My Burlesque Bachelorette

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I am still overwhelmed with the effort put in by my bridesmaids for my bachelorette. It was back 2 weeks before my actual wedding day when the girls decided to squeeze in some time despite having hectic schedules, to spend time with me, all my favourite ladies in one room! I couldn’t be happier! I was told to be ready by 6pm, which obviously everyone was late due to the decorations and food they needed to prepare, waited nearly 2 hours but all was forgiven when I saw the lovely surprise they prepared for me!!! My girls engaged Sprinkie Parties for the set up! I AM SUPER IN LOVE WITH IT!!! The theme was Burlesque! I nearly had an heartache because I know how expensive it is to engage these type of services and I have always wanted a party like this, so blessed to have such girlfriends!

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My dearest shally shyda decided to pick me up at my place and blindfold me halfway through the expressway. That was karma right there when I blindfolded her during her surprise engagement and trust me, she was really enjoying the pay back time. Excuse the picture qualities, they were all taken using different phones so yea, whats most important is that these memories stay with me for life :’)

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Pretty obvious that Michelle was the mastermind behind all of this, from getting all the ladies together, to knowing what exactly I’d love, to getting all the arrangements done! Love you biatch! What will life be without you!

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This was one of the first few snapshots of me and it was my favourite! I was smiling so widely and I’m so happy that the wedding is coming! I’ve never been happier 25 years of my life marrying the man that is I would say THE ONE for me. You can never describe that amazing feeling. Mr A and I decided to go for a break from each other for about 3 weeks plus just so that we can have some time alone and with our family and friends and we would definately miss each other til the wedding day arrives. I’d probably be so emotional when I can finally see his face! Milestone achieved, I’m heading towards the next phrase of my life, no more calling him my boyfriend, my fiance….. I need to get used to calling him my husband. Omg. I’m actually getting married guys!!!

 photo lisabach2_zpsnus3cdqs.jpg photo lisabach3_zpskdhg2aff.jpgMy gorgeous ladies all dressed in black!

 photo lisabach29_zpsbx1ory1o.jpg
 photo lisabach32_zpsjaoyrjje.jpg The awesome bandung flavoured drink! How creative!

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*LAUGHS* to my dearest baby Khalisah, I’ve never seen you so happy after a sip of bandung. You’re gonna grow up and I’ll show you this picture again when you get married and remind you that you were a bridesmaid at the age of 2. Innocent much. I love you baby! Your mommy took this shot FYI!

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The dessert table were filled with all my favourites! Cupcakes, cheesecakes! The sandwiches were specially made by Mr and Mrs Sufyan and the lady boss of Sprinkie Parties allowed me to keep the gold frame, yay.

 photo lisabach7_zpskzwylno2.jpg        Rose and I, holding the pink dick straw. They just HAD to, get me the pink one.

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MORE FOOOOOOOD! Fruit tarts, macaroons, chips, marble cakes and all that junk! The girls really know exactly what i wanted for my cheat day before the wedding! We played spin the bottle and ended up talking about all our partners! hehe! oopsss!

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One with the woman before she leaves for flight!

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Thank you for going into the sex shop to get me some really funky candy undies for my honeymoon and also trying to find the Hen’S Night sash which was no where to be found. I’m sorry that the sash ended up in a pile of vomit after our clubbing sesh! :/

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OOTN! I rarely take pictures with her and this woman knew that somehow I will end up wearing this red dress for my bachelorette! It was the dress I bought with her and I super LOVE IT! Thank you for being such a doll!

These fairylight backdrop is to DIEEEEE FORRRR! 😍😍😍😍

Anyhoots, this room is huge! Thank you The Ascott at Finlayson Green for your good stay and for letting my ladies do a party for me without a hassle of chasing people out!🙌🏼

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Presenting to you, my maid of honour, Michelle! 25 years together and she prolly seen me the first day since I was born because we’re blood, her mom and my mom are best of friends and we grew up close and has never been apart. She has probably been there for me more than anyone else ever did, my true sister at heart.  photo lisabach18_zpsko0v6e0s.jpg

This darling Isya got me all mad at her before the party cuz she gave me a sad long story of how she couldn’t make it for the party cuz of work, but she made it anyway despite flying off in a few hours! If a girlfriend would go that extra mile, she’s a keeper!

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My sayang Rose, this soon to be married woman has shared all her stories with me and I have mine with her too! Probably one of the best person to talk to about my problems because she will,without a doubt, give me a listening ear! Yea, we fought as friends and grew stronger than ever, now she’s been one of my best friends that I could trust! People seriously need to forgive and make up cuz life’s too precious to have such negativity❤️

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One of the first woman to know that I got into a relationship with Mr A. She’s seen through the worst and the best times of me and I can never thank her enough for the love and support and all the times she would make me laugh and smile with her funny jokes! Of course I needed her as my bridesmaid!❤️

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My favourite flygirl without a doubt, amazing inside and out and has never judged me like how some of the bitchy girls would. We decided to be each other’s emcees for our weddings, hahahaha it was such a crazy and impromptu decision! But I love you that much to have said yes! Thank you for being apart of my life, definately a strong woman! Look at you now! ❤️

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Ok this mommy who was hiding her kid behind the table,my darling Nisa, happened to be there when she was there waiting in the vehicle when Mr A asked me to his girlfriend with her long time boyfriend turned husband. Thank God we’ve crossed path babe! Life without you I can’t imagine! Am really excited to be her roomie! With baby khalisah in the house! Hopefully she’ll love me one day (lol she has a hard time saying yes whenever I ask her questions) ❤️ photo lisabach20_zpsmffntpqc.jpg photo lisabach34_zpsdm1uh9r8.jpg photo lisabach17_zpsiuareh2o.jpg*look at that excited cute baby wondering around my bachelorette room without any supervision* Syl and Mich wanted to do something crazy for me and googled and thinking of getting a stripper for my bachelorette, thank GOD Khalisah baby saved the night by coming to my bachelorette and all plans were cancelled thereafter. Hahahahhha eewww, I don’t fancy seeing another man all naked in the underwear and I’d prolly go like this -_- the entire performance. photo lisabach16_zps6pre56w2.jpg

The set up had to go!!!! Busy taking pictures cuz I didn’t want it to end! 😦 Thank you again Sprinkie Parties for the amazing set up!

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IT SUITS ME SO WELL 🙆🏻💃🏻 Sleeping in a bed full of feathers!

My Burlesque Bachelorette Partay from Lisafemme on Vimeo.

ANYWAYS, here’s the highlights of my bachelorette caught on camera! Thank you shally for documenting!

Reservations were made by my  Rose darling at 10pm at the lovely P.S Cafe at Dempsey Hill, called for  a 6 seater and GRABCAR FTW! They have such amazing cars you would be surprise!

 photo lisabach25_zpsqe9kbkrj.jpg
 photo lisabach26_zpshonuwdga.jpg

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My crazy girlfriend ordered for her 2 year old kid some truffle fries all to herself and look how HUGE that portion was! Someone’s looking really happy tonight!
8* photo lisabach28_zps5siygrhf.jpg*that moment when someone decides to steal your fries*

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With the best company tonight, all of us having woman talks, babies, the future and our annoying partners! Thank you for doing a sweet and simple set up, I wouldn’t want it any other way even though you ladies thought that I wanted something more bizarre and cray cray but noooooooo ma’am, this was so nice 🙂 only the best ladies deserve the best! Thank you for treating me like a princess today! I love all of you so much!