A 1920’s Gatsby Wedding : Adam & Alisa

In a blink of an eye, 2016 is coming to an end.



“One of the best moments this year was to be married to this amazing man in my life, Adam. Life would suck without him by my side, he has brought tons of happiness, my good luck charm and my peace. I am now getting ready to be a wife.

“I received 2 lovely bridal bouquets from my fiance, just few hours before we officially tie the knot.”


“It came with a message: Assalammualaikum Sayang, let’s both say a prayer before the nikah, repeat after me ok. Bismillahirahmanirahim, Ya Allah, jadikanlah pernikahan ini pernikahan yang penuh barakah, pembuka pintu rahmat bagi kedua mempelai, keluarga dan ummar untuk menggupai cintamu. Amin.”

“I teared, only because I knew he was the right one for me. Religiously he will guide me closer to God, he will uplift my spirits and he will guide me through the right path, someday I’m sure of it.”

“Being loved by you is the greatest gift I could ever asked for, I’m really excited to be your husband.” – handwritten perfectly in the card.


“Life didn’t have to be all white and perfect and I wanted to find a wedding shoe that was me – and then I found Valentino. She was so perfect she didn’t had a scratch throughout the whole wedding, I was indeed treated like a princess.”

TPP004_zpser91ishu“The pearl mermaid dress. This was the dress that I first fell in love with, it was the first gown I tried on at DIGIO BRIDAL. As I opened the changing room curtains, sat there was my mother, who smiled so widely and said, this is the dress for you. She was sold. I could have bought the gowns in New York, Dubai and London, but I told myself, I wanted a timeless piece. I wanted to go local. I wanted Gatsby. This dress speaks by itself and everyone was awed by the dress as I walked into the reception.”


“She’s a bareback girl, whispered my friend, as they walked up on stage to take pictures of me. I knew it, she’s the mermaid type, said another. It’s crazy how my close friends knew what I love most. I always wanted to look my best on my wedding day. Besides the long sleeve wedding gown that I was going to put on for my solemnization, this was the best gown I ever gotten for myself.”

TPP015_zpszhflz2o0.JPG“I always wanted my best friend to be present on my wedding day, it took through a million of fights, pain, tears, anger, emotions and understanding. But I was happy, because he made my life so much better than it was before – he found me, my man. And just that, is the best present he could ever give me on my wedding day and life itself.

“He was there throughout, from our wedding photoshoot in Bali, to this day, like a father, tying the rose on Adam’s samping. Thank you Nasirul.”


“Adam wanted to embrace the traditional costume at the occasion. Getting married is afterall going to be in the hands of God. He fell in love with his pearl white baju kurung, accompanied with a gold embroidery samping. He looked so good, I was so excited to meet this man I haven’t seen in weeks.”


“We had a friend who flew in from Austrailia just on time for the wedding, that’s what best friends do. They will drop and fly to another world just for you. He said, I promise to be there for your wedding. We were glad he did. Thank you Fattah, you’re the best. Having you migrate to Perth permanently right after our wedding was tough, but we hope you had your fare bit of happiness before you left.”


“Having 8 bestmen, squeezing in the hotel bed for the last night being a bachelor was probably one of those days Adam will never forget. Growing up with a sister, they all played a big role and support through this whole journey. His blood brothers.”


“I wouldn’t look as good at my wedding without this man, Jared. He, obviously stole some of the limelight as well with that awesome body underneath that tight shirt. He has seen my sweat, my pain and my give up attitude everytime I head to the gym. He was the perfect example for a discipline diet master. The nights where I did my cardio thinking about my wedding, he was my motivation and support. Thank you Jared.”


“Knowing this guy from the start when I met Adam, he’d definately seen the best and worst side of me and Adam, from our dating days and our worst quarrels with one another, he was there supporting and rooting for us. Never judge a book by its cover, covered with that unshaved beard for years now, is a good hearted man and indeed a good friend, thank you Adil.”

