 photo IMG_3822_zpscjuhod3o.jpg photo IMG_3819_zpsynywqejx.jpg

 photo rte3_zps7vcyo6lw.jpg

Walking towards the Eiffel, admiring the view and this lil brother of mine. photo rte4_zpsfzp23ccc.jpg
 photo rte5_zpsedqkflwl.jpg
 photo paris9_zpsdzyxtqww.jpg

“Aaah good day fellas, cold windy day here in Paris, I got my armpits some fresh air of bellair”
 photo paris10_zpsxyivggw9.jpg

❤ ❤ ❤

To those ladies out there, my eligible bachelor brother over here needs a woman to take care of him, if you are up for the challenge please do not hesitate to give me a buzz tyvm 😛

 photo rte7_zpsfspmlclv.jpg
 photo IMG_3851_zpsbp72xjvy.jpg
 photo rte9_zpszgbkrahc.jpg photo rte10_zpsmbgtucik.jpg photo rte11_zpsounpsbrl.jpg

 photo paris12_zps4qmj60if.jpg

Trying hard to squeeze everyone in the picture as we walk through the famous walkway prolly over few millions of people have passed by just to view this beauty right smack in their faces.

 photo IMG_3874_zpsywi3mvxi.jpg

 photo rte12_zpsosiawsdn.jpg

 photo IMG_3878_zpsuq7rlufj.jpg photo paris14_zpsndqzijjp.jpg

We got lucky as the queue weren’t as bad as I expected so we decided to make our way to the top to have a 360 view of Paris. Ticket prices were 16.50euros to head all the way to the Summit – level 3 of the Eiffel Tower.  photo paris13_zpsa9eajeuv.jpg

If you think my selfie pictures are too much, you should meet Sukri, his selfie game on is much stronger than even a girl. He is obsessed with himself and his surroundings.

 photo rte15_zpspn435des.jpg photo rte13_zpsaov5jcdy.jpg photo rte14_zpsxslupp32.jpg
 photo rte16_zpsjbljfo9r.jpg

 photo paris15_zpsvbzdt9ee.jpg It was soooo cold at the Summit, after much waiting in line for the lift to go up, this was the only decent picture we got of ourselves, there were too many people trying to squeeze and walk pass in such a small area plus we got all tired just by queueing. Nonetheless, it was worth it bringing them here.

 photo rte17_zpslkfz6pnd.jpg photo rte19_zpshmwlvase.jpg photo rte18_zpschwosiwc.jpg photo paris16_zpsbod04j5v.jpg Time to leave the Eiffel Tower with a heavy heart after almost 3 hours just enjoying the view, queueing and having a quick bite inside of the Eiffel.

Guess where to next?

 photo rte20_zpsref11tix.jpg

 photo paris37_zpsmffhbgf6.jpg This is how a typical tourist would react upon seeing the Louvre Museum, where the famous Monalisa painting is being kept, plus the glaring silver finish of the Louvre.
 photo paris38_zpsgxp8vkoy.jpg

With limited time on our hands, we didn’t managed to spend time inside of Louvre, as it will prolly take more than half a day just admiring all the paintings and walking in such a huge area.  photo rte22_zpsv2ylbbth.jpg photo rte23_zps6c6wcbp8.jpg

If you come to Louvre, this is definately one of the many many photos that you NEED to have, it is a must!

 photo rte21_zpsiz0mgtqr.jpg

That is unless you are Sham and just decide that you want to stand straight and smile. photo rte24_zpswveqzekf.jpg

Isabelle here told me way before hand that she is gonna steal my SLR on this trip to take picture of the entire vacay and her selfies as well, and me being the ever so loving sister gave in to her. More often than not, this is what she’s been doing most of the time.

 photo paris17_zpsqdibjtzt.jpg

On my work trips, I use to walk alone on this stretch (at times with strangers I am not close to) and I have always imagined if one day I could bring my siblings here with me, not for work, but for a holiday. Never would I thought that this day was actually happening and I am very blessed to have them walk down this aisle with me. It will definately bring good memories in the future when I come back to Paris. :’) excuse the frown, the sun was suddenly burning right in my face.

 photo paris19_zpsag6w6bvy.jpg photo paris20_zpstlfth5zj.jpg

 photo paris23_zpsavufsftz.jpg

Here’s our spokesperson posing with #lovewithoutlocks campaign, taken at the edge of the bridge where the very little love locks are left for keepsake. It’s really sad to know those who actually came here with their loved ones to get this lock placed together is being demolished, however, they bring back good memories. Fortunately, you can find other bridges few streets away from this love lock suspension bridge, a new location to get our keys and lock sealed here in Paris. Just walk and find yourself towards Notre Dame cathedral, you can definately see it. photo paris21_zpsfihtquqr.jpg
Oooh la la! photo paris22_zpssn56imzb.jpg

