New York City: Bridal Gowns by VERA WANG and BERTA BRIDAL

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One of the best things about my job is that I get to bump into familiar faces in places like London, Paris and here in New York City. They are the closest people you can get besides family at home, is like a mini home away from home (if you get what I mean). Bumped into them while in the lobby and we’ve gotta rush for a bridal appointment at David’s Bridal at 10 in the morning!

 photo berta2_zpsuooiy5ji.jpg photo berta18_zpsrhfqkwol.jpg

Located at 751 6th Avenue, New York, NY 10010

Visit them at David’s Bridal

Our appointment was the first of the day, and I’m peeking through the windows to see all the gowns they’ve got to offer. One of my girlfriends bought her wedding dress here and it was on a huge sale so she managed to secure herself with a beautiful sweetheart gown, so she decided to recommend me for a visit the next time I was in NYC, so tadaaa, here I am!

 photo berta19_zpsncr0lweb.jpg photo berta21_zpsqlttki0j.jpg photo berta23_zpsyttjjfa9.jpg photo berta22_zpsdksx0jjv.jpg

Really excited to try on the WHITE by Vera Wang! Posing around the store after I filled up a few forms and awaiting for my turn to try on the gowns. The lovely stylist Vistasta allowed me to follow her to get the gowns that I wanted to try on, which was really awesome because I get to choose the style that I like. Vera Wang’s collections were very simple, not drastic and very flowy. Well, for those of you who’ve seen her collection would understand. Very classic plain jane look.

 photo berta12_zpsrjxuvxpd.jpg

Didn’t wait too long before I slipped onto these lovely gowns by VERA WANG at David’s.

1) The Bridal Book from David’s

2) Vistasta helping me to try out different styles of the sleeves

3) WHITE by Vera Wang gown

4) My sweetest bridesmaid Isya who was more excited than I am trying out Vera Wang’s sweetheart gown

5) Vera Wang’s caped like gown, something different from the rest

 photo berta11_zpslxup3fgk.jpg Vitasta also managed to find me gowns from Oleg Cassini, which were known to be the best selling gowns here in NYC, she picked out a sweetheart neckline tube gown followed by an off shoulder sleeve gown. Sent some photos back to the family and they said that they were too simple for me.

Bridal appointment are usually capped at max an hour for fitting, I had the flowery dress by VERA WANG in mind and the cost was about USD1400 for purchase. I also found out that I was a size 2 in bridal fittings as this was my first experience ever trying out BRIDAL, shit just got real that I’m getting married in a year’s time.

Well, according to Vitasta, I am just about time to search and purchase a gown, to actually order a gown it will take you about 4-8months to arrive (gasps), plus 1st fitting about 4 weeks before the wedding and then a second fitting about 2 weeks before I can bring it back home to Singapore. Well, considering the fact that this was my first time, I didn’t actually seal the deal at David’s Bridal because I wanted to see more. Yes, I think I might be one of those brides who’d tried on 100 bridal gowns before deciding which one is the best!

My favourite gown in this store would definately be these two: WHITE by Vera Wang and Oleg Cassini.

 photo berta13_zps7axvso9x.jpg

 photo berta9_zpsshsrscl3.jpg photo berta15_zpsvhnlqe8p.jpg

Playing around and posing for the camera, was actually pleased that they allowed us to take pictures of the gowns for memory sake.
 photo berta5_zpsoipvooy5.jpg photo berta7_zpsckcm7odr.jpg

Yes, Vitasta even managed to juggle putting on a veil for me to see how I’d look like with one!

She was very approachable and was not like those hard sellers, she didn’t rush me into getting a decision done instead she just offered to book with her for another appointment if I really liked the gowns. Oleg Cassini dresses was ranged from USD 1200-1600 as well, I never really heard of the designer until I dropped by the store today.

After David’s, we all started talking about designer bridal gowns and such, and then everyone started to talk about Berta Bridal which I was surprised because I always wanted to try out their dresses but never had the guts because I knew their dresses were gonna be god damn expensive, but since these ladies wanted to follow me if I did made an appointment, while having lunch at a chinese restaurant, I called up L’Fay Bridal NYC to enquire if I could make an appointment and they said yes! In 2 hours time! Just perfect!

…..so we googled where it was located and here we are…

 photo lfay1_zpsakd1wfzm.jpg photo lfay2_zpsptpseb6n.jpg

Not like the typical store, we had to take a lift up to the store, and they had cute buttons to press for enquiry and you can hear people talking and allowing access! Too cute right! photo lfay7_zpsyk6zeefn.jpgThe entrance of L’Fay Bridal, i was squealing when I entered the store because it looked so grand from the outside and I was so excited that I’m actually here!!!

 photo lfay3_zps0wxpqaac.jpg


Need I say more? They look so gorgeous on the rack even before trying them on!

