100Days #AAEverAfter Wedding : How much does a wedding cost in SG 2016?

To my dearest readers and friends who may know me, I have been planning my wedding for the longest time – prolly around 2 years ago when I secured a home with my partner, my best friend, Mr A. We’ve been looking around for venues, we were also open to the fact of combining our both families and friends together, that way, we will all be in one beautiful place.

In December last year, we had to down pay a $5000 “non-refundable” deposit to the company, I must say it was quite a challenge just looking for a venue for stretch of a year. I’ve always wanted a beach wedding – or somewhere close enough to the sea. All I could think of is the island of Sentosa. One of my good friends who is a event planner gave me some good ideas in part of the beach wedding, but in the end I decided not to go for an outdoor reception just to save my guests from sweating buckets. Singapore is a whooping 35 degrees now!

I am secretly keeping where exactly the venue is, just hush hush to those that I’ve spilled the beans to because I don’t want to jinx it. Afraid not, our beloved guests of 250 people will be getting their cards pretty pretty soon. πŸ™‚
As a bride to be, I wasn’t aware of how much does all the decorations, venue, food and the beautiful gowns that will cost me. So here I am, letting my readers know, to have a heads up if you’re actually planning for one. *and my single friends out there ahem ahem*


I must say I was so happy to make this Bali pre-wedding photoshoot a success, with many thanks to Bridal Concept for getting their photographer and their make up artist Tiffany was the best. She whipped my hair and made it so perfect, I was so pleased with her makeup and she executed the style I was going for. So if you’re planning to get them, please do enquire for Tiffany because she’s amazing!
My favourite official wedding photo with my Bali gang!!!

We stumbled upon them while at the Wedding Expo back in July 2014, I FELL IN LOVEEEE the minute I saw a picture of the camels by the beach!!!😍😍😍 We sat down and gave a cup or two of coffee to think about it, decided to take their promo package and embarked on  our shoot from 30Sep-03 October last year with my friends, cousins and brothers to have a more dynamic wedding shoot! The pictures were so worth and the memories  made in Bali were the best, definately remember all the times we ran for the sunset and we flew our floating lanterns at the end! I suggest getting your photo shoot over and done with, be it in Singapore or overseas, few months to a year before the wedding date, to have a break in between the cost of paying your wedding and the actual engagement photo shoot. For those who have missed out on how Mr A proposed to me, here’s a quick video πŸ™‚

Our package at Bridal Concept was at $2888++ for an overseas shoot, a 30 page spread of photos in a large album, a mini album, a 3 in 1 collage frame and a full length poster to display at our wedding venue and a desk photo frame with our choice of picture. Pretty much what we needed. Of course, we had to pay for the flights by ourselves together with the photographer and makeup artist. We had to pay for an additional $1000 for adding 20 more pictures, that is how most of the bridal companies get their extras from. 1 additional picture = $60-$80 in the market.

Our stay in the villa in Bali was amazing, I was so pleased to have found Gerhana Villa and his amazing apartment over at Kuta, he had 9 bedrooms to spare and a 20 pax occupancy. We paid $1900 for 3 nights for all of us but it was worth every bit! We had a good time there, even made friends with his dog and just a nice place to chill! I wish it could be longer! If you missed out on the pre wedding shoot, click here



Raffles Country Club

Siloso Beach

Initially, Mr A and I wanted to get just a space for rent, we went from restaurants to country clubs to beach rents and then outsource everything we need for the wedding, however, it would be just too crazy because it will actually costs more for each and every detail that we want, stuffs like tables and chairs rental, fabrics, air conditioners, fan rentals, cubicle toilets, lightings and tentages (which in Singapore will cost you a bomb for a square feet) , the list really goes on and on.

Fortunately, 11 months before our proposed wedding month, we found a beautiful place to hold a lovely outdoor solemnization, just like how I always want it to be and a lunch reception that could accomodate the guests we need.

The place had a wedding planner, Amelia, she is the most understanding planner I’ve ever came across, compared to the other places we surveyed and how she brought her humble self very well which made me love the place even more.

TIP: You have to work well and have a good repo with your wedding planner in order for them to understand you, they are the brains and eyes of your whole wedding
Here are the list of things that made me fall in love with them:

  • 5 tier wedding cake
  • A whole list of buffet menu with live stations
  • A one night stay in a bridal suite with breakfast
  • A one night stay for a Superior Hillview room with breakfast
  • A champagne pyramid for sparkling juice toasting
  • Specially designed wedding guestbook and money box
  • A wedding gift for the couple (YAY!)
  • A five platter canapes will be served around the solemnization area
  • A complementary food tasting session with 10 people
  • A pre snack dinner to be served in the suite
  • A lovers dinner served in the bridal suite
  • MUIS cleansing for the event
  • Outdoor solemnization area for up to 150 chairs
  • Pre function drinks before guests enter the ballroom

Everything above is included for a minimum 25 tables and the amount is $35,000. 😳 comes with the buffet lunch of $140 per pax. Never would we ever thought that weddings could be THIS expensive until we did our research.

