Honeymoon Paradise: Follow Me Around Hawaii


HAWAII – by far tops the list of places I’ve visited around the world. The vibe, the people, the culture, their music… it was truly an island paradise. We’ve picked the most amazing honeymoon destination. Honestly, two weeks wasn’t enough. With that being said, I’ll definately be back again someday.

My baby and I have decided Hawaii  for the longest time, thank God now that we’re married, we both get free tickets each year to travel together. One of many perks of my job.

What’s life being married? You may ask. Honestly, it’s been amazing. It’s like I’m sharing half of my life with someone whom I can call my hubby. I don’t think about myself anymore, I think what’s best for the both of us. Like the saying goes, your wedding rings are the mini handcuffs you’ll have for your whole life. Atleast mine is a princess cut diamond solitaire. *winks Don’t get too happy when someone marry you thinking they’ll change their entire life for you, ultimately everything is still the same. Knowing Mr A for 6 years now, probably his romantic side sparked again after being married, but other than that, we’ve been living together before so nothing shocking – OCDs, bad habits, waking up late, stealing the blanket, who does the laundry, who folds the clothes etc etc, you get the drill.

Back to my honeymoon, we’ve booked a honeymoon package with ALOHA HAWAIIAN , which we think it was great because it covers most meals, most activities that we wanted to do and all transportation being picked up near our hotel. Definately hassle free and our OHANA EAST HOTEL was in the heart of Waikiki, which was great because we did most of our shoppings there.

 photo IMG_5239_zpsk1sx4ff9.jpg

December’s always a perfect time to travel, the first 2 weeks happened to be the “off peak” season but Hawaii was still so packed, flights were full, and Honolulu itself has about 1.4 Million people living there, all cramped up in that island.

 photo IMG_5240_zpsnsntp3vb.jpg

We transited in Seoul, Incheon. We had a layover for about 5 hours and continued another 9 hours from Seoul – Honolulu. A total of 21 hours including transit time just to reach Hawaii.

02 DECEMBER 2016 11:20AM

We got LEID in Hawaii.

The honeymoon package included the lei greeting services at the airport followed by the shuttle to our hotel – by Roberts Hawaii.

 photo IMG_0457_zpsatm10mrn.jpg

A 30mins drive to Waikiki, it felt surreal we were finally here! Checked in to our lovely hotel and we were totally jet lagged. We crashed after getting some hot shower.

Dinner at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse, an outdoor atmosphere just to soak into the beautiful view of Hawaii. Great staffs and service! They even surprised us with a dessert, strawberries with caramel sauces topped with rum after knowing that we were on our honeymoon.

 photo IMG_5241_zpsojg7565s.jpg

 photo IMG_0523_zpsnkdwfajg.jpg

What better way to end the night with our complimentary massage at Shiatsu and Massage Center.

 photo IMG_0544_zpskocplxpn.jpgWelcome drinks on the house by Hula Grill, they had my favourite Pinot Grigio. Hubby tried the Hanauma Bay Breeze cocktail.

03 DECEMBER 2016 10:45AM


 photo IMG_5242_zpskbuxzzz1.jpg

Thank God we settled for Denny’s because it’s my baby’s first time trying it out.


 photo IMG_0760_zpsgvuqm3xj.jpg

We were all set to saill out on our Mai Tai Catamaran, departing at 12:45pm. Right smack in the middle of Halekulani and Waikiki hotel, the beautiful sailing boat was waiting for our arrival.

 photo IMG_5244_zpsejsgz3zt.jpg

The 90 minute catamaran sail welcomed us with the amazing view of Waikiki. Spotted a sea turtle swimming and waving at the sea.

 photo IMG_5268_zpsmqqaijuk.jpg

Did some shopping around all the ABC stores in Hawaii, there’s too many of them! They have everything from souvenoir items to clothes to slippers to towels to hats, food and drinks all in one.

 photo IMG_5245_zpst0rj5ltl.jpg

Hubby bought a Hawaiian shirt for our evening’s event, the Germaine’s Luau. A traditional cultural show featuring the many different ethnics in Hawaii. Picked up at Hyatt Hotel, 3 mins walk away from out hotel, co-organised by Roberts Hawaii.

