Latest 2016 Prices: LV, Chanel, Valentino and many more!        

 photo laf1_zpsqhpppmfy.jpg Paris, the city of love. I was scheduled to fly to Paris last week and I decided to dedicate myself to spend time at Galeries Lafayette, known to be one of the best stores in the world for shoppaholics like me.

 photo laf2_zpskmx0uk5k.jpg
Everyone around the world gather here to shop for brands like Louis Vuitton, Prada, Chanel, Christian Louboutins, Dior, Miu Miu, Valentino and the list goes on. One of the best ‘discounted’ price you can get compared to anywhere else in the world, I believe. it is legit guys! You get a total of 17% tax refund if you’re a tourist visiting, who doesn’t love cash back benefits?

Anyhoots, let’s get on with the prices! I’m sure everyone is dying to know how much each bag costs and what are the range available.

Note: Pictures are all taken by me and I have only the prices of bags that I love. I do not have or own any detailed price list of any of the shop brands and this is my own research to check out the prices of things that I love. PRICES ARE ALL IN EUROS.

When it comes to YSL bags, every girl’s dream is to own one of these  YSL Tassel classics!
 photo laf4_zpsaqv0mtgx.jpg photo laf3_zpsmegnucwl.jpg

YSL Tassel Bag

Small :$1390     Medium $1590

For those of you looking for more space for your bags, you might wanna go for something bigger and more office looking, you should check out these classic small sac de jour bags!

 photo laf6_zpsaqppny3y.jpg photo laf7_zpsq2ufiqai.jpg


Small: $1400     Medium: $1990

This Spring, you can look out for their latest Silver Metallic Platinum Leather YSL Logo Chain shoulder bag for $1490, they also come in royal blue and  a dual colour of baby blue green!

 photo laf5_zpsg20dlpim.jpg

Next store, i was greeted by the lovely lady at the Prada store and then i saw this cuties that blew my breath away. I’ve always imagined owning one of these mini alma tamaris bags and then handing them over to my 3 year old child so that they can pose with these bags, their height and size will probably fit them prefectly!
 photo laf8_zps4hfujdqh.jpg

In love with the Prada red mini alma tamaris bag *points to the right*

However, the Prada mini saffiano on the left is just as pretty!

Want them both! *greeds*

Prices are $1100 for all the bags, regardless of the colours!
 photo laf9_zpsjtoiu0ic.jpg

Right smack in the middle of the busy mall, were bags from Balenciaga Giant City Bags, they definately caught the eyes of the crowd! So many people were asking about the prices!
 photo laf10_zpsopjelm3c.jpg

They had a varirety of the old collections and as well as the new ones, prices are as such:

On the left: Balenciaga Classic City Bag with Giant Gold Machine is $1025

On the right: Giant City Black is $975  (old edition which is made from lamb skin)

 photo laf11_zpsd1ticwdq.jpg
Balenciaga Metallic Edge City Bag costs $1125 – the latest edition this season.

Stumbled upon my favourite store, Chanel. Now here’s the thing, the retail assistants here are not as friendly as the rest of the shops…yes, they’ll judge you from top to bottom and look at what you’re wearing before even before they try to sell you something. I don’t get how retail assistants think that they own the shop and how they instantly think that they’re Coco Chanel. *rolls eyes* I’m sorry but I’m not saying that all retail assistants are as such, I’ve come across pretty nice ones myself and they are very welcoming and friendly, but this store in particular needs to hire a proper professional.

Anyways, this store in particular always have their items out of stock and they barely have their bags available, one in particular that I’m looking for which is Chanel Boy New Medium. To avoid waiting in line and get yourself disappointed after, i’d definately recommend heading down to Rue Cambon’s Chanel store, it is less crowded and you might get yourself the limited edition white Chanel box, the only store in the world Coco Chanel first store is located at.

