SUMMER IN BARCELONA : All the Juicy Details

 photo barca1_zpsnrwuxjvj.jpg

We have finally arrived on paradise island of Spain, Barcelona! Stayed at a humble hotel in the middle of Barcelona, H10 Montcada Boutique Hotel, located at Jaume I metro station. It took us about 40 euros via cabby from the airport to the hotel. We were welcomed by a glass of champagne from the lobby staff and he familiarise us with the location around the hotel and our hotel facilities. Apparently it was the best location for the 5 nights stay here in Barca.

It was already past midnight by then, we didn’t get the highest floor like what I requested but it was alright. We had free breakfast provided for the whole stay 0730-1030 and we would usually crash the buffet at about 0945 each morning. The hotel stay we paid was about 2.1k for two rooms for 5 nights. It was conviniently located just next to the metro and walking distance to La Rambla and Barceloneta Beach which was awesome. Definately recommend to stay here if you’re making your way to Barca for holiday.

The next morning, 11 hours later, we all got excited because it was our first official day in Barcelona. Whacked the buffet counter, got dressed up and we were all ready for La Sagrada Familia. I have already pre-booked the tickets for the church and also Antonio Gaudi’s House (Parc Guell) online which was about $18.50 euros each. Definately saves time queueing up in the hot sun and they have specific timing to go in every half and hour or so, so if the tickets are fully booked during that time, you are unable to head inside until your time frame.

 photo IMG_4166_zpsleh53eq7.jpg photo IMG_4176_zpsreix9whi.jpg photo sa3_zpsqoz5hhv7.jpg  photo IMG_4174_zpsflrszdzd.jpg photo IMG_4191_zpsyasxvqhc.jpg photo 20150617_124147_zpsildpmhsq.jpg photo 20150617_124323_zpsjowxofkq.jpg photo 20150617_130613_zps20cgvgv1.jpg photo 20150617_130804_zpsi4d2qtz8.jpg photo 20150617_130835_zpscld0hj6k.jpg photo 20150617_131027_zpsxbqsj3il.jpg photo 20150617_131230_zpsjsi43vpu.jpg

We booked our tickets at 1300hrs, just nice for some fun time in the sun and admiring this beauty. La Sagrada Familia has been built since 1882 and its ground breaking architecture is still being renovated til today after the passing of Antonio Gaudi, this was suppose to be his last project, until he was hit by a tram and died in 1962. Yet still, his artwork has to be completed in prolly 2026. The details of the building was so amazing, pictures just don’t do justice! You have to see it to believe it! Today is all about looking at Gaudi’s artwork anyway.

Isabelle, Sukri and I have been wanting to visit this place eversince I told them we should go to Barcelona. We called this place “Sangria Mangria” because it was too difficult for us to pronounce the words right in the beginning. Whenever we saw the pictures online, we’ll go “Sangria Mangria” and we totally what place we were talking about.

After much camwhoring, we finally decided to step inside of the church, the architecture was way beyond imaginary. Antonio Gaudi definately had a brillant ideas knowing it was built way back in time. Inspiring man I should say.

 photo IMG_4248_zpshprxqivw.jpg  photo IMG_4228_zpspaeh23up.jpg photo IMG_4226_zpso3h7jnrv.jpg photo IMG_4218_zpsvwut6olf.jpg photo IMG_4217_zpsgig6rx58.jpg photo 20150617_132025_001_zpsmx8tlabc.jpg photo 20150617_132212_zpsjnqiigxj.jpg photo 20150617_132633_zpsoy15upsx.jpg photo 20150617_133308_zpsl9onojt8.jpg photo IMG_4204_zpsits1dnbz.jpg photo IMG_4203_zpsjpjo7vpl.jpg photo IMG_4196_zpsciahce65.jpg photo 20150617_131734_zpsffmtxxz2.jpg photo 20150617_131849_zpsraawgny5.jpg photo 20150617_134616_zpse9gaz5f3.jpg photo 20150617_134838_zps8xs66k8y.jpg photo 20150617_134940_zpsrpqqoanj.jpg

After much awing of his works, we decided to take a walk in the park just infront of the church, where we got a clearer view of the whole church at the background.