Yup, believe it or not, no matter where the place is, weddings are naturally going to cost you a bomb here in SG. But I shall say, we are all going to marry once in a lifetime, we should make it perfect, yes ladies?

I must say thanks to my colleague who suggested me to get UOB One Card to pay my wedding monthly, i get $100 cash back every $2000 spend on my wedding monthly. Thank God we were allowed to pay monthly before the wedding to lessen the heartache after the wedding check out!

It was back in December  last year when i just got it before making the payment, got the limited edition SG50 Gold card! Prettiest credit card everrrr! Imagine saving $1200 a year by paying it off using UOB? Go get it now and save!


 G A T S B Y 1920s inspired wedding!

Anything in white and gold, pearls and old school decorations, classy and fabulous, bright red flowers to light up the room, warm lightings and everything old fashioned. I would really like to achieve those old hollywood glam, before the technology days were here.

From the makeup, to my wedding gown, to Mr A suit and also all my guests who are invited to the wedding. I really hope that they put in the effort to dress up!


Honestly, my planning hasn’t been smooth all the way, I was having a big headache when I met the florist when I head down to the appointed floral company made by the venue (shall keep their name confidental) with basic floral arrangements which we actually provided FOC. I was so disappointed with the way the conversation went, there was no accomodating and no changing of ideas or customizing and did not allow what I want for the wedding and instead using fake flowers for a solemnization and ask me to DE petal by myself? Like hello?! Why am i engaging you for if I have to do it myself? A charge of  1 of my roman stands with flowers costs literally 10 times more for a rental than what I already booked (was testing how much they are looking into for money) they charged 10 strings of fairylights for $600 and $1200 for extra strings! The stage is pretty damn bare and it was not normal! I got panicked and so upset and decided to opt out from this florist company and managed to clinch another company within 2 weeks after much calling and enquire many companies but mostly were fully booked by then. I was lucky. Floral arrangements or even bridal companies will be so packed by 4 months, and I was so afraid I could not find any companies to do my floral. If you’re looking into getting your own floral company, do look for them atleast 6- 8months before the wedding, make a deposit and secure your wedding date with them. Most of them don’t do more than 3 weddings in a week. So that’s how tight it is!

I came across this lady, Beautique Bridal & Co. followed them on Facebook and Carousell and managed to get them to do the decorations – mainly flowers and stage decor. I also secured the cheapest tiffany chairs in Singapore and it was with her. $3.50 per chair! As compared to other companies $6-8. What’s so amazing is that she can do pleated chairs that I always wanted for my wedding reception! As a bride to be, always pinterest -ing about wedding ideas. I love this so much! So dreamy and gatsby!

Gold Tiffany chairs are my favourite, alongside with the ribbons and eustomas, i am really hoping Farhanna, owner of Beautique Bridal & Co. will do a very good job at this. I mean solemnization is basically the reason of a wedding right? 

For my wedding: Classy, 1920s inspired and Avant garde.

Mr A and I didn’t want to have dais at first, but the previous floral arrangement lady to our horror said that usually stage are bare than we better stick to a malay traditional dais than have an ugly non carpeted looking stage. I am looking at blush colours just like this one, so hoping to get it nicely done!

She sent me how similar the flowers and height will look like – 60cm tall martini glasses with a 25cm width filled with red flowers. I leave it to her to do up the deco for me and be surprise with the sample she will be showing me and I can’t wait!

TIP: Always get a company who works within YOUR budget

If it’s one thing why I love Beautique Bridal so much, she can accomodate and work within my budget and with what I like and my style, I like how honest it is if it’s too expensive and way over budget, she will tell me in advance and suggest some similar ideas that tele with my budget.

She could even do this but it was wayyy over my budget so I shall pass! This is pretty too!😍😍

One thing with flowers, they will have to check with the nursery pertaining the flowers you are looking at, whether it’s gonna be in season and how much it will cost, so you really need someone to liase the flowers for you, of course we will mix it up with artificial and real flowers in between, that could save some cost for the decoration.