Paris love locks really makes a pretty background for your photos, y’know government?

 photo paris24_zpswwphhhk6.jpg

Muacks* smacking kisses with my sissy.
 photo rte25_zpsdwzhm8lo.jpg

So for those of you who have been wondering, how does the love bridge look now that all the locks have been removed and made news headlines that they will be demolished permanently? Well, your welcome. 🙂

 photo IMG_3978_zps7jlsiu4o.jpg
 photo IMG_3994_zpsmlvw9ktq.jpg photo IMG_3996_zpsuuul93m4.jpg
 photo rte26_zpso9xrm3wf.jpg photo rte27_zpsiuqi2fqi.jpg photo rte28_zpspubcankg.jpg photo paris18_zps2y6gphnt.jpg

The paintings were really cute and I actually enjoyed looking at it as I walked to the other side of the bridge – although they didn’t have a face nor hair so to speak.

 photo paris25_zps5bodedoe.jpg

Taking a break from walking so we just chillin on the bench in Paris. #lepakbro  photo paris26_zpsm36a3mi9.jpg

If we had a longer stay here in Paris, I would have definately take my siblings on this Paris Bateaux Boat Tour as it really gives you a closer look at Paris from the river, they even have audio guide to let you the know the names of sightseeing places or buildings you are passing by and the history behind it.  photo paris27_zpsklqyal9z.jpg
The river towards Notre Dame cathedral, you can also drop yourself at Cite Metro station for the fastest way to get there.  photo paris28_zpsmwnwa3sy.jpg

My sister is a big fan of Hunchback of Notre Dame and her dream of owning a gargoyle just came true!

 photo rte32_zpswjvhxez4.jpg photo rte31_zpsenb4b1rf.jpg photo rte33_zps7ehowfv5.jpg

Eiffel Tower : checked

Musee du Louvre : checked

Notre Dame Cathedral : checked

Time check: 1600hrs right on schedule  photo rte34_zpsjr5sft8b.jpg photo rte35_zpssuvbldmi.jpg

Since we had time, we decided head off to Champs Elysees, the most visited shopping district in the world!

But first, it’s Laduree time in Paris!

 photo paris29_zpsupk6jmju.jpg

What a better way to end the time in Paris with nice sweet macaroons and some laduree english breakfast tea and ice cream.  photo paris30_zpsllwwmubd.jpg
Yummy in my tummy!
 photo paris31_zpsq0bm4zb5.jpg photo paris32_zps8vrvrdoc.jpg

I used to remember how Isabelle wanted to come to Paris to have tea time in Paris, decided to surprise her and my brother as we were walking towards the shop! These macaroons were too cute!

 photo paris33_zpstd9azjq9.jpg

Laduree has the nicest toilet ever! Inspired to create mine just like this! Just admiring myself in the mirror!  photo paris34_zpsjnrhkd8f.jpg

 photo paris35_zpsrzdqjm4r.jpg
The interior was really classy, washrooms were upstairs and there was a long line outside Laduree, people queueing to get those melt in your mouth macaroons. Time to get out of the city and back on the plane!
 photo IMG_4143_zps5dy0vbrc.jpg photo IMG_4147_zps60qiwrzc.jpg photo IMG_4148_zpsy8ivgug8.jpg photo paris36_zpspyityi7k.jpg

Everything went well until a train decides to break down halfway on our way to the airport and took the longest time for the other train to come by, looked at my watch and we only had 45 mins before the last check in time for our next flight to Barcelona and this train is not moving any faster! I swear I panicked, what if we missed the flight, what about our check in luggage?

1805 and it was 10 mins before they close the check-in counter, people with their suits and suitcase ran alongside us and we were running across the airport to the departure gate like hooligans trying to make it in time for through the immigration, crashing through the metro counters and escaping as fast as we can. We were nearly seconds before they deny anymore passengers, fortunately, we managed to get through and got to the gate, thank god the security check had no line! We were so lucky but we were all out of breath. Never ran like that for the longest time dragging my hand carry luggage with me. *Phew

 photo IMG_4154_zpslctzh3dw.jpg

Thank God we made it on our plane to…..


1hr 40mins flight time and we knocked out!

Stay Tuned for the next episode,

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  1. Interesting post😄! Place is gorgeous!😍 💖 Cant wait for the next post to be up “Barcelona”!😆

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