Dress Number 1 from Berta Collection
 photo lfay5_zpsl3stxrh0.jpg photo lfay4_zpsfsuowux7.jpg

That’s Abi, who was the superwoman of L’Fay Bridal cuz she was the only one who juggled the reception and became my stylist for the day, she managed to let me make an appointment within a short period of 2 hours, which was perfect timing for me and my girls to drop by after lunch.

I specifically told her that I wanted to try on all of berta bridal’s gowns cuz it has always been my dream, not having any stores in Singapore, I was greedy enough to try all the beautiful gowns that I wanted on that rack within the 1 hour appointment. Heh heh heh perfecto!

Dress Number 2 from Berta Collection
 photo lfay9_zps9wwipxnc.jpg
 photo lfay8_zps0xr7i9ym.jpg

*loves loves loves loves loves loves*

 I cannot get over this dress, is everything I ever wanted, that low cut neckline, pearly back perfection, mermaid with a long beautiful lace train. This dress cost USD $7950 and it fits me perfectly, it’s a sign?

Abi was nice enough to ask what’s my price range and when I told her that my budget was 5K, she did tell me that Berta gowns are all above that price but didn’t judge me at all, instead she was really nice helping me to look great and even helped me out getting into the gowns in the changing room.

Dress Number 3 from Berta Collection
 photo lfay10_zpsvnukmlxj.jpg

Besides looking all sexy and sleeveless, I tried out the full length lace sleeve gowns from Berta as well, well they had a perfect combi of the low neckline which I really loved and the pearl back! 🙂 Definately in love with lace! This dress is about USD 8000!!

Dress Number 4 from Berta Collection
 photo lfay11_zps1bss3x1w.jpg

With a USD 9000 budget, you will definately wanna get this bridal gown because its classy and sweet, definately much more sexier than the one above and it’s sweetheart neckline is to die for!!!

Dress Number 5 from Berta Collection
 photo lfay12_zpstzbq8uti.jpg photo lfay14_zpsevsipsqe.jpg photo lfay15_zpsukq6wyyh.jpg

This my second favourite, no wait, ALL of them are my favourite!!! A full lace gown with a long train, has got to be the heaviest amoung them all but definately worth the try! It’s definately what I’m looking for my solemnization ceremony. This gown costs USD 8580 and if I were to win a lottery, I’d definately get one!!

Abi asked which dress that I loved the most, I immediately pointed out to Dress Number 2, I loved it so much! She insisted that I put it on again and I had hearts all over my face when she said, “let’s put it on again” before the appointment had to end, this was how happy I was when they said my ass looked good in it…

 photo lfay6_zpsunpmc0x3.jpg

….i tried it on and didn’t want to take it off! I knew this was the last one before we have to leave the store. You know how they say a girl would cry when she found the right dress? I think I will be the happy kind of girl, like butterflies in my tummy kind when I feel it’s the right one, with this dress, I felt like a million bucks! I didn’t bother how ugly I’d look laughing like a doofus and sticking my butt out cuz I feel beautiful. It was over my budget but I had fun trying on these dresses and it was the best impromptu decision I ever made overseas. To call L’Fay bridal randomly and asked if I could come in for an appointment on that day itself. The day was meant to be, I was the happiest girl in New York City hands down!

According to Abi, if these gowns are only available for purchase, no rentals, it will take 6-8months to arrive! 2-3 months for alterations and the cost of the alterations will cost you about $495-695 depending on how much you need to take in! Crazy long, right? So looking for a bridal gown 1 year before your wedding is the perfect time! Yayyyy, cuz I can try out bridal gowns without feeling awkward anymore. I am gonna have to find out how my experience in bridal gown shopping in Singapore would be like compared to the states. FYI, unfortunately, I didn’t get any gowns from them, or if someday I suddenly turn into a rich bitch I might get it on time, but for now, I have other priorities in life than to buy such an expensive bridal gown for a one day event. I really wished I could, but sad to say, I would rather invest that kind of money for my upcoming home I’m gonna build with Mr A. (He better be proud of me for saying this)



215 E 58th Street 6th Floor

New York, NY 10019


Visit them at L’FAY BRIDAL

This experience wouldn’t be as special without…..

 photo berta1_zpslz5rlucm.jpg
I could never thank these ladies enough for taking their whole day to go dress shopping with me, of course, this is a different kind of dress shopping, definately much more expensive kind of dresses 😛

Thank you Jenifer Susilo and Isya Redzwan for the priceless expressions you ladies gave me everytime I opened the changing room curtains and for helping me to take some really awesome photos of me and the gowns that tried on, definately worth the bridal experience even though I didn’t seal any deals in NYC.




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