We also got Singapore Linen for our Roman Stands to be placed along the aisle for the outdoor solemnization. Rentals are affordable here and also, Samantha is really friendly and nice! Definately sincere in her renting equipments and also provides set up and teardown as well as delivery so it’s all covered! One less thing to worry about!

My budget for the decorations + tiffany chairs for outdoor? $5000. πŸ˜±πŸ”«Killer, I know. 

But honestly decorations every other companies are going to charge you somewhere around 5-7K, I have friends who have done weddings at a lesser cost venue, but trust me, their decorations cost like 10K and above, with all the fabrics and tentages and lightings they have to purchase to make the place look viola!✨✨✨


We decided to get a live band when we were walking inside of IKEA and during check out, “THE LOST BOX” was singing and doing their thang and we were so impressed by them, I saw their little cardboard written The Lost Box on Insta and Facebook so I decided to follow them and asked them if they sing for weddings? And they do! Surprisingly the songs that they sang Adam knows and love it so we decided to give it a go!

Found them in January and decided to down pay 30% to secure their dates in March 2016 and unfortunately we have to come out with the sound system because usually at weddings when you have a live band, you will need to outsource for your own sound equipment.

I am currently still looking around at people who does sound system rentals, so if anyone of you reading this or have a friend who does rentals for live band acoustic, please PM me.

 The sound system that the band recommended now costs us $1500 for a 4 hour event. I also have the band to play 1 set during the canapes session outdoor so it’s double the equipments used, as the time constraints me from bringing it into the reception area. :/ sighs.


BERTA Bridal Collection

Vera Wang LOVE Collection

As some of you might know, I’ve been enjoying searching for gowns overseas such as NYC and Dubai, tried on beautiful Berta Dresses and also Vera Wang, trust me I would have always wanted to get those gowns, but I ask myself a $7000-10,000 gown for a 6 hour event? Then what? What do I actually do with the gown after? Do I hang it in my closet until it gets dusty? Will my future daughter really wear that for HER wedding? Will the gown turn yellow after sometime not even taking them out? Will I wear them ever again? A lot of negative thoughts were running in my head, I wanted to experience trying out gowns overseas, I went to Davids Bridal recommended by my good friend, Sylvia, who bought her gown from there. Vera Wang was surprisingly affordable there as compared to the new store here in Singapore but the designs were too simple for me, not my cup of tea. BERTA bridal gowns I literally loved ALL the gowns that I wore, I love them all.

Unfortunately, asked by many, I did not get the gown. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to own and wear a designer gown, but for a size like me, small and petite, I wouldn’t want to keep the dress forever. But nonetheless, it was the best wedding dress shopping experience ever and i never regretted trying them out at L’Fay Bridal. Miss my wedding gown shopping post? Click here

Found digio Bridal and it was here that I had my very first experience trying out wedding gowns in Singapore. Surprisingly I was pretty happy with the designs!
Yes, those sexy gowns to die for!!! Lovin’ their style!
Eventually, I found a much more suitable dress for my reception, which screams glamourous, bling and “chio” (pretty) the minute I saw the same type of dress on Bridal magazines, yes I’ve been one of those brides-to-be stopping at those petrol kiosk while Mr A gets his fuel pumped up, busy browsing through for new month’s Singapore Bridal Magazines. I called and managed to get an appointment with them. Yuli, the sales lady that attended to me was very calm and patient and the first dress that I tried on, that was it. I fell right in love with it.😍😍😍

Of course, girls being girls, I tried on a few more other dresses and even went to their sister company Rico-A-Mona to try on more gowns, ( i’m one of those who tried on more than 30 gowns in less than 3 months lol)

I went back to digio because I couldn’t stop thinking about the dress! I wanted to have it confirmed as soon as I can so nobody else will take it away, unfortunately I did not cry when I found my dress but i was estatic! Then again, im not one of those emotional type of girls. Of course, I won’t be showing the wedding gowns that I picked, even my own fiance doesn’t know. Surprise surprise.😏

That’s Mr A having a big fuss over the little details, I swear men can be much of a pain than women when it comes to choosing their wedding suit. Eventually gave up trying and ask him to source on his own. The bridal is all mine honey!

The total for digio Bridal came up to $3095 inclusive GST for 2 wedding gowns plus make up and hairdo on that day, 2 different look, a makeup and hair trial in August 29th which I am so nervous about, free accesiories and inclusive of my headpieces or veil. Mr A got his own suits both for less than a $1000 bucks and therefore they deducted $80 for per outfit for men.

The digio bridal store is along Tanjong Pagar Road, where there is a stretch of bridal shops along the way, be sure to make an appointment before heading down.