“Time check : 10.30am. The guys were all dressed up and punctual for the event. It brings back good times when the men wait for their ladies to get ready. They hosted the occasion downstairs and the people in our lives took a glimpse at Adam before he officially walked in to the solemnization area.

TPP039_zpsrq2qxigy.JPG“The year she turned 2 was the year we will get married,while holding her in our arms the first day when she was born back in 2014, time flies. We probably seen her throughout her baby days. Thank you for being that awesome 2 year old bridesmaid Khalisah.”


“I promised not to cry on my wedding day, as my dearest cousin Tina puts on my last coat of mascara…knowing me, an emotional bride. “


“My maid of honour had her own special crown, she deserved it. For someone I knew for the past 25 years of my life, she has never let me down. She was my best friend, my best listener and an angel sent from God. She always has a special place in my heart. Thank you Michelle.”


“Last bit of touch up and my hair was almost ready, I had a surprise for the girls. For all the years of friendship and love they have brought in my life, they deserved a special surprise just before I walked down the aisle.”


“The girls wore a beautiful long creamish gold dress for the occasion, with lace trimmings and diamonds on their neckline, together with very vintage headpieces to suit the Gatsby theme. They all had white bridesmaid roses bought by my dearest husband. “


“Michelle picks up the first box, still amazed at what they’re about to receive.”


TPP055_zpszq9h9zqkTPP057_zpsyhz7rduuTPP058_zpsw8njc0ni“Customised boxes filled with my favourite coloured bridesmaid robes. I hope whenever you girls look at that box on your dresser, you’ll thnk of our friendship. Thank you for being such gorgeous girls that day.”


“She goes by the name Pippin Emerald, I had to get her at the very last minute because I wasn’t satisfied with my previous makeup artist, thank God she saved my day. Without a trial session, she executed my hair looks and my makeup styles that I’ve always wanted from pinterest come alive. I wanted a very subtle, elegant look for my solemnization.

TPP072_zps96oll0yn.JPG“Wearing my favourite Huda Beauty lashes in SAMANTHA, they were perfect for the wedding.”


“The veil. It was a must for me to have a veil while walking down the aisle. I love the story behind it. It completes the whole wedding look. The lace veil alongside my full lace mermaid dress from DIGIO BRIDAL was what I was going for. Long sleeved, matches my nails and white henna, a vintage look.”


“Final touches of hair pins and I was ready to marry my prince, who was waiting downstairs for me.”


“I walked outside at my bridal suite’s balcony, looking over at my solemnization area. It was then I took a moment to realize, it was surreal. This was actually happening. The day I could finally see my future husband’s face after being away from each other for nearly a month. We called it The Pantang. It was tough not having him around by my side all the time, I was dependant on my family to fill in the time away from him, I had the time to self reflect on myself and it definately made miss him a whole new level.”

“The next time I meet you sayang, will be the day I will be your husband.”

TPP087_zps9p0rlils“My pillar of strength. My family. They’ve shared the best and worst times of my life, no matter what, at least I know that they truly love me and will always be there for me. Situated at the 9th floor of the hotel suite, overlooking the South China Sea, looking at them looking at me get married. The day I sign off as a wife. I would be less of a burden to them. I officially start a new life with someone I love, my husband. I will always be that baby girl in your life. I promise to be a better daughter and sister to you. Forget about yesterday, I always want the best for all of you. Thank you for the blessings all of you have given me, approving Adam to now, officially be part of the family. Alhamdullillah.”

TPP091_zpseb0ovqkw“Marry me baby, say you will. Promise me, you will always be happy by my side.”

TPP092_zpsliaups7j“A meaningful wedding is when both of your good friends become part of the wedding, my beautiful emcees. They didn’t have to be perfect, they didn’t have to say the words right, they didn’t have to stand infront of a crowd, but they chose to. And that, we will always be thankful for. Thank you Sylvia and Aziz, from the bottom of our hearts.”

“We couldn’t ask for a better weather. We were blessed with a good windy morning and beautiful people around to witness the signing of Mr and Mrs Adam.”


