Lattes in Bali: AAEverAfter Pre Wedding Photoshoot

Just got back from Bali a few weeks ago and still having withdrawal symptoms from the trip, it has been nothing but wonderful especially with most of our loved ones around for our pre wedding photoshoot overseas. Adam and I booked this overseas shoot 3 years ago and boy, how fast time flies! We’re off to our Bali getaway! The main purpose of this trip was also to get all the bestmen and bridesmaids to get to know one another before the big day next year!

Our mission for our wedding photobook is to get our bestmen and bridesmaids to be part of the official shoot so that they could be featured in, just spicing things up besides the regular couple shots. Besides, I guess everyone needed a break from their hectic work schedules and just take the time out to relax.

We were so lucky to have our dearest friends to take leave on weekdays as our photoshoot will be on a thursday to avoid the holiday crowd on the weekends!


 photo bali1_zps27xbbpe6.jpg

Awaiting to board the plane! BALI TR 2298 departing at 0720am! Imagine being at the airport by 5 in the morning, holy cow, everyone was not awake yet but by sunrise, you could see smiling faces! We were all lucky that we booked our tickets early July to get the cheapest available tickets and best part is, we all managed to sit together thanks to my awesome skills of booking the seating arrangements *flips hair*

Anyhoots, shoutout to Khai for all the go pro snapshots! Really appreciate it bro! 😉

 photo bali2_zps2vpbkpeu.jpg

Dearest melmel tying my hair into a fishtail braid! I need to learn to do that from you dear! And of cos, who will forget our epic ride on the Bali tuktuk! Yes a total of 15 of us squeezing on the tuktuk with a few hand carry and luggages, I’m surprised there wasn’t any puncture on the tyres!

 photo bali6_zps6ywyxqy5.jpg

Lunch nearby the airport. Yes, the hugeass bus beside us was ours! Mr A and I had taken the 25 seater bus for everyone! Unfortunately, we all didn’t use up the whole 10hrs of the bus ride but we still had to pay the same amount, instead, we decided to crash in our lovely villa by our host Gerhana! And of course, he named the villa after himself, GERHANA VILLA KUTA BALI ! Do check his villa out, there are 2 bedroom, 3 bedroom and even 9 bedroom villa for max of 20 people! We paid a total of 1.9K for the 4 days and 3 nights here but it was total worth it!  photo bali3_zpsdjntrgwq.jpg

 photo bali8_zpsn3xqiuz4.jpg

Our dinner at Jimbaran Bay at Sri Gangga Cafe was a romantic one, of course with a price to pay because we paid a total of $800SGD for all of us in total! But still, the dinner experience was something we will always treasure! We had a live band playing by the beach and everyone was singing along. Watching the sunset while dining out with all our loved ones at one table 🙂 couldn’t ask for more! Some of us had an early night at the villa, some stayed up for drinks and get together. I needed my beauty sleep and I felt so bad because they had planned a surprise cake for me but I was in my pyjamas and blew the cake and wanted to head right back to sleep until I was stopped to cut the cake. Was blessed to have everyone around though.


Mr A and the rest of the gang had to get up as early as 8am to get ready, my prince charming looking all good dressed up in black and white. For those of you who already know, Mr A started smoking again recently after a year from going cold turkey due to his pneumothorax incident, well, let’s put it this way, a smoker will always have their habits.

 photo prewed1_zpsawtwmqh8.jpg

There were many obstacles that we had to endure during the day of the shoot, one of which, our REGULAR driver who was a Balinese and who drives here probably about twice a year didn’t know where he was heading to!! *smacks forehead* The bus driver that I hired online was the guy who knew the directions and brought my whole group of family and friends there first when Mr A and I were the ones who left the villa earlier! We were literally stranded in the tiny lanes of the tea plantation areas and we had to call our driver using our own handphones to ask for directions. Thank God we made it by 11am here at Tukad Unda Waterfall.

 photo prewed23_zpsdwm8gxtt.jpg

Just to let you know although this is a tourist attraction, this waterfall belongs to the villagers here and they usually have little kids running around asking for money. This time when we got here, there were not only little kids but mature adults asking for money for the entrance (seeing such a big group like this) Thank God for Made Okta, our hired driver, that he helped us to liase with them directly (knowing that he is a local here, bargains and discounts were offered) they have asked for 1.5MILLION rupiahs for going down this waterfall but Made Okta wanted it for less, so they settled for 600,000 rupiahs for all of us to get down there just for a picture.