I wanna thank my girlfriend Sylvia for coming down with me and help me decide on my solemnization wedding gown! Also my mommy for being so supportive with the reception gown that I love!


These are the most important people for the wedding! We must never ever forget them! I am in love with videography and I even have my own channel for my vlog on youtube, cheesy or not, i will never want to miss out any videos for my own wedding! The only problem is, i’m not holding the camera, I live the creation and ideas in the hands of the well known young entrepreneurs Mr Eddie Razak from The Visual Surplus and Mr Shukri Samsuri from The Project Pixel. Support local talents! πŸ˜βœŒπŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ

Be sure you have booked them atleast 10months before the wedding because most companies open their bookings A YEAR early.
We are getting a same day edit done by the video guys to play our solemnization video for the reception in the afternoon and we took the 6-7hours coverage, the deluxe package for $2400 and $1888 for all the photos taken for the wedding with an album. Also inviting some of my professional insta pic worthy friends over to let their creations run wild!

My dearest future sister in law Nadiah together with her fiance decided to sponsor the photobooth! So sweet!!  The love for fairylights!😍😍😍

Still searching for some photobooth props to add in!


 Mr A and I are total opposites. We can never be on par even when it comes to our wedding rings. No, we do not want a same boring couple band and we still are stubborn enough to get what we like, our own style and i respect that. I love princess cut blinged out ring and Mr A loves signet rings, y’know those ancient rings with the flat top that only the royal blood wears and pass it down to their children? Dramatic, i know. He is even thinking of engraving our initials on the side. The past few months he has been talking about it non stop and would admire anyone who wears it on the street. Thank God I got the priviledge to travel overseas and find it for him, managed to find it at lovely San Francisco, in Bloomingdales, a David Yurman store which he has been eyeing online. I had to get it custom made to a size 8 because they only have 1 ring and it was a size 10. The cost for his ring? About $2600 after conversion.

Whutttt he has more black diamond studs as compared to mine!!πŸ™€ As for me, I am a sucker for solitaire rings! Classy and timeless! I just love the fact that the diamond piece is jutting out and bling all over. Princess cut cuz i’m princess! *flips hair

I love the fact that Adam got exactly what I wanted and a Vera Wang ring!!! What’s special about this ring is that it was a blue sapphire stone below of the diamond cut and sapphire stone is my birth stone! How amazing is that! The carat is 5/8 and the diamonds at the sides of the ring adds it up. Whatever the size, i love my ring so much. My future mother in law helped Mr A to pick it up in Canada cuz they don’t have any Vera Wang  jewelery stores here in SG. I got it specially flown in together with my future mother in law just before the engagement. My size was a 5, but i had to get it resized at Zales in NYC on my work trip because US sizes tend to be bigger than usual asian fingers. So 4.5 for me!

Here is a picture I took the morning after the engagement on 11th July 2015.

Vera Wang LOVE Collection 5/8 CT. T.W. Princess-Cut Diamond Engagement Ring in 14K White
Mr A also got me a Vera Wang LOVE Collection 1/4 CT. T.W. Diamond Anniversary Band in 14K White Gold together with my engagement ring for the wedding itself since we both do not have wedding bands for each other. So blessed to get a good fiance, i swear he’s the sweetest.

So there you have it, the inside details of my wedding!!😘😘
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Will be updating more closer to the wedding since the serious business starts here and definately when the cards are ready for collection and the food tasting session! Yummy fooood glorious food! Can’t wait!🌯🍱🍦🍰🍻🍾🍷🍡🍩

Definately have a lot more wedding stuffs to prepare, even with a wedding planner, it can be tough, you need to know and plan exactly what’s going on behind the wedding itself : your wingmen your bodyguards your lifesavers for this intimate event.

  • Wedding Speech
  • Wedding Script for my 2 emcees (our dearest friends Sylvia and Aziz)
  • Wedding Montage
  • Wedding Music Playlist (Mr A)
  • Live Band Playlist (Mr A)
  • DIY Decorations (table setting,personalised gold frames, hashtag qoutes, gatsby inspired)
  • Photo Album Corner /Signing Globe
  • Bridesmaids Flowers
  • Bridal Bouquet and Corsages by my dear girlfriend Joanne
  • Guest Performances by dear friends
  • Paperwork of the Itenary for Wedding
  • Paperwork for timekeeper of the wedding
  • 8 bridesmaids and 8 bestmen meet up sessions and bachelorette party
  • Wedding ring bearer training baby Khalisah

….stay tuned for my wedding cards and food tasting session vlog!! I hope you guys are as excited as I am!


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