“I got so emotional walking in my Valentino heels, not because I was sad, I just couldn’t believe that Adam and I have come this far in life. My brother whispered, relax, walk slowly and enjoy. I swear that veil over my head watching everyone from afar, I couldn’t hide my emotions to see everyone I love most be there to witness my big day.”


“A brother who helped his sister make a lot of decisions in life, has the final say, disciplined me like a father, advise me like a counsellor, protects his little sister like gold, keeps me calm when i get crazy, understands his little sister without having to say a word. That, is the most amazing brother you can ever have. I love you so much Sham. No words can even compare close to what you have done for me all my life.”


“I couldn’t stop looking at the man standing, dressed all in white, at the far center of this entire place. He smiled with a smirk on his face, finally about time to meet each other before we drive each other nuts. I chose my brother to walk me down the aisle, because he was the best person in my life.




“So the solemnizer asked, Alisa Rosta, it has come to my attention that you have accepted the hand in marriage of Adam Roslan, if you agree, please sign this marriage certificate.”


“I do. I took a deep breath before getting that perfect signature on my marriage certificate. My hands were shaking. Who knew signing a paper would get this emotional. With all my family and friends witnessing this moment, ultimately I was so happy. I had butterflies flying in my tummy. I honestly wanted to scream in happiness. I also wanted to cry, happy tears.”



“I thank God that my father could witness my wedding, and accepts this hand in marriage.”


“Aku terima nikahnya Alisa Bte Rosta, dengan Mas Kahwin sebentuk cincin.”

“The Doa’s. I can’t thank HIM enough for all the blessings I have in my life, but Adam completes and tops all of them. My biggest blessing. As we put our hands together at the same time, I also prayed and wished that both my late grandparents in heaven, could witness this day. They are never forgotten.”

“Before signing and closing the whole solemnization, Adam read through the don’ts in marriage and that promises he said to take care of me and love me, got Khai so emotional.”


“At the end of the day, I know you will be a good and humble husband, you always have been.”


“Finally seeing some tensions off, when Adam gave a big thumbs up to me. I couldn’t be happier.”


“A kiss on the forehead is the greatest feeling.”

TPP160_zpssn2urikmTPP159_zpsfuwfhxx9TPP165_zpsazthtoa0“A new wedding band to accompany my Vera Wang diamond ring, this completes the whole ceremony. Another chapter has just began. Today, I am no more a girlfriend of 5 years, no more a fiancee for 1 year, I am now a wife, after 6 years knowing Adam.”


“Adam’s ring was the talk of the boys town. His ring wins, a DAVID YURMAN’s black diamonds ring, he always wanted a signet ring. I on the other hand, wanted to get him the biggest ring there was, so that other women can see from afar that he’s happily married, and that I have good taste. *flips hair”


“Happily ever after, we’re officially Mr and Mrs Adam!”

TPP175_zpsz7zfrpddTPP176_zps3jhgbufhTPP177_zpsweowns7n“Toktok Min was the only grandfather who could attend for the wedding so we were so blessed to see him around Shangrila’s Rasa Sentosa.”

TPP181_zpsrj8crullTPP182_zpschcht9zh“What bestmen’s are for. They get the work done, in style of course.”


“She passed down her rose gold ruby ring to me, it was an honour to receive such treasured gold from her, she then slide a diamond bracelet on my left hand.”
“A mother’s love to her newly married son. Thank you for flying halfway across the world for us. We always pray you have a good healthy and blessed life in Canada momma. Your son will always love you no matter what.”TPP186_zpsdmwq00ibTPP187_zpssexwtibcTPP188_zpslnsdobqgTPP190_zpshehsgkwj“The most beautiful mother in law I could ever ask for. The most understanding, most fashionable and most elegant momma. Adam takes well after you. Adam stole my heart immediately during our dating days when he talks about his mom. That was when I know, I wanna marry him. He respects and the love he has for his mother, will in turn show how he will love and treasure me. Marry the man who takes good care of his mother’s heart.”



“The live band that made it all possible. They go by the name, The Lost Box, the crowd really enjoyed their performances. All dressed in suits, they had the best songs sung to us. We really appreciate your presence. Thank you Jed, Darren and Dale.”