The rest of us began to proceed down via the steep waterfall iron stairs *points below at Mr A* with the help from the locals there. We managed to get everyone down including Hafiz and the baby which I am so proud of because everyone told him NOT to go down there, scared it was too dangerous. We all had our shoes taken off and locked it in our bus, everyone was literally running around barefooted and the ground was so hot we started jumping around and looking for shade!  photo prewed2_zpsgfvllkwn.jpg

The ground of the waterfall was filled with tons of algae and one slight clumsy move, there you will go falling off that waterfall! Thank God no one fell or injured themselves, especially climbing up and down the stairs in their dresses and smart shirts and also ME! IN MY WEDDING GOWN! Phew* photo prewed3_zpszsolcjqy.jpg

My family decided to take my phone away when I was being brought down to the waterfall, these were the spamming photos in my phone while waiting for their turn to climb that stairs. I was really happy that part of my family was here with me during this photoshoot, my dearest sister Isabelle couldn’t make it because it was her birthday and she was getting proposed in SG (YAY! SO HAPPY WE ARE NOW ENGAGED SISTERS!!! :P) , but my two brothers Sham and Sukri managed to make it for my special day together with 3 of my beloved and close cousins, Michelle, Jared and Joel. Well, few of my friends managed to meet part of my crazy family but I’m happy they behaved well enough for the photoshoot day. photo prewed4_zps7zfxf6c1.jpg

My cutest and smallest bridesmaid of them all, baby Khalisah is only 1 years old! She was such a good girl that day and I’m sure she enjoyed herself with mommy and papa Samoi in Bali! A young traveller to begin with! We were done for the first location, I literally got changed into the next gown in public, with the help of my bridesmaids and my makeup artist Tiffany because there was no way I’m going all the way back to the hotel just for a change up. It took us almost an hour and 45 mins for the first location and another 1 hour to get to the next location.

Just when we got into our private car and relieved that all the drama was over, look what happened ahead of us! A freaking tree had to fall few cars infront of us, apparently some tree cutting was going on and there were grass cutters ready to take down that tree! Of all days!! It had to be happening right infront of us!! Mr A and I tried to keep it cool and waited patiently for the tree to move, let’s take a selfie! photo prewed8_zps9xxgi1fj.jpg

My hair wasn’t done, because we had to wait to reach the next destination before Tiffany could help me with my next hair change, thank God I chose the smoky eye look because it goes with every bridal gown! All I needed was a few touch up! photo prewed5_zpsaty04eur.jpg

….while waiting in the car. I made this personal wedding book filled with inspiration pictures for the pre wedding shoot and also for  the planning of my wedding. Yes, I decorated the book all by myself using scrap booking 3D stickers. 🙂 Was really happy that even the photographer loved my work and effort in putting up a book for him to get inspired for the shoot! photo prewed6_zpsbzzfykoc.jpg

We finally arrived at 1.40pm at Grand Nikko Hotel, we were already running late! The camel shoot will be starting at 2pm, we made a payment of USD110 for a half hour shoot by the Grand Nikko Beach. Pre arrangements was made by Bridal Concept, so we didn’t have to worry because the bookings were confirmed. The lady at the counter was literally rushing us to get everything done by 2pm and Tiffany worked her magic! She literally whipped my hair back and forth twist and turn my hair and viola! I’m all set and ready to go by 2.15pm, the lady warned us and said that we only had 15 mins for the shoot and made us all panicked. I told Tiffany if giving tips to her will work her magic, so I given her 100.000rupiahs ($10sgd ) to make her happy. Of course, I had to give to her other friend who was the one escorting us to the location.

Initially, they told us that only the bride and groom were allowed to go into the Grand Nikko Hotel, but with my puss in boots pleading, they allowed my entire crew inside with a special pass, I knew they could do something about They didn’t want extra people to go in, they told them to take a bus out and walk by the beach, no access to Grand Nikko Bali as it is a 5 star hotel, but with tips here, things work like magic! I’m so happy everyone was allowed to join in for the camel shoot!

 photo prewed7_zpsyqaojezg.jpg

This was one of the pictures we saw at Bridal Concept during their Expo exhibition that we fell in love with the camel pictures and how cute they looked in the photoshoot. It was this moment that reminded me that 3 years ago, I told Adam that I wanted to take a picture with the camels in a wedding gown, well, this day came true. With all my loved ones surroudinng us, I have never felt so blessed to experience this special day. Everyone indeed enjoyed themselves, taking selfies with the camel, having their feet on the sand and witnessing us and sharing the love.

