One more bucketlist checked! It’s been a long while since I wanted to post about this amazing trip with one of my favourite bae, Nadiah. Yup, you’ve heard that right, my girl and I decided to spend a night in Cappadocia when she randomly surprised me with her name on my work schedule, we always have our yearly impromptu yolo trips together and she’s the best. Kapadokya, how it’s spelled in Turkey, is a place filled with hot air balloons and those strange weird looking fairy chimneys and cave houses.

 photo cap1_zpsgxy9qg55.jpg

My bae met up with me few days before our flight, sat down at Starbucks and we started to book our flight tickets from Istanbul – > Cappadocia. Well, techically, there wasn’t any Cappadocia airport, but there were 2 airports around that area. One was Kayseri Airport and the other, Nevsehir Airport. Nevsehir is definately nearer to the place we wanted to go which was Goreme, Turkey. The main city area of Cappadocia. Kayseri Airport is about 1 hour drive away, but according to our schedule we decided to go for Kayseri Airport because there were earlier flight timings suitable for our trip.

 photo cap3_zpsfvxkty4e.jpg

Touched down, bath and headed for the airport just 2hrs after our 11hours of work, they say there’s no precious time wasted when it comes to your adventures.
 photo cap4_zpszkf57rbl.jpg photo cap5_zpscxrqqdvq.jpg

Turkish Airlines was the best, their plane departed on time and they even had snacks catered for us even though the flight time was short, we definately need to consider recommending this kind of service for our short sectors.  photo cap6_zpspzy7tx56.jpg

ISTANBUL TO KAYSERI AIRPORT? 1hr 05mins. We decided to go back with another one way ticket from NEVSEHIR AIRPORT TO ISTANBUL because the airport was only about 15 mins away from Goreme and that way, we will have more time spent in Cappadocia since it was an evening flight back. Flight ticket prices were about $140 each person return! Isn’t that so cheap and good? Thanks to Turkish Airlines we were able to go there with peace of mind. I’m sure there are much better and cheaper deals via budget airlines in Turkey if you are looking for cheaper alternatives.

 photo cap9_zpslmmluick.jpg

Neysehir Airport Arrivals.

We got an email from Sultan Cave Suites which offered us Airport Shuttle services from Kayseri Airport right to our hotel’s doorstep, which only would cost us 10 euro per person for the 1 hour ride! Phew! So we decided to get both airport shuttles from the hotel which costs us an awesome total of 20euros for transport!

 photo cap8_zpse7xbxohi.jpg
Our driver for the day, from Kayseri Airport to Goreme. Hassle free service! We just had to look for my name and we found him! Super psyched! Waited for a few people enroute to the same destination and we were off!

We had already planned to stay at the Sultan Cave Suites and it was gonna cost us about SGD$97 per night which was a pretty decent price I would say, knowing that you will actually be staying inside an actual cave room!

 photo cap11_zps3ex9brqm.jpg
View from our hotel balcony! ❤ AMAZING VIEW WITH LOVELY SUNSET!

Finally reached our hotel suite after much napping from the comfy bus seats. Woke up looking at the fairy chimneys and rocks.

 photo cap12_zpsj4zb14ml.jpg
 photo cap92_zpsx49ryfsb.jpg

Decided to check in at Room 310 and head off to the nearby shopping area, Goreme town. It was freezing cold by the time it was dark, but we still presevere to hunt for our souvenoirs right here in Cappa.

While heading down the steep slopes to the main shopping area….

 photo cap13_zps2s227fgp.jpg photo cap14_zpszlacxrw6.jpg photo cap15_zpsjvd2qjg9.jpg photo cap16_zpszdn1mvy5.jpg

Felt surreal that we were already here in Cappadocia, overlooking the beauty of the town. Also heard the chirping of birds and howling of the dogs when it was time for prayers here. Absolutely amazing.

 photo cap18_zpstlwaoqbi.jpg

 photo cap17_zpsbnqkctpp.jpg

Mesmerized by the artwork of these lamps, all of which are handmade and I loved them all!! Pretty pricy so I didn’t managed to get one for myself, but a picture is worth a million at this point! ❤ ❤ ❤ So prettyyy!

 photo cap19_zpskdf9sswd.jpg

That vintage cafe that we walked past, Pasha Cafe, good vibes.