“As we were happily swaying our hands walking back to our bridal suite for the next outfit change, our guests were making their way to the ballroom. Blessed weather for an outdoor solemnization. We ask for your prayers for a blessed marriage. It’s time to celebrate!”



“It was amazing to see everything put together. The thousand fresh red roses blooming with red tint baby’s breath in the entire ballroom. The suit napkins, accompanied by our very own customised wedding logo, made by yours truly. The table frames I got all the way from South Africa, my pleated chairs and long candles. Not forgetting my gold frame with all the wedding guests name.”

“My beloved guests arrived at the holding area of the Siloso Ballroom, it was the largest and longest ballroom you can find at Shangrila’s Rasa Sentosa. It was a perfect sunday catch up.”


TPP238_zps73icw9lbTPP239_zpsh6p65sq5“My angels. I’m pretty sure they aced the registration. Assigning guests to their respective seats, giving out those stickers and collecting our monetary gifts for us. Thank you Aisyah, Joanne, Khai and Nasirul.”

“Food’s ready, mic test, band plays and we were all ready to go!”

TPP246_zpsjbos9wx1TPP247_zpsvu0vy0tz“A last group shot with the gang before everyone finds their loved ones, I always wanted all of them to part of the second march in – One Dance, the one that they’ve picked out. Though some were too shy, but they did it anyway. The fact was, Adam and I wouldn’t be here and as strong as ever without these people in our lives. They were the backbones of our relationship. Some of them prolly seen Adam and I since day 1. Having them walk down the aisle with me, was incredible. The night before the wedding, with everyone in the room, rehearsing and laughing out loud while I stayed inside the bridal room, only to hear Adam’s voice outside having a good time with them. With a facial mask on, I prayed, that these people will forever be in my life, our lives. No matter how busy they are, no matter how drifted they may be with future partners and families, I hope they’ll forever remember this day and our friendship.”

TPP248_zpssvq8baqu“I wouldn’t even be standing here today if it wasn’t for my mother – who brought me up right. She is the most loving, most caring, most outgoing and most understanding momma any daughter could ask for. I admit, on most times, you’ll find the daughter screaming and having our disagreements but at the end, she’ll be the perfect momma for me. I know deep down, she always loved Adam from the start. In fact, she loved all my friends like her own children. That’s what I love about her the most.”


“To my maid of honour, my bestfriend, my second boyfriend and my angel, Michelle. I always hated her when I was younger. She was always better than me, smarter than me, taller than me. She had everything I always wanted. She used to bully me when we were younger. But even though you had the most ridiculous haircuts growing up, I still love you anyway.”


“The spoilt brat who ask me if I could buy him Prada, Zara, Louis Vuitton and make me go broke… Maserati! screamed my little brother in the center of the ballroom. I always wanted the best in life for you and i always will love you, no amount of money can ever buy the love I have for you.”


“I ended the speech talking about my now husband. He stood there with his head down, listening to what I’ve got to say, I thanked his parents, for raising him to be such a fine man, because without their right upbringing, I know Adam wouldn’t be this gentlemen I fell in love with.”

TPP272_zps4wvwguc2TPP273_zpswiprwthnTPP274_zpsn0dvametTPP275_zpstgwqncdo“His mother couldn’t hold back her tears, as she sat there, thinking how life would be without him.  Adam will always love you Mama, and I know for sure that you still remain first in his heart, never second to me.”

TPP276_zpsjimmbmohTPP277_zpsllpacmok“Through the long speeches done by Adam and myself, stood Daniel who waved at the camera stealing the limelight. He was the most bestest brother anyone could have asked for. He was our ring bearer. He was dressed in a suit and tie and he was the most excited person in that ballroom. I read through one of his journals about the wedding, wrote by him, Abang’s wedding was filled with speeches, singing and toasting and that what made a beautiful wedding. :’) At the age of 10, he knew the perfect words.”