 photo IMG_5246_zpsxnhay3wm.jpg

In the bus, we saw the most beautiful sunset ever! The sun was so round and dark red and we were literally chasing after it in the bus ride, unfortunately I didn’t have enough time to whip my phone out!

 photo IMG_0840_zpsbo7ov6w5.jpg

Arrived at Germaine’s Luau, which they gave us a seashell lei as part of their welcome greetings. I love how they made it that way, so touching. Who knew putting a string of orchids and seashells and nuts over my head could make me this happy!

 photo IMG_5247_zpsexfgsilt.jpg

The luau came with a good buffet dinner spread, and I super loved their chicken and dessert!

 photo IMG_5248_zpsheuzgzll.jpg

In Hawaii, they say Aloha. Aloha can be used as a hello greeting and also when we bid farewell. I knew there was a deep meaning to it, and I finally got my answer:

A stands for Akahai – kindness, to be expressed with tenderness.

L stands for Lokahi – unity, to be expressed with harmony.

O stands for Olu’Olu – agreeable, to be expressed with pleasantness.

H stands for Ha’aha’a – humility, to be expressed with modesty.

A stands for Ahonui-  patience, to be expressed with perseverance.

Interesting isn’t it? I just love how the Hawaiians speak.

04 DECEMBER 2016 08:30AM

Breakfast at Hula’s – the same place we had for our welcome drink. The buffet was full so we took the bar seats for breakfast, Ally was our server and she was super nice! Kudos to her wonderful service.

I had the Macadamia Banana Pancakes and hubby had the Smoked Bagel.

 photo IMG_5249_zpsbvdvvl2b.jpg

We arrived at the Hukilau Marketplace, by Polynesian Cultural Center and greeted with Alohas. We have opt for the Ambassidor tour which had a guide with us travelling around this huge place. Here, we are being taught a lot of skills on how Hawaiians survive back in those days – without technology, machines and electrical. Boy, we are fortunate to be living in this generation. However, it was really interesting to learn about the Hawaiian culture.

 photo IMG_5250_zpsuj1lqa64.jpg

Our whole day was dedicated to the Polynesian Cultural Center, a place where we had to pay $50 USD for entrance fee but this money goes to the funding for the students studying in Hawaii, taking their degrees. They work on the weekends at the cultural center to give back by teaching and be a guide to guests like us what polynesian culture is all about.

 photo IMG_5252_zpsrlrs5xmz.jpgThey also do shows and dance really well! It’s amazing that most of them are business majors yet they have so many talents!

 photo IMG_5251_zpsebfqifea.jpg

Learnt a lot about Hawaiian’s past, how people live back in those days and how Hawaiians were real pirates back then. Hawaii itself has several hundred islands, broken down into many undiscovered islands and are also unclaimed, many countries wanted control over Hawaii, many of which people were voyagers, they set sail and decide to live on this island.

 photo IMG_5253_zpsveys5rzo.jpg

We learnt a lot about the different islands and the people of Tahiti, Samoa, Fiji, Tonga, Aotearoa and the people of Hawaii. I never knew there was this many different cultures, each have their own uniqueness in their upbringing and they have put up a river show – showcasing their own type of traditional dance.

 photo IMG_1490_zpso6emxhgc.jpg

The Polynesian cultural center came with scrumptious buffet dinner and dance when the sun sets. Being an ambassador, it was a priviledge to get the first rows to watch the show. We went crazy with the buffet, and my love for the Pina Colada in the pineapple!!!

 photo IMG_1489_zps124reg2i.jpg

I always wanted my wedding drink to be in a pineapple, hence I got it on my honeymoon.

 photo IMG_5254_zpspzcalel5.jpg

Our tummys were so full, we couldn’t afford to walk up the stairs for another round. My baby and I were asked to join on the stage – those who were on honeymoon and anniversaries. It was really sweet of them to share our happiness with the whole crowd, we were one of the youngest couple there, some of them were up to 40 years of wedding anniversaries.

 photo IMG_1488_zps94hl4w3i.jpg

05 DECEMBER 2016 08:05AM

 photo IMG_5255_zpsman5wqdb.jpgBreakfast at Hula Grill, before we got off at Hawaiian’s most famous and historical place called Pearl Harbour.