Went shopping at these souvenir stores and some gifts that I bought for myself….

 photo cap21_zpsoxvtj2yi.jpg

 photo cap20_zpstvfnqlsm.jpg photo cap22_zpsl52md1vt.jpg photo cap23_zpso36uiplb.jpg photo cap24_zpsijaukchu.jpg

SUPER LOVE THIS LAMP! They were selling it at 50Liras and it was a must for me to carry them home! Lugged it with me even though I didn’t have much space in my bag! Can’t wait to display it at my future home.

So we went back to our hotel and called it a night, as the very next day……

We had book our Turkiye Balloons tour recommended by my friend who already previously been there and apparently they do flights all throughout the year, despite in winter season. Redonkulously awesome right? The hot air balloon ride costs us SGD$223 for an hour and a max people of 20! Not too bad for a lifetime experience, we decided to book it via online and got a confirmation email by them. Picked us up as early as 5 in the morning, breakfast was included before we set sailed high above the skies…

 photo cap28_zpse3si1hmq.jpg
 photo cap26_zpshsufsrz2.jpg photo cap27_zpsngigggyl.jpg photo cap29_zpseerbf8tb.jpg photo cap30_zpsoegpvdhz.jpg

The sun was rising and there we saw, HOT AIR BALLOONS floating!

 photo cap31_zpsscvyzyct.jpg
 photo cap32_zpsxjsbxzd9.jpg photo cap33_zpsyj9bnkno.jpg

I’m so glad that we managed to be right here, experiencing this once in a lifetime, something I’ve always wanted to do for the longest time. They say, during summer, there will be about 150 balloons floating at one time, this time in winter, they only had 30 balloons, but it was still as amazing!

 photo cap35_zpsuw7qdlba.jpg

 photo cap36_zpsde18w8s2.jpgSnapshot of us in our hot air balloon just before take off!

 photo cap37_zpsjg9h6fjf.jpg photo cap38_zpsiaa5l4ft.jpg

Going up up and away! photo cap39_zpskubhvrpy.jpg photo cap40_zpsbwmygjxq.jpg

 photo cap41_zps9ajbltag.jpg photo cap42_zpsldnqj57s.jpg

 photo cap43_zpsiepsnopc.jpg

Honestly there’s really nothing much to say but how wonderful this pictures turned out to be ! Loving every 60minutes of this kickass ride! I’m really proud of my bae for sticking by her strength for her fear of heights but still insisted that she had to experience it. Funny thing is, she didn’t tell me anything about her fear of heights until we were all set to fly! Silly girl, she had me panic there! photo cap44_zpsdqyr95wa.jpg photo cap45_zpsxim9zzcf.jpg photo cap46_zpskvnbapgx.jpg

Pictures from the Go Pro… photo cap85_zps0tyz4pub.jpg photo cap86_zpsfmmo7hyq.jpg photo cap87_zps5yqlgrfu.jpg photo cap88_zpscbudonyg.jpg

An hour of camwhoring and good view of the whole of Goreme, our hot air balloon experience had to come to an end. *cries* We were taught how to ‘brace’ for landing, with our knees bend and putting our weight down to lower the balloon.

 photo cap47_zps7y64myln.jpg

While I was the first one to get off, putting my pants up and struggling to climb out of the basket, this woman right here had it quite easy coming out the next! photo cap48_zpsenumrbsq.jpg photo cap49_zpsa1b1n9lb.jpg

After our flight, it was time for some celebration! photo cap50_zpsmktsh4hx.jpg photo cap51_zpsaty8yj6j.jpg photo cap52_zpsyafex4gz.jpgChampagne toasting session! We made it!