 photo IMG_4195_zpsluulpl95.jpg photo 20150617_135847_zpsjunfnyg1.jpg  photo IMG_4272_zpsju824wul.jpg  photo IMG_4293_zpscoydpk5v.jpg photo 20150617_140821_zpsabq0oosk.jpg photo 20150617_140856_zpsgst1yv9q.jpg photo 20150617_140949_zpsityhuj9x.jpg photo 20150617_140055_zpsachwemrd.jpg photo 20150617_140652_zps4hgbvarb.jpg

We had time before our next ticket to Parc Guell, as I booked it as such it was in the evening, so we have plenty of time in the afternoon to explore Barcelona.

 photo sa1_zpsi6fynzdm.jpg photo sa2_zpscawrtywd.jpg

We decided to go to La Pedrera, definately one of my bucketlist places to visit while we’re here. We stopped over at Diagonal metro station and walked over to La Padrera.

 photo sa18_zpsgfy7hi8k.jpg photo sa17_zpsv9ll042a.jpg  photo IMG_4303_zpserefub2z.jpg photo IMG_4302_zps22sganyi.jpg photo IMG_4314_zpsuxnradv2.jpg

To my surprise the location that I wanted to visit was at the top of the building! I really thought it was a ground park attraction! Really interesting!

 photo 20150617_143534_zpspd02zrzz.jpg photo 20150617_144038_zpsmcnjw2sf.jpg photo 20150617_144427_zpsatl3ngkn.jpg

We paid about $20.50euros each for the ticket, which was at 14:30hrs and they also had free audio guides which we obviously didn’t take because all we wanna do was to take pictures and selfies of us and the zenith of Gaudi’s work – according to the brochure.

 photo IMG_4322_zpstackdhxa.jpg photo IMG_4315_zps8qbgunvx.jpg photo 20150617_145356_zps9ucb4muk.jpg photo IMG_4327_zpsm5aa11qt.jpg photo IMG_4338_zpsb7mumf6h.jpg photo IMG_4346_zps975cp6fq.jpg photo IMG_4353_zpsfxvfupen.jpg

I swear I fell in love with Casa Mila. The alien like, snake like, futuristic robot like structures are beyond amazing and I loved it so much.

 photo IMG_4354_zpsoyy8jsui.jpg photo IMG_4370_zpsxewyomki.jpg photo IMG_4372_zpsa4cavkrj.jpg photo IMG_4380_zpstyqxqbrt.jpg photo IMG_4397_zpshleojdds.jpg photo IMG_4398_zpsgpllaeku.jpg photo IMG_4429_zpszjexnzvo.jpg photo 20150617_151747_zps5f9txl2j.jpg photo 20150617_152125_zpsjr3r0tql.jpg photo 20150617_152123_zpsiqcquil9.jpg  photo sa4_zpsv2zaaeme.jpg photo IMG_4394_zpsbrwtg3rm.jpg

I left my heart at the top of Casa Mila, didn’t want to leave this place 😥

 photo sa5_zpsocaseejk.jpg photo sa6_zpsyq8iwzgy.jpg photo sa7_zpsl8s0jbhm.jpg photo sa8_zpslrt3egsy.jpg photo sa9_zpspoiboq5k.jpg photo sa10_zpsyfztsf9n.jpg photo sa11_zpsolwt0ccv.jpg photo sa12_zpsymm0dzfk.jpg photo sa13_zpsp2fadl2f.jpg photo sa14_zpsju4tomi2.jpg  photo sa15_zps4t5jiinf.jpg

My love for flash tattoos just went up a notch, bought it at Sephora New York boutique and it fits perfectly for Barcelona! Here’s my lovely flashtat “Sofia” against the stunning creatures of Gaudi’s.  photo sa16_zpsd0suwdxt.jpg