 photo IMG_1611_zpsr0d2enbd.jpg

We sat inside Pearl Harbour Memorial Theater to learn about what really happened to USS Arizona and saw actual video footage of the war.

 photo IMG_5256_zps0rjkabdl.jpg photo IMG_5257_zpswgfccck9.jpg

 photo IMG_5260_zps7thaklpp.jpgHubby and I always make it a point to visit Hard Rock Cafe all over the world when we travel to places together. Bought a few souvenoirs and tees for my brothers, cousins and friends.

 photo IMG_5261_zpsane9fk8x.jpg


Spent the evening at Top of Waikiki, with its famous revolving restaurant at the peak of Waikiki. Although we had our vouchers ready, we went to their website to reserve a table at 8pm just incase it gets crowded and avoid long wait.

 photo IMG_1734_zpstcnskoh7.jpg

Excellent service by the waiter, they even surprised us with a very lovely cream eclair cake with chocolate sauce written : Congratulations! after hearing that we were on our honeymoon. As they say, Hawaii’s the best honeymoon destination, lovely people, romantic vibes and they always have a soft heart for those who are celebrating their wedding anniversaries and honeymoon.

06 DECEMBER 2016 09:15AM

 photo IMG_5263_zpszgb61oir.jpgBreakfast at Duke’s this morning, just to highlight most breakfast and dinners were covered in our hawaiian package so it’s really good. All we had to do was pay for tips, even the taxes were included.

 photo IMG_1928_zpsxowpxoks.jpg

Our bus for Hanauma Bay departs at 09:25am, a beautiful crater that turned into a bay and its now an attraction place for visitors all over the world to spend their time sun tanning at the beach and the largest snorkelling area filled with lots of fishes and sea turtles in the bay itself.

Hanauma can be split into 2 words: Hana means bay, Uma meaning curved, arm wrestling or the stern of a canoe! Often it is mispronounced as Hana’uma. The correct pronunciation is Ha-now-ma, which means curved bay or arm wrestling bay.

Oh well, we got burned in the sun while sleeping on the beach, but it was all worth it. I really miss the sun sand and the sea. It was perfect, the last time I went snorkelling was a year ago in Male, so it was good that we bought for ourselves snorkelling gear, the fishes was really nice underwater and we managed to catch a glimpse of the Hawaiian fish called Humuhumunukunukuapua’a also known as the reef triggerfish!

 photo IMG_5265_zpsoyg2fdok.jpg

Sunbathing, people watching and just enjoying the crater view. It felt surreal. Another bucketlist checked!

 photo IMG_5266_zpsrjy2ymjs.jpg

We spent our afternoon roaming around Ala Moana Center, took the Waikiki trolly PINK LINE that was given to us free by the hotel.

 photo IMG_5267_zpswnohzpm7.jpg

We spent 2 good hours walking around the shopping mall, it was nice to finally have my hubby to be shopping with me in the states. I usually do my shopping alone while on work trips, so this was really nice. Blessed.

 photo IMG_2049_zpsx86sjurz.jpgSunset dinner at Waikiki beach, reservations were made at Duke’s and we had a set dinner menu for us.

 photo IMG_5269_zpsykl1nv4m.jpgAdam had the biggest steak ever, I ordered the seafood linguine pasta. We also had a HUGE mudpie dessert good for the 2 of us which was so delicious! WORTH THE CARBS!

06 DECEMBER 2016 05:20AM

 photo IMG_5270_zps79nkmimb.jpgWoke up early for our full day trip to THE BIG ISLAND, situated in Kona (KOA), we took this time out to explore the surrounding island of Hawaii.

 photo IMG_5271_zpsxfbn3iup.jpgWe were up at 4 in the morning, just to catch the flight out to Big Island at 7 am. I couldn’t help watching the islands above the sky, it was nice taking the time out to explore the other parts of Hawaii. We did planned to cover Honolulu, The Big Island and Maui during our honeymoon. I’m glad Kona was included part of the package! Full day tour around the island.