TPP278_zpsg087yklcTPP280_zpslrfibuqr“Adam was never the type of guy who often showed his expression, be it amoung his friends or me, neither on social media. So for him to speak infront of 250 lovely guests of ours, was something huge for him.

“You shaved, thinking to myself, and I gave him a peck on the cheek. Adam wanted the most weirdest beard style before the wedding, only his bestmen know how he looked like the night before. Thank God! “


“We started off taking pictures with my bridesmaids, then came everyone else who wanted a picture with us.”


“I’ve seen Daniel when he was about 4 coming 5 and look at him now, all grown up. I use to kiss on his cheeks and lips when he was younger and carry him when he didn’t want to walk. Now he’s this shy boy who understands the boundaries that I am his brother’s wife. He used to make Adam jealous by clinging onto me all the time, and that I’ll always defend Daniel myself. We’ve came a long way and many more years seeing Daniel growing up.”


“Oh them boys who literally grew up with me in High School. We were never the good ones. We were rascals in school. I remembered those days when I had to sit down with all of them and handover my printed notes and made them study together with me. Good memories. MSN times. They say when your friendship hits more than 7 years, they are bound to be there for you for the rest of your lives.”

Friends who came down all the way from the Phillippines, I was so happy to see them here. Eventhough I only knew them a short period of 4 months, they were amoungst the best ex colleagues I’ve had. Thank you Miguel, Anna, Ana and Bev!”

“I’m so happy these guys made most of our wedding a happy occasion. With their little inside jokes and how they have helped put up with the wedding preparations, having their boys night the day before in the hotel. They are such amazing friends, its nice to meet all of you through Adam.”

“I felt like a little girl again, with my momma’s arms wrapped around my shoulders. My mom has a new bestfriend now. They officially call each other without having us around anymore. I was happy to bring my  mom over to Canada to meet his family. I have the best momma and best momma in law, we’re definately blessed!”

“Life without these people, they are like family to me. From my schooling days to my career, they have seen the best and worst sides of me. If I could turn back time, this is the one I wanna go back to. My Sky Jackass Family. I used to write in our work notes on how I met Adam and how I fell in love with him. They all knew Adam from the start. They’ve treated him as part of us too, and that’s what good friends do.””Siti! You make me so wanna have a babyboy! HOW CUTIE!!!!”

“Adam’s best of friends. They probably seen all the other girls that Adam was dating before I came into the picture, but you know what’s the best part? They still stood by strong coming here and witnessing the one that Adam decided to marry to. Don’t worry, I will never take away Adam from you guys because I know how much you guys meant to him.”

“Who knew few days later this MR NEE SIAPA aka Mr Steward would be out on papers. My colleagues from the very beginning thank you for making this flying career of mine so much more happier! I love you guys a lot.” photo TPP336_zpsxgxdvzr5.jpg

“I loved my stage, the cosy chair I get to share with my husband with the red hydrangeas with roses together and the red baby’s breath at the side, I wanted lots of space for my family and friends to come up on stage to take pictures. She aced this one. Thank you BEAUTIQUE BRIDAL AND CO.”
“Wedding speeches, we all love them. What is a wedding without knowing what your loved ones think of you. The fear that you might get sabotage by them and telling the whole world your secrets and habits. Michelle said, Adam,always remember that your wife is always right.”

“She also insisted that I give her a babygirl and babyboy by the time she gets married, she is by far the best person in my life, my angel, my best friend, my now first boyfriend, Michelle…”

“Many of my friends told me that my father was at his happiest that day, his smile, his laugh and his emotions says it all. I may not be as close to him, but that day, I knew that his little daughter made him the happiest man in that ballroom. All a father ever wants, is to see a good man taking over his duties.”

“Well, well, who do we have here? My baby brother. He told me a few days before the wedding that he’ll give me a big present on my wedding day. And, it was his wonderful speech. And that, is priceless. I never knew the things my brother liked about me, until that day. With his Zara jacket, Versace belt and his Louis Vuitton shades on, he was a rockstar at my wedding.”

“Even if one day I become a stripper and I told her, she will support me.”