888 photo prewed9_zps3ypupjvw.jpg

Mr A looked all handsome in white….until he was asked to sit on the camel… ****CRAAACCCKKK!!!***

There goes his pants it had a big tear right in the middle of his ass!! A HUGE ONE! He was so hilarious everyone started laughing but he continued to sit down and had fun with the camel anyways. Thank God he was wearing nice underwear! Epic moment indeed!

 photo prewed10_zpshbask7yq.jpg

I could really feel that the boys was bonding on the second day of the shoot. The pictures definately made me smile from ear to ear because Mr A and I have accomplished our mission for this trip, getting everyone together as one 🙂

This crazy girl right here is my very good friend and my babygirl, Joanne Tan. She has seen me through the years before I even met Mr A in my life and she’s right here with me in Bali. Our friendship has always been amazing and I couldn’t thank God enough for giving me such a good soul friend through my poly years, it’ll definately suck without her by my side. This trip was her belated birthday gift from me because I wanted to let her know how much she meant to me and that she definately needed a short break from all the essay writing for her degree!

 photo prewed11_zpsikw3n3e5.jpg

We definately took slightly more than half an hour, thank God the camel owners were nice enough to make us stay and take a lot of pictures with the camels, group shots and solo pictures! Went back to the same location at the entrance of Grand Nikko Bali to do my next hairdo, which was gonna be styled with my work uniform, the famous iconic Pierre Balmain  sarong kebaya.

Of course, the pictures will be private so I can only show you the awesome bun that Tiffany did for me. She managed to follow according to what I wanted in my Wedding Book hairstyles and I’m so happy with her service. She was the best hair person I’ve known, even my cousins and friends were impressed by her work. She really put in passion and dedication in making me look great!!!

We decided to leave the whole group while Mr A and I went over to Nusa Dua WaterBlow Bali together with only the photographer and makeup artist for our casual shoot and the rest headed to KFC for a heavy lunch because it was their first meal of the day! Poor them!

At Nusa Dua Water Blow, we decided to go right inside nearby the rocks but unfortunately it was during the low tide and there wasn’t any “waterblow” to begin shooting with, but I had fun with Mr A wearing my kebaya and the shoot took us only about an hour til we decided to meet our driver again at the entrance. While we were snapping pictures at the entrance, 2 security men decided to stop and came out and was walking towards us. They asked the makeup artist and photographer what we were here for, so Tiffany becoming the clever tourist told them that we were just friends helping one another to take pictures! We fleet from the place immediately and Tiffany told us that the rules here were still the same, we are not allowed to take any wedding shoots here in Nusa Dua Waterblow if we are not guests of the hotel, if they were to ask and we said that it was a wedding shoot, we will be asked to delete all the photos from the camera! Apparently that happened to one of her clients sometime back here few years ago!

Thank God I wasn’t in a BRIDAL gown here and my kebaya looked like some traditional costume that no one knew I was from the airlines until one caucasion guy came up and said, “I flew with you guys today” which was really epic because I was on leave and there was no way I am going for my photoshoot on my work schedule. So for security reasons, I better not post any pictures of Nusa Dua Waterblow since it was indeed a professional photographer who shot those images. I’m really hoping that the pictures will turn out great though. *cross fingers

 photo prewed12_zpslphfsmjo.jpg

Met the entire gang at KFC and we got ourselves a quick bite only at 5 in the evening, I got my hair done at KFC, yup, this is what happens when you have an outdoor overseas shoot, anywhere everywhere you just gotta do your thang honey! Tiffany decided to do something a little different with my hairstyle, she pleated it and made a rose for my bun which I’m really lovin’ it! All this in about 20mins again! She definately knows her work so welll and can whip my dry brown hair into something really amazing! I am really impressed by her! Even my friends loved it so much!

That’s my little brother over there making that crappy face of his just to annoy me when I wanted to take a candid photo of all of them sitting down and chillin’ at KFC.

Can you believe til this time we still haven’t decided whether to go to Jimbaran for the sunset pic or Dreamland Beach? According to the driver, going into Dreamland there will be a special kind of charter that only their vehicle can lead you to the beach area and that our cars will be parked at another side for pick up shuttle to Dreamland = this is cause alot of wasted time but it will be worth the shoot. Jimbaran Beach = nearby, less attractive, pay the restaurant or need to buy drinks there before you take a wedding shoot. I turned and looked at Mr A and said, “Let’s go to Dreamland, since we have not been there before.”

