Camp Nou Experience: F.C Barcelona Stadium Tour

 photo fc1_zpsvdldef2q.jpg

 photo fc00_zps2qpgnfri.jpg

 photo 20150618_133036_zpsxvao78ml.jpg

 photo fc1_zps8x08a6nz.jpg
 photo 20150618_133559_zpsoljtg7qz.jpgSecond day here in Barcelona and what other place to be than to visit the F.C Barcelona Stadium Tour – Camp Nou Experience! Arrived at about noon and decided to dedicate half a day for this tour around the stadium. Not a big fan of football, but my younger brother has been talking all about it since we booked our tickets earlier in Jan this year. Well, i only wanted to go there to see where are all the  football players at – which obviously miserably failed cuz the premier league were over just a week before we arrived! Sad! 😦

 photo fc2_zps3ijysznb.jpg

 photo IMG_4746_zpsfyk3l131.jpg

Then there’s me admiring all the posters and who is always ahead of everyone else because I don’t get how people can walk extremely slow. I think i am a work hazard. I walk wayyyy too fast, even when it’s time to chill.

 photo fc4_zpsnkccv8nl.jpg photo fc3_zpsno5g9qw0.jpg

Our golden tickets to our camp nou experience! Paid 23euros for each person, if you are going in, do make sure you buy your jersey BEFORE going for the tour so that you can wear them and take pictures, cuz we only managed to find a souvenior shop AFTER the whole experience, which was a big no no because we could have worn the shirts we bought specially from this store, we spent over $500 dollars just on jerseys and shorts!

 photo IMG_4798_zpsenyhhgza.jpg

 photo fc5_zpsn7veeoh8.jpg

 The first part of the tour was merely showing all the trophies over the years since football started and all the game championships and also how football changed overtime.

 photo IMG_4796_zpsp5stsmh8.jpg photo IMG_4795_zpsr80mh4sh.jpg photo IMG_4789_zpsiozybumu.jpg

You can even see some of the old jerseys with signatures at the back before they put in on display, even those old school soccer boots!

 photo fc8_zpsj3kncjkv.jpg

 Aaaaahhh, The FC barcelona stadium, this is where all the famous premier league soccer players kick them balls at. Where are you Messi and Neymar?

 photo fc9_zpsq4kqzjzw.jpg

*awaits patiently while the boys are done soaking in the atmosphere

I don’t understand how men can actually be all excited and amused by other men catching a ball in a field? Hmmmm..

 photo fc7_zpsw9fqsdaq.jpg photo fc6_zpsksah7u5l.jpg photo fc5_zps2ojsablb.jpg photo fc4_zpstmfdpgm4.jpg photo fc3_zps2waey35p.jpg photo fc2_zpsyrgikped.jpg

 photo fc12_zpsncvg0a4v.jpg
 photo fc13_zps2y477bqg.jpg
 photo fc11_zpsooxggb7l.jpg

I must say i’m super happy to be here only because i can check out another of my life’s bucketlist destination, the experience was worth it, especially with your siblings around. photo fc10_zpshc5mysm8.jpg
We decided to head to the field!

 photo 20150618_145243_zpsmlbdgyup.jpg
 photo fc9_zpsqzxevpbc.jpg

 photo fc23_zps0d7l9x3b.jpg

 photo fc16_zpshcserqmp.jpg photo fc17_zpslq0wfvo4.jpg photo fc18_zpsx4jiq79y.jpg

All of us together! :,)

 photo fc19_zpsjmrmo0dz.jpg

It feels so surreal to be standing here at the front of FC BARCELONA SOCCER FIELD!  Imagine hundreds and thousands of people watching them from the seats behind me, holyyyy don’t they get nervous at all?!
 photo fc20_zps0fmyxwmi.jpg photo fc21_zpsn2pduqj6.jpg photo fc22_zpsyvvllq9h.jpg
Spreading some wings before we head off to other parts of the stadium!
 photo fc15_zps0sg1id1b.jpg
Oh yes we do!!!

 photo fc8_zpshveznus0.jpg
 photo fc14_zpsfu809qpz.jpg

Here are some photo taking opportunities with the trophies! There are also some greenscreen shots to take with the players!

 photo fc10_zpsnliezgn6.jpg photo fc14_zpsgssrwhmm.jpg photo fc13_zps7swgbrwa.jpg photo fc12_zpsc8fs92ef.jpg photo fc11_zpsomt4ymwv.jpg

 photo fc16_zpsdhezfble.jpg photo fc15_zpslr3msxow.jpg

Here’s a short video tour of our camp nou experience, enjoy!




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