“Adam, I will tell you the best gift that you can give to your wife, a device tracker. Because let me tell you once she loses her stuff, your whole house will suddenly hit a tornado.”

“I always wanted to follow in her footsteps. She always fullfill her dreams.””I don’t have any speech planned out but I’ll just say whatever that comes, said my elder brother Sham, which surprised the crowd because barely anyone hear him speak that long.”

“I don’t want to be that uncle that stays in her sister’s house when you have children so we will see about that. One thing I know about Adam is that, he has a favourite word, BUSY SIA. Like when I do my bike, I’d tell him the things I need to repair and he’ll go, BUSY SIA. I don’t know why is it so busy.” *laughs from audience*
“That smile on his face when he hears his two new brother in laws talking about him.”

“These 3 people were equally important in my life, so I shall not show any favouritism. They have played a big part in my life and has never let me down. They supported me whenever  I needed them and no amount of money can ever buy the love that we have for each other, no hatred, no grudge, no jealousy. Just pure love. That’s what siblings are for. Ohana.”

“Holding a long list of written paper, came up my best friend, after the emcee Aziz said that all this will not be even happening without this man right here… my best friend of 18 years. Growing up together since we were 7 years old, I decided to let him speak on our behalf. Through his speech I was thankful, then he was once part of my life and still is here standing strong again today.”

“If Adam ever does anything to you, you let me know, says the overlyprotected one. But Adam is a good friend, he was the only one who find me when everyone in my life left. That’s why I treasure you and Adam a lot.

In his speech, he told the crowd how we both met and how Adam got what he wanted and how he made use of Adam for his benefits. Honestly, I was so impressed with how he put his words together. He made me teared a little.”

“Like a Rose by A1. The song he picked to sing f”I use to be so dominant in everything I do, but this time in my life, I need to let my husband lead in my life. He is after all, going to be the head of my future family. Holding that bottle and my hand around his waist, I know from this day, I’ll support him no matter what come may.” photo IMG_2615 2_zpsjhcxcusf.jpg

“The dance. It was a few weeks before the wedding before we practiced dancing at the far changi coast park, the place where he decided to ask me to be his girlfriend. We revisited the place, only to prep the dance for our wedding day. It was nice. He piggyback me through the dirty grass patches and we were next to the sea, trying to remember our dance steps. Here we were today. It was nothing fancy, just slow waltz.”

“I found myself dreaming
In silver and gold
Like a scene from a movie
That every broken heart knows we were walking on moonlight
And you pulled me close
Split second and you disappeared and then I was all alone” – Sylvia

“In the blink of an eye
Just a whisper of smoke
You could lose everything
The truth is you never know

So I’ll kiss you longer baby
Any chance that I get
I’ll make the most of the minutes and love with no regrets” – Siddiq

“Two of our dearest friends met for the first time few weeks before the wedding, did a duet for us, Like I’m Gonna Lose You by Meghan Trainor and John Legend. With Sylvia’s incredible voice with Siddiq’s amazing verse, it was really magical. I really loved this segment of  my wedding. They mesh it up with Can’t Help Falling in Love by Elvis Presley. At this moment, I gave my hand to my dad and Adam asked his elder sister for a dance.”

“Wise men say
Only fools rush in
But I can’t help falling in love with you
Shall I stay?
Would it be a sin
If I can’t help falling in love with you?”

“Any girl would want their father in their lives. No matter how far, how bad or how different life may bring you. He was the star of my wedding. He got so emotional his hands were literally shaking. I’m glad I did it, a dance with my father.”

“Sometimes I just hold you
Too caught up in me to see
I’m holding a fortune
That Heaven has given to me
I’ll try to show you
Each and every way I can
Now & Forever,
I will be your man”

“Of course, my newly husband wouldn’t end his wedding without a song for his wife. He sang, Now and Forever by Richard Marx.”

“I sealed it off with a kiss, I couldn’t help myself. He was the perfect one for me. Life would be so beautiful with him around, i just know of it.”