It was already 5.30 in the evening when we left KFC to make our way to Dreamland which will take about 20-30mins drive. By then it was already 6 when we were on the Dreamland Beach shuttle van, when we were stopped by the locals for money again (or what they called as tips) for entrance to Dreamland Beach. Our dear driver, Made Okta, told us that he was willing to discuss the price with the locals when he arrive and willing to pay for us first, told us to catch the sunset before it was too late. When the locals tried to stall us, Mr A told them off that a local driver is coming on his way and will discuss with you further, this was our wedding shoot and we don’t wanna miss the sunset. I grabbed my train, the photographer, makeup artist and my fiance were all running all the way along the shophouses towards the sunset, it was the last location and the last chance of ever getting a sunset picture by the beach. Tiffany slipped and fell on her bum while trying to go down a slope, we helped her up and started running again.

My barefoot flower anklets were falling off, one of my earrings fell while running and I managed to find it, Mr A forgot his grey coat for the shoot and was so upset with himself, but the minute we posed for the camera, everything was WORTH it! The shoot was amazing, our photographer did a brilliant shot in getting the pictures that I wanted! So happeh!!!

 photo prewed20_zpsgqmoalij.jpg

 photo prewed18_zpsro5xfrrf.jpg

 photo prewed16_zpszuphyxbx.jpg

See the guy in grey sitting down? That’s Made Okta, our driver from Bali who was a great help for the entire day because without him, I would never imagine how in the world I would have to deal with the locals and their payment. Made Okta said that they initially asked for 1.5MILLION rupiahs for all of us, but instead he tried to bargain as much and got us all in for 600,000 rupiahs. From what I see right now, it was all worth it! Every single rupiah that we had left was worth paying for!

 photo prewed21_zpsvchqhcyq.jpg photo prewed13_zpsdwbfmf1v.jpg

These flying lanterns was my idea, I have always wanted this experience on my wedding day, but since Sentosa Island in Singapore doesn’t approve of flying lanterns being lighted up, why not do a photoshoot in Bali with it? ❤

I googled it online and managed to find Marlyn Production on Facebook and managed to contact them. Their minimum order was 30pcs. So I decided to purchase it from them and told them I would pay for their delivery to the hotel and make payment when orders has arrived. Unfortunately, on the first day, they did not contact me at all and the flying lanterns were not delivered.

I made several calls and several texts to Marlyn Production but no one was picking up their phone, after a million times of calling at Jimbaran Bay, she finally picked up and said she is at a wedding and told me to call her husband and gave me the number. Guess what?! The number couldn’t even be reached! I tried calling and smsing but there was no reply until at about 2 in the morning of the photoshoot day, she decided to text me and said to COLLECT the items from HER place and that someone is there, gave me the lady’s number and said that she only had 22 instock now instead of 30 and said that she will be leaving for Jakarta first thing in the morning so she couldn’t contact me! AT 2 IN THE SAME FREAKING MORNING!

I was so upset with their service and once I woke up at 6 in the morning retrieving the message, I called that lady and told her to come down to pass me and that I will willingly PAY for her cab fare. She was reluctant and said that she has to call her boss first and I told her off that her boss is going to Jakarta and she was the one who told me to contact you.

I was so pissed off and stressed out while buying breakfast for everyone at a nearby coffee house with Mr A before we had to get ready for makeup for the photoshoot wondering how they would have totally ruined our photoshoot moment. We decided to ask the uncle at the coffeehouse where was the location and he said it was about 16km away from here and it will take about 30-45mins to reach! With our dearest help from Khai, we had to wake him up, and asked him if he could help us collect our flying lanterns from the lady’s house. He willingly agreed, got up immediately and got dressed and was out before we knew it. He was such a great friend. I could never thank him enough for being such a good friend to us. He knew how much this meant to us. 🙂 Once again if you’re reading this Khai, thank you so much!!!! ❤ If you are planning to get items from Marlyn Production, please think twice before purchasing from them. I would never recommend anyone to this website with the trauma and worry I was going through for my photoshoot. They really let me down.

 photo prewed14_zpssatimqkw.jpg

….after such a dramatic story, the pictures are worth a million dollars… priceless to be exact! Loved it so much and I’m sure everyone had fun lighting up their flying lanterns!! At this point in time we don’t know whether we were allowed to do this, but we decided we need to do it here anyway. Thank God no one stopped us from taking and flying these lanterns here at Dreamland Beach. I am so happy with the outcome of the pictures and this aren’t even the official photos yet!!!

 photo prewed15_zpstwtkmmuh.jpg

At first some of the lanterns couldn’t fly, and Joanne was to the rescue! She said that we were lighting it inside out! So she helped us fix the problem and it was really floating on air!!!