Since the wait, I’ve decided to ask about these two classic bags, the Chanel Boy Chevron Flap and Chanel Medium Flap Bag in Silver chain.

 photo laf12_zpsxq67u9uv.jpg
 photo laf13_zpsd7ejkyc7.jpg
Chanel Boy: $4150  Classic: $4260

Valentino’s  rockstud bags are to die for as well, their super gorgeous red bags are definately on my list!

 photo laf14_zpsefdxsu4o.jpg

Valentino Rockstud Medium Leather Tote in Red: $1550

Valentino Rockstud Tote in Pink: $1250

 photo laf15_zpsgckihsif.jpg
Valentino Rockstud Shoulder Bag: $1350

Valentino Rockstud Mini Backpack: $1450

 photo laf29_zpsqy7ukt9b.jpg

Everyone’s talking about this new Louis Vuitton’s Kimono Tote Bag!

This bag doesn’t come cheap, price is from $2280 onwards (picture as shown)

 photo laf30_zps1lkc94kl.jpg

The Louis Vuitton Pallas edition comes in two kinds, one with the sling and one with a chain bag. Both bags are the same prices at $1640 each. Definately suitable for dinner dates and casual outings too.

Browsing through the store, spotted Louis Vuitton’s Alma Bags as well and I’m currently addicted to these small cute bags!

 photo laf31_zpsinkpyfk3.jpg
 photo laf32_zpsgysyxhmj.jpg

Alma MM Monogram / Alma PM Damier : $895

Enough of bags, for those who know me, they’d already know that I’ll just die without going to the basement 1 of Galeries Lafayette- shoessssssssss! I’m a sucker for branded heels, those really high heels, the higher the better!! I have a thing for shoeporn! Love them all!

 photo laf16_zps0yekdty0.jpg


Inspired by Kanye West, these babies are going at $1150 each, asked the lady if they came in any other colours, she asked me to follow her to the drawer and decided to open it up, I swear I nearly fainted in happiness!

RED, BLACK, SILVER AND GOLD! Will it be awesome if I were to wear this heels for my wedding? What do you think?
 photo laf22_zpsbymauedk.jpg

Proud owner of  Valentino heels few months ago, decided to pop by to check out the rest of the prices for my next future purchase! Diggin their flats too!

 photo laf18_zpsawtyjvkh.jpg

Nude $680/   $720/    $720

 photo laf19_zpsohebg3vv.jpg
Red $520  /   720 /   720

 photo laf17_zpsftcu0s46.jpg
$720, regardless of the number of straps (double or triple straps)

 photo laf20_zpsax5pnoyj.jpg

 Sandals: $630  in Red /   $650 in Black

The famous Sophia Webster’s wing heels is perfect for a wedding reception too, you’ll definately feel like a fairy in these babies!

 photo laf21_zpszx7ilucr.jpg

Sophia Webster $560

 photo laf24_zpsgccy7ezt.jpg

If you can get sizes for your desired shoes in Galeries Lafayette, don’t fret, there’s always Printemps located right next to Galeries Lafayette Homme, few minutes down Lafayette, you’ll have another world of Christian Louboutin’s store and many more. You might wanna take your chances and find them here,their self service tax claiming is definately much easier and the lines are much shorter compared to Lafayette.
 photo laf28_zpskoeemna8.jpg

 photo laf25_zps8zzag6z7.jpg


 photo laf26_zpsku2ecdcu.jpg

$625   / $615

 photo laf27_zpshrvt7m0s.jpg

$515   /   675

Unfortunately they didn’t have any glitter heels for wedding like how I always see Louboutins on Pinterest and such. Better luck the next time round.

For those of you who wants to reach directly at Galaries Lafayette, you can drop off the metro at Chaussee d’Antin – La Fayette, where it’ll take you right at the entrance of the mall.

 photo laf23_zpscweq3yif.jpg
 photo laf34_zpsly3rgljs.jpg

Such lovely lights at the mall, while walking back to the metro.

 photo laf35_zps9aaacntv.jpg

Alternatively, you can choose to drop at Opera (Line 1, 7 and 8) station, where you can get a glimpse of the lovely National Museum located right smack in the middle of the street.

 photo laf36_zpshsix1gvo.jpg

The street lights at night while walking back to the metro, one of the things I’d definately miss about flying, in particular this view. The french buildings, the busy crowd walking across the junction, the bright lights, the parisian cars and buses honking.

I had all smiles on my face tonight, counting my blessings to be able to visit Paris, my favourity city. Til’ my next Parisian experience.



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