“My 5 tier white wedding cake, it was beautiful. As we celebrated our cake cutting together, we begin a new life.”

 photo TPP411_zpsknohfg1w.jpg photo TPP412_zpsjhumnfzb.jpg photo TPP413_zpshfgg9jox.jpg

“Our favourite people in our lives. It was wonderful having everyone cheer and laugh, this time, we all shared one stage, because that’s what happens when 2 families and friends meet, we become one big happy family.”

“It’s time to toss the bouquet!

You must be crazy thinking that I’d just throw those lovely Kenyan roses that Mr A bought me, of course I had one person in mind for the longest time, my babygirl Rose.”

“Through my wedding preparations, she was one of the many who was super excited for me, as her wedding date gets closer after mine, I wanted to surprise her with a perfect closing to my wedding celebration.”

“I took the mic and said, I wanted to surprise my bestfriend Rose, who will be getting married in May next year, congratulations baby!”

“The perfect emcee I could ever asked for my wedding. Mdm Sylvia Ratonel. Thank you for loving me the way you do. Your friendship is the best. Your emotions are contagious and I love you, which explains why I didn’t wanna let go even while trying to entertain my other guests. Thank you Sylvia.”

“My love for this cousin. She has gone through tough times and raising two children who are my niece and nephew, she advised me with tears in her eyes and she was all emotions at my wedding but she pushed through and shared my special day with me. She failed to see how beautiful she is as a mother, a hot momma. Life will not be as perfect as plan, but life is so much more out there.”
“Like princess! ,said the little Iklas Mykayla during the wedding speech, when everyone was quiet. She was the cutest. I’m pretty sure she had the time of her life too. Thank you for coming down all the way from Melacca sayang.

“While the ceremony wraps up, the Lost Box sang their last set, we love these guys, thank God we crossed path.”

“Everyone was everywhere. Some bid their farewells, some sticked aroud for more food, some grabbing their last bit of drinks, some were busying writing the guestbook, some were at the photobooth, some were busy snapchatting me and Adam as we passed by, some were dropping off their money, some waved their hands and said their goodbyes. I didn’t want it to end.”

“Photobooths are definately fun at weddings! THE BOSS and Wedding Crasher are the most favourite amoungst the rest.”

“Guests were given a photo strip of 3 frames and these were our favourites.”
“This whole ceremony will not be as successful without the lovely management of Shangrila’s Rasa Sentosa.”

“I wanted to cry when the ceremony was over, how much I loved the decorations and the scrumptious food served.”

“We had to get ready for a outdoor sunset shoot. They had to tear down the place. We’ve got to redo our hair and touch up some makeup. I really loved that ring light effect.”

“I had my bridesmaids and he had his groomsmen. They stayed throughout, were the highlights of our wedding and they are the best of friends that you can ever ask for.”

“That long earrings I bought from New York for my wedding, was my bestest wedding gift to myself. I didn’t thought I will be able to pull it off but I did anyways. My white henna by Syra’s skin was the talk about, everyone loved how it was on the skin instead of the traditional red henna that newly wedded brides had on them.”Amazingly captured by my good photography friend, this shot was one of my many favourites.””Button up or not, he looked hot in his wedding suit, I’m glad he chose this maroonish purple suit for the wedding, it suited the Gatsby theme well. With his hair sleeked back, he looked absolutely good.”

“Flowers are a girl’s best friend. Never forget them at weddings, because they play a big part of it.”

“They say that girlfriends have each other’s backs. I’m glad that they’ve shared this journey with me. They were the sisters I never had.”

“As they lifted Adam up with their cheers and smiles, he was treated like a King that day.”

“In one way or another, I’m sure they will remember this day and the times we had, the many years of friendship and how we all crossed paths. Thank you wedding squad.”
“That smile you put on my face each time, will be the best feeling any girl could ask for. The way you wrap your hands around my waist, I feel secure and protected. I know for sure, we’ll make a great team together. Thank you Mr A for putting a ring on it, for that we’ve conquered another milestone together, many more years of memories together.”

“And they lived, happily ever after….”




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