 photo IMG_5272_zpsexuzelzw.jpg

We were on the road most of the time, that’s me having short attention syndrome while the rest of them were listening about how this lava tunnels were created. We were brought to the Macadamia Nut Factory at Big Island. About 900,000 people who lives on the island, gets more greenery view and much more space as compared to Honolulu. It’s way quieter than the city and our driver’s house took about 250,000USD to built.

 photo IMG_5273_zpsgd7ztoqz.jpg

We dropped by the Rainbow Falls, and the drive took us to some candy store and most shop houses on the roads. It was really different than Honolulu. Big Island is so much more laidback.

 photo IMG_5274_zpsxcesjaxl.jpg

We came here to witness this – the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, as the volcanos are still active, we were warned about the smell and the high amounts of dangerous sulfur dioxide present in the air, my hubby managed to find a thin strain of lava formed and have droplets of it on the leaves.

The Thurston Lava Tube, the lights were out that day so Mr A got lucky because he had a torch in his bagpack. This was one of the only Lava tube walks found here in Hawaii. We were glad to experience this.

 photo IMG_5275_zpslluvnrrt.jpg

 photo IMG_5276_zpszd53gjhc.jpgIn the evening, we went to the Punalu’u Black Sand Beach, where they had sea turtles lazing around!!! The beach has black sand made of basalt and created by lava flowing into the ocean which explodes as it reaches the ocean and cools. Pretty amazing, all the sands are reserved by law and we were not allowed to bring home any shells found, sand and even the sea turtles are protected by the Hawaiian state.

 photo IMG_5284_zpsejpm9dwj.jpg

Hawaii’s Volcanoes were celebrating their 100th anniversary. They’ve been around since 1916  – 2016.

We took a break at the Punalu’u Bake Shop, known for the Southernmost Bakery in the US. Watched the sunset while we took our bus ride back to Kona Airport.  photo IMG_5285_zpsb1ihgsxc.jpg

We had dinner at Honolulu’s Cheesecake Factory, probably the best dinner with my baby now that he’s here in the US with me, being able to eat at my favourite restaurant with him around. We requested for an outdoor seating. The tiki torches that lighted the whole street of Waikiki every night.

07 DECEMBER 2016 08:00am

We spent the morning going for surfing lessons provided by the honeymoon package. We actually got to learn how to surf right on the waves of Waikiki beach. It was really awesome, the surf instructor who was born and bred in Hawaii has been teaching surfing his entire life, he fell in love with the waves and waters at a young age of 9.

 photo IMG_5286_zpsjqarix0w.jpg

Booking surfing lessons were easy, there are many surf rental tentages along Waikiki Beach, we had to find a particular tent because we had to use our voucher. We had a private 1 hour lesson and 1 hour usage of the board. My advise when going for surfing is to attend the lesson so that the instructors can guide you and give you that little push so that you can get the confident to actually stand on the board. I managed to stand about 3 times throughout the hour but I was so happy I accomplished it.

Our next pickup was at about 1600hrs at Sheraton Princess, just next to our hotel. We were on the road to Star of Honolulu, the dinner cruise that was planned inside of our itenary for our last night in Honolulu.

 photo IMG_5287_zpsd6abiyuj.jpg

It was about an hour away just to reach the dock. We managed to catch the sunset while cruising on the sea, it is a known fact that Hawaii has one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world. The 3 storey cruise ship catered one of the best dinner food onboard. We were welcomed with the Maitai drink.

 photo IMG_5288_zpshgrmyu5r.jpg

We were allowed to roam around the ship and watch the sunset. They offered a variety of shows and showed the different cultures of Hawaii through dance.

 photo IMG_2573_zpsnskvtmkj.jpg

I managed to catch a glimpse of what was happening on the other side of the boat. I would say that their variety of food was much more than what we had and their performances had a live band.

 photo IMG_5289_zpseiruyiy1.jpgI would definitely recommend Star of Honolulu for those of you who are on your honeymoon. The Hawaiian vibe here is intense and it was so romantic having the night view of entire Honolulu from the sea. The boat was out at sea for about an hour, which included the dinner buffet and performances.