I have been admiring the boho chic look this summer, incase you’re wondering where I get my amazing outfit 🙂

 photo 20150617_153054_zpsnk2aesqw.jpg photo 20150617_153137_zpsunpfmgtt.jpg

Top: Forever 21

Pants: Forever 21

Bag: Forever 21

Bangles: Lovisa

Necklace: Lovisa

Hat: Zara

 photo 20150617_152024_zps3npzz4en.jpg photo 20150617_152026_zpst7wwwhds.jpg  photo 20150617_153951_zpsgg5i6d80.jpg photo 20150617_160151_zpsjyjxruoo.jpg photo 20150617_160224_zpsozedhlm3.jpg photo IMG_4439_zpsrbxg5qtn.jpg photo IMG_4441_zps0fgsthtb.jpg photo IMG_4459_zpsyuqc5zmt.jpg photo IMG_4460_zps9h0phrij.jpg photo IMG_4469_zpsed3lvjbr.jpg photo IMG_4473_zps9g2msbrg.jpg  photo 20150617_160330_zps7qtpbl0i.jpg

It was time to make way for Parc Guell, where Gaudi used to live in. We hopped onto the metro station again and this time, we had to search for Vallcarca station, which was the nearest to Parc Guell. I must say that it as quite a walk. Anyways, as I was saying, Gaudi stayed inside the park alongside Parc Guell, the architect perfected his personal style through inspiration from organic shapes found in nature, filled with colourful mosaic designed animals, cotton candy and gingerbread man houses and the amazing out of the norm cave. This man brought Barcelona to life, prolly more than millions around the world come to visit his multiple attractions all over Barcelona.

 photo pa1_zpswqzx6oa6.jpg photo 20150617_172940_zps2i9pnusy.jpg photo pa2_zpsquab5osr.jpg

After much walking, we are here!!! I love how the trees in Spain look like, very exotic palm trees which compliments the amazing vibe whenever you’re walking around. Oh yes, most people here speak Catalan, because they are part of the Catalunya region in Spain, but English is quite familiar to them as well, rarely had any problems encountering language barrier so it was all good! 🙂 And then of course we have Espanyol, spanish people around everywhere. Like duh!

 photo pa3_zpsapls5j5f.jpg photo pa5_zpsy77pscjq.jpg photo pa6_zpsgzyqsx0f.jpg photo pa4_zpsxjtrnkog.jpg

Bird nests built by Gaudí in the terrace walls. The walls imitate the trees planted on them.

 photo pa7_zpsgc3kv37s.jpg photo pa9_zpsqw6e5wbs.jpg photo pa8_zpsrtamlqgr.jpg photo 20150617_175632_zpsgaqgjeab.jpg photo 20150617_175639_zpslgrrzyb9.jpg

Anyways, walking towards Parc Guell, majority of the part here is free access, located at La Salut, where you can sit down and have some Sangria (just like we did) and enjoy people watching. We were so amused by the free entertainment provided by the immigrants who were running away from the police everytime their police cars past by because they were selling items like magnets, earrings, tees, selfie sticks etc etc. They would carry all their items in a large piece of white cloth, throw it against their back and start running like chickens around Parc Guell. It was definately entertaining I would say. The policemen aren’t as strict as compared to my country I would say.

 photo 20150617_185715_zps3rrvvsoz.jpg

It was 17:30 and it was time for us to visit Antonio Gaudi’s House, I purchased the ticket wrongly online as it was misleading, because Gaudi’s House was inside the park, so I thought I’ve booked tickets for the entire park.  photo pa10_zpskrbnw5mm.jpg

Anyways, we re-purchased the tickets for Parc Guell for 8 euros each at the machine counters where you have to walk downhill to Parc Guell where the entrance is. There is a time frame 18:30 – 19:00 to go inside of the park, if not every half an hour, your ticket will be considered as invalid if you miss the time slot. Thank god they weren’t much people to begin with and there was a short queue, of course I was bursting as i needed to use the restroom which was inside of the park so the 7 mins took forever to past. They close at 21:00 daily.

 photo pa11_zpspi1mzxrn.jpg

There it was, the cute little house that I have always admired while looking through pictures of Parc Guell. Holding my hand is my little brother, Sukri, inspired by the “follow me to” by Murad Osmann and his girlfriend Natalia.

 photo 20150617_193238_zpsoysmjaik.jpg

Behind it, was the famous steps of Parc Guell, built in 1900-1914, which of course lies Gaudí’s multicolored mosaic salamander, popularly known as “el drac” that is filled with lots of people just spamming their pictures and poses with it!