It was already pitch dark by the time we ended, and Dreamland Beach was already gonna close to public but we were still inside buying last minute gifts for ourselves! *laughs Snapping random pics! Phew! We actually made it through the day! It was finally over! It felt amazing and satisfying! You have no idea honey how much trouble we’ve been through to get this done.

From getting lost at our first location, to the payment of the Tukad Unda Waterfall experience, to the tree that fell infront of our moving vehicle, to the camel drama with the company, to le fiance who had his pants tore, to Nusa Dua Waterblow story, to the epic KFC story where I have to change in the KFC toilet, to the impromptu decision running to Dreamland Beach…. all of it, everything was worth it! I had a blast! ITS A WRAP GUYS!

 photo prewed17_zpslw0znkbj.jpg photo prewed22_zpsvzrdq6pd.jpg

This was some of the memories taken with the Dreamland Beach shuttle and baby Khalisah already zonking out by the cameras around her, it was definately a day to remember!!


 photo bali4_zpsldshnmwa.jpg

The next morning, we decided to go all crazy waking up at 0730 in the morning to go White Water Rafting at Telaga River hosted by Alam Amazing Adventures ! It was super amazing when you have so many friends around to be part of this! Obviously we can’t get enough of our group shots!

 photo bali5_zps24ljyevr.jpg

Took the bus ride for about 2 hours and started the rafting only at 10ish! We had about 2hours of pure rafting on the boat and we’re off for the lunch buffet, by 2pm we were back on the bus and headed back to the hotel by 3.30pm! Thank God transport were provided right at our doorstep because we were dead tired by then!

 photo bali10_zps9n7wrfi8.jpg.

On some of the lazy days after the photoshoot, we decided to chill and some decided to sleep away. Rent a bike, buy ice cream, sit down all day here by the pool like Sham and play with Lala, the friendly girly dog at night

03RD OCTOBER 2015, SATURDAY photo bali7_zpsx7dfbr5i.jpg

Our last day Mr A and I decided to spend some time with the lovely family of three, the Samoi’s, including Khai, and we went to WaterBom Bali! Everyone was talking about the hype of the waterslides and we wanted to experience it for ourselves! I’m glad we did, of course with lil miss cutie Khalisah, we took turns taking the slides. OH THAT CUTIEPIE, just look at her drama face when she got kissed by the both of us! photo bali9_zpszibwvsir.jpg
…while we were at WaterBom Bali, the rest of the guys were busy snoring their morning away while my three lovely bridesmaids here decided to learn how to surf and did some girly shopping time without me! Jealous! But I’m glad they became close after this trip because now, I get to go out with all of them together! YAY! Yes, indian, eurasian and chinese! ❤ multi racial bridesmaids!

 photo baliball1_zpsljy2n65y.jpg

 photo baliball2_zpsrsmay9z5.jpg

Spent the last night partying away to celebrate our awesome photoshoot sesh! I had to take my lil brother doing that yoga pose of his, definately gonna be trending someday fo’ sure!  photo baliball3_zps8p82za0d.jpg

We had an awesome stay here at Gerhana Villa Kuta, trust me I had lots to research before finding the perfect fit to accomodate everyone and Gerhana hosted so well! I booked via AGODA website, however we’re friends now so the next time we head to Bali we know who to look for! Imagine 17 of us in one villa! One whole big happy family! 9 bedrooms! Madness, I really loved the pool, it was by far the best stay I’ve ever had in Bali. The workers helped to clean our pool immediately after all of us left, placed towels on the benches for us to wipe ourselves and clean the “lepak area” each night. I had my cousins, family, close friends and Mr A’s guy friends all under one roof. I am more than happy that all of us took this picture with Gerhana himself! photo bali11_zps8zbnkdmc.jpg

This is my first time travelling with sooo many people! We actually covered the major part of the back plane with 17 people in total!

Our flight departed at 1905 in the evening and we reached Singapore at about 2145hrs. We all hugged and said our goodbyes, Our bali trip was too short, wish it had been a little longer to bond more with everyone. Well, there’s always a next time, prolly after Mr A and I have settled with our wedding bills and honeymoon fund. Where to next? Bachelorette party maybe?




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