 photo cap53_zpsyvrvk6ze.jpg

 photo cap54_zps3furmdk4.jpg

Cheers to my babe for sticking with our itenary and everything went smoothly and most importantly, we are safe from all the rumours of how dangerous Cappadocia can be and how we looked after each other even at pitch dark environment. Love you! (…and cheers to our funky chipped pink nails as well, for not touching up before we head off this trip LOL) photo cap55_zpsrltly2hy.jpg

Picture with our hot air balloon instructor…..and look how cute this Turkiye Balloons gave us certificates to keep! photo cap56_zpstrhq7z8p.jpg photo cap57_zps1vuncpol.jpg

After our ride, got back to the hotel and then decided to book an afternoon tour around Cappadocia from the hotel itself, which brought us around Rose Valley, Pasabaglari and the Underground City KayMakli.
 photo cap59_zpsfktpfqi8.jpg photo cap60_zpsow1xxnu4.jpg photo cap61_zpsx98gdnjv.jpg

Found out we were the only ones for the tour, PRIVATE TOUR FTW!! Good time to be here in the winter anyway, sunny and damn chilly! photo cap63_zpsfhpufash.jpg photo cap64_zpsot09r0rr.jpg

 photo cap65_zpszhujusj0.jpg

Obviously Nadiah was the one who was more interested in the history of this place, I was merely following behind them and in my own world taking pictures of everything I saw. photo cap66_zpsx5srtskc.jpg photo cap67_zpsnfe1g5xy.jpg photo cap68_zpspdcnjlnk.jpg

 photo cap69_zpsbrug6zgx.jpg

Our tour guide said that these rocks will eventually disappear and turn into sand, but before they could disappear, I’d prolly be no longer in this world when it does. It takes few hundred years to make them disappear due to the weather conditions. photo cap70_zpsscfjnxnv.jpgPriceless face with a priceless background.

 photo cap71_zpsdfjtnc67.jpg

Nadiah and I finally reached Pasabaglari, where fairy chimneys actually existed! photo cap72_zpsvvqva0ee.jpg photo cap73_zpsfltnkpcw.jpg

Super in love with them, although they look literally like penises from afar. LMAO. But I still love them anyway.

 photo cap91_zpsia7thlau.jpgMy most favourite picture of this entire trip!

Some of the awesome panaromic view of this city, Pasabaglari.
 photo cap74_zpsnlakzmdn.jpg photo cap75_zpsjwa9kpeb.jpg photo cap76_zpsendjfnmx.jpg photo cap77_zpsngwsueig.jpg

A crazy guy with a bike decided to climb up these slopes and so we asked him to help us snap a picture of the both of us, thank God he had skills. photo cap78_zps1cfswdmg.jpg

Late lunch over at Bizimev Restaurant, which was included in our tour package, we had only changed SGD$200 for our expenses here in Cappadocia and managed to pay the tour using the balance of what we had left. We were so broke after that we didn’t have enough tips to give our driver and tour guide we had to give them a few notes of SGD dollars. Epic moments!

 photo cap79_zps2guikokd.jpg photo cap80_zps8twnepvt.jpg photo cap81_zps2w1x11i3.jpg photo cap82_zpswirhofbc.jpg photo cap83_zps5bmh1ofa.jpg

 photo cap84_zpsfbjpbxe2.jpg

We had salad, main course, soup and even dessert but we didn’t managed to finish it, Turkish food really does taste unique though.

We had to head to Underground City afterwhich but my battery died, so I didn’t manage to take any pictures inside except for a few videos on my Go Pro.

We had about 3 hours to kill before our shuttle for airport arrives, we slacked at the hotel’s reception area and they were kind enough to serve us some tea!

 photo cap89_zps9s701vrf.jpg

 photo cap90_zpsqubhhv2m.jpg

Waiting for 3 hours was no joke, we were stuck between heading to Goreme Town again but it was too cold so we stayed in skyping with our boyfriends, soon to be husbands this year.

This trip was definately an epic one and I’ll never forget the time I spent here.

Here’s a special video of snippets of this entire trip!

TRAVEL VLOG: CAPPADOCIA STYLE from Lisafemme on Vimeo.

Thank you Nadiah for doing this flight with me and to many more adventures with you in the future! Love you long time!



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