Wedding by the Sea #AAEverAfterWedding : What you need to know before tying the knot

adam and alisa wedding logo

Our official #AAEverAfter wedding logo😍😍😍

Hello September.

A month full of plans – my bachelorette, saying goodbye to my last singlehood birthday, a final bridal fitting & makeup trial with Digio bridal and delivering wedding invitations to 250 favourite people in our lives.

It’s been 2 months since my last post, how time flies when you’re planning for a wedding. I would say a lot has been going on, some very stressful situations, like the table seating arrangements and coordinating different vendors together and money has been flowing out the minute they reach the bank. Bleargh.

I have met a few of my friends who are married saying, “I can’t wait for it to be over” I never understood that phrase until, now. The process itself can be really, and I mean, really tiring. Physically and emotionally.


 150 days before our actual date of the wedding. Do the math and get yourself registered! You and your partner’s name are officially on the ROMM site. You get people saying congratulations because by law, this is in black and white.

Our earliest date to get registered was 20 May 2016 and the latest date of registration is 08 Oct 2016. However, there were only 4 out of the many who could make it at our solemnization timing ON THE VERY FIRST DAY OF REGISTRATION. Can you imagine not getting the date and time we want? I’ll just die!

Thank God Mr A and I being (#kiasusingaporeans) we confirmed the date as soon as we can and get to choose our wedding solemnizer for that day! Shit just got real when i had to google our tok kadi, we wanted the most suitable one for our wedding….we picked….

Newlyweds, please be sure to register early to avoid any unnecessary stress – YOUR WEDDING DATE IS MOST IMPORTANT. You can register at the ROMM site here. We paid a total of $39 at the page via VISA/Master and be sure to keep a print copy of your receipt number after successful registration.😊 Also, you will need your Wali to be present on that day of registration, you will have to go into a room, be prepared to swear upon what is righteous at that very moment when the Kadi is speaking. You will also need to sign a few papers and you’re free to go! 🙂


Super in love with my wedding cards! My wedding planner did a great job recommending and also changing a few details into what we want!

Best of all, it comes free! 👍🏼

I was really happy that I managed to add this timeline into my wedding card!

A simple personalised touch really goes a long way. This way, our guests really understand what going on at my wedding.

My beloved girlfriend Bev reminded me how important it is to state my wedding gifts as MONETARY gifts so that I will save myself from getting pots and pans, bedsheets and cooking pot for my wedding. LOL please god no!

Sorting out your wedding invites – whether you’re going to send them personally, or by mail, you gonna have to start getting their addresses early because let me tell you writing and sealing many envelopes can be backaching and you need time for it.

Also, don’t forget to add in the location map and also shuttle bus services timings and pick up point if needed to. Your guest will really appreciate that!

I sorted my family and friends by tables so it is much easier writing them. Sent them over to Singpost and decided to stamp those 60cents old school stamps on each envelope and you have to stand there and DIY! Definately need to get help  if you are gonna hand out more than a 100 cards! Plus, don’t forget writing your address at the back in case it is undelivered.


Mr A and I went for a 2 day course at Al-Mukminin Mosque organised by Sapphire Pearl under the Cinta Abadi programme.

 I have a lot to learn when it comes to my religion and I know if I really love this man, i have to do it for him and for myself.

This course really got me to know a little bit of Mr A. No surprise that we were of total opposites when it comes to decision making and planning, god knows how we compromise and make this work in the first place. Well, they taught me some really good lessons to use and bring back home and how to raise a family together. It was only then I realised that I am finally going into a family of my own. My little Adam’s family.

Like any other courses, this course does not come cheap, we had to pay $300 per pair for the 2 days session and we heard that the express 1 day course can cost you up to a whipping $400 per pair. This course is not compulsary according to the  instructor and some rumours saying that you will not get your actual marriage certificare until you’ve attended the course. Up til today, I am still unsure about what is true or not, but I definately recommend taking the 2 days course because it is after all, part and parcel of going into the next phrase of your life.


Bridal fitting – always always always get your bust, waist and hip check again few months before the wedding, 2 months before the wedding and a week before your wedding or when you are collecting your gowns.

I am now a 33-25-34. Hoping to go down a size or 2.

Never never never leave the bridal shop making payment without getting them to do a resize for you on the measurement tape.

My makeup inspired look for the wedding:

One thing I’ve learnt also is that for the makeup trial, bring a friend or a family member or both, so that they can scrutinize your look and see what’s best for you. I had to wear a double eyelid tape which looked horrible a few hours after and I would not want to let them put it on me ever again. Observe what makeup products they are using, and if  you have your own full coverage powder and foundation, even better. Make sure you bring them.

Shoutout to my maid of honour Michelle and one of my bridesmaids Shahida for accompanying me to Digio Bridal for the trial makeup together with mommy and suggested and discussed the hairdo for my gowns! First 2 who’ve seen everything! *winks

Can you guess which gowns I chose? Heh.

For makeup, I’ve always wanted those long pretty lashes and what more other than HUDA BEAUTY LASHES! They are to die for! I’ve also gotten my hands on the Glow Kit in Sundipped especially for a tanned skin girl like myself! Can’t wait to use them!

My wedding shoes that I’ve kept for months in the box……


My love for VALENTINO!

Some ladies prefer Loubs or Manolo Blahnik but I felt that this heels is so me!  I’ve always had this rocker chic look from the start and I would always want something outstanding like these rockstuds! And…. what a better way to wear some Christian Louboutin lipstick for the wedding too! Oooooh la la! Thank you Paris for satisfying my wedding NEEDS. Forever my favourite city!


What’s cooking on the menu next month?

Food menu – all of your wedding guests are most probably gonna be the most interested in what you’ve got to offer…. on the buffet table of course! They probably won’t even eat the whole day just to whack whatever you’ve got served there.

Me being a little bridezilla with all the planning done mostly by me, I allowed Mr A to take charge of the food menu and we were so pleased with what we are getting for that day. Everything had already been finalized on the 22nd of August.

Our lucky 8 family and friends whom we picked to join in for the food tasting session at our private dinner sesh! You guys have always shown the endless love towards Mr A and I, we are forever grateful. :,)


hawai1hawaii1Aloha, Hawaii!

We’ve been dying to go for our honeymoon considering the fact that people who went to Hawaii never wanted to come back! The perfect honeymoon destination for us! The sun, beach and sea! Oahu, Maui and Big Island, these 3 islands alone i would die for! Really excited to jump on the airplane alreadyyy!!!

We’ve booked the honeymoon package with Aloha Hawaiian for a 8 days all inclusive with a 3 days remaining days by ourselves to venture around Hawaii! Our package was approx 7K for the both of us – this include hotel stay for all nights, transport from airport to hotel with flower lei greeting, hawaiian luau dinners, and some amazing attraction places around the islands and most meals during our stay.

The only problem with taking a honeymoon package is that you’ve gotta make payment in FULL 69 days before date of departure! Which is definately so tough when making a booking together with your wedding at the same time!

Our flight tickers from Seoul to Honolulu via Hawaiian Air was $1.6K for return trip for the both Mr A and myself! (7hrs flights)

We booked the WAIKIKI ALL INCLUSIVE HAWAII VACATION (OAHU 8 DAY) on the site, do check them out if you wish to go to romantic Hawaii!

December, we will be waiting for you!!!

Last but not least, don’t ever forget your wedding checklist!!!

I’m down to the LAST MONTH guyssssssss, I can’t believe it!!!


Til the wedding day


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