 photo 20150617_194407_zpsgzrlv70o.jpg photo 20150617_194353_zps6oaxgnas.jpg photo sa222_zpsli2a2mtf.jpgApparently you can’t even touch the artwork as vandalism occured and they needed to rebuilt the dragon in 2004. The people in charge around asking you not to lean nor touch and just stand straight (so boring) and they will note down in the small little book whenever someone touches it. I can only imagine how many ticks they have in their book.

 photo pa12_zpsrrjhfnac.jpg photo 20150617_200055_zpsjhgmmgvs.jpg photo 20150617_195920_zps1tzywdnd.jpg photo 20150617_195918_zpstzotkrrq.jpg photo 20150617_195451_zpsrstagk98.jpg photo 20150617_195720_zpszxgns0qs.jpg

Just look at Colonnaded pathway where the road projects out from the hillside, with the vaulting forming a retaining wall which curves over to support the road, and transmits the load onto sloping columns. How do you even! *loves

 photo 20150617_200027_zpswmrymv9q.jpg  photo 20150617_194801_zpsdduidyio.jpg

Parc Guell has two storeys to it, The focal point of the park is the main terrace, surrounded by a long bench in the form of a sea serpent. The curves of the serpent bench form a number of enclaves, creating a more social atmosphere. Gaudí incorporated many motifs of Catalan nationalism, and elements from religious mysticism and ancient poetry, into the Park.The ground floor has the giant pillars, the cave and the famous steps.

 photo 20150617_200955_zpsyod9l2zb.jpg photo 20150617_201014_zpsmlu4zuoq.jpg photo 20150617_201053_zpsfsqyy2gl.jpg photo 20150617_201651_zpstfa8oedp.jpg photo 20150617_201654_zps7uf1qdrz.jpg photo pa14_zpsarzhtmxt.jpg photo pa15_zps4k7jycys.jpg

Doric columns support the roof of the lower court which forms the central terrace, with serpentine seating round its edge.

 photo 20150617_200734_zpsjrq9meef.jpg

I really love the sun and the background of Parc Guell. I must say I had a good hair day today and credits to the amazing samsung edge 6, #nofilter.

 photo pa17_zpsuvzuzwba.jpg photo pa18_zpsg8fphe1a.jpg photo pa19_zpsust8ktso.jpg photo pa20_zpsu6cpi08p.jpg

We bumped into this cute lil shop beside Parc Guell and things inside here are to die for!!!  photo pa21_zpsjfcuwawn.jpg photo pa23_zpsxehfddmj.jpg photo pa24_zpsul85tpsi.jpg photo pa22_zpsga3u3gcv.jpg photo pa25_zpsewgzaivr.jpg

It was getting dark and we left the area to have dinner near our hotel.

 photo pa32_zpstshtigb6.jpg photo pa31_zpsfktpuf9j.jpg photo pa34_zpsvplzv8e4.jpg photo pa36_zpsqfyufcci.jpg photo pa35_zps2lkitnhm.jpgWe tried our first paella in Barcelona and my siblings loved it! We also mixed it up by ordering seafood risotto and creme Brulee which Sukri has never tried all of them before! And of course fried chicken for tapas! photo pa33_zpswehdwx8i.jpg Dine-ins in Barcelona can be pretty expensive, especially restaurants, the cafes were good too, we paid approx 50 euros for the bill each time when we hunt for food.

Oh yes! The metro stations! The cheapest cheapest way to get around Barcelona is via metro, take the T-10 metro card, where you get $9.95euros for 10 travels, you can pass around the ticket and use it so my siblings and I keep playing the passing the card game everytime we enter metro stations, you don’t need the ticket for exit, sortida in Spanish, so we did use about 2 T-10 metro cards today:

Jaume I – Sagrada

Sagrada – Casa Mila

Casa Mila – Parc Guell

Parc Guell – Jaume I

That’s the end of Day 1!

Stay Tuned for the next episode, where them hot soccer players in Barcelona kick some balls in the same field we visited, FC Barcelona Stadium Tour!



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