08 DECEMBER 2016 08:20am

 photo IMG_5300_zpsikq2uel5.jpg

We woke up super happy today because we were heading off to Maui! I am in love with Maui, the amount of good reviews and things to do in Maui that I saw online makes me so excited to continue on our next adventure.

We had 4 days and 3 nights in Maui for the rest of our honeymoon days, we stayed at the beautiful THE WESTIN MAUI RESORT AND SPA. We also decided to rent a car for the 4 days here so we could explore Maui in a rather romantic way instead of wasting our time finding for transportation here. Camaro convertible that is! It was rather inexpensive we paid about $300 plus for the entire time here, plus petrol and insurance. Our hotel was about half an hour – 45 minutes drive away depending on traffic because we were all stuck in a single lane for the longest time.

 photo IMG_5301_zpseibrnun4.jpg

 photo IMG_5302_zpskv2sp5ug.jpg

I am in love that The Westin Maui had flamingos in their front porch!!! How pretty is that! The Christmas decorations were also top notch as Christmas was in about 2 weeks, and this hotel is one of the best 5 star hotels around. They didn’t disappoint. Although they could do something to the carpark area.

It was pouring while on the way to the hotel, and it was raining the whole day since. Hubby and I decided to go to the nearby mall called Lahaina Cannery Mall, where we found a food court and decided to go Asian that day. Oh, how much we miss our rice and noodles!

 photo IMG_5303_zps2z8ioclq.jpg

We insisted that the rain will not stop us from exploring Maui, we decided to spend the night at the Lahaina Harbour. We got our hotel’s umbrella all ready, walked around Prison and Dickenson Street.

 photo IMG_5305_zpscfcibbj0.jpg

We were both in love with the The Gold Mermaid store. They had very beautiful art pieces and frames and wordings of Aloha for like 5USD. We went cray cray! We bought a few souvenoirs and hand painted pieces for our new home. I really like how Maui is really tiny yet they have all the shop houses around and there were not many people.

 photo IMG_5304_zpsxxofeguw.jpg

We also found a shop called Maui Built, where Mr A bought their tees and stickers only to find out that their items can only be found in Maui, they have no online store or whatsoever which was pretty unique in that sense. I really loved the baby romper that said Don’t Jack My Swag. They have a range of household items and decorations. Pretty much made us love Maui even more than Honolulu itself.

09 December 2016 09:30am

Road to Hana! I’m glad we made this trip work. Our plans for ATV ride also got cancelled due to the rainy season that was starting in mid December, we did not have any plans that afternoon hence Road to Hana!
 photo IMG_5306_zpszsmhy2nr.jpg

It was great that both my baby and I could drive so we really took turns so that we won’t get tired easily. We also selected the Road to Hana Route on the GPS which had like scenic point lookout and pit stops.

 photo IMG_5307_zpsrsqwbtsw.jpg

The beginning of the curve roads, honestly I felt better when I took control of the car, I felt less sick in the tummy. For those of you intend to take this Road to Hana trip, I suggest you bring lots of food, drinks and extra plastic bags just incase. Oh, also make sure that your petrol is full because there isn’t any petrol stations for the entire journey.

 photo IMG_5308_zpsbkdqpdjg.jpg

We were totally aware of the massive curve roads that we were getting ourselves into, and the 3 hour journey up and another 3 hour journey back, it was a full day of driving. The meaning of Road to Hana, was not the destination at Hana Town itself which didn’t have much to do, but the journey along the way made the most memories.

 photo IMG_5309_zpsbeyinyru.jpg

After 2 hours on the road, we were finally at HALFWAY TO HANA. We couldn’t resist the shave ice, one of the famous dessert in Hawaii. We tried the coconut, banana and watermelon shaved ice flavours. It was super satisfying.

 photo IMG_5310_zpsoqple9sn.jpg

Halfway through, passed by a few waterfalls along the way…

 photo IMG_5311_zps1zernqwi.jpg

 photo IMG_5312_zps1akhbiko.jpg

I was determined to stop at Wai’anapanapa Cave, I know that there’s the Black Sand Beach which was on the internet rated one of the top 10 beaches to visit in the world.

 photo IMG_5313_zpsr0nxinlo.jpg

We were finally here! Swim for a bit and continued our journey to Hana Town. Most of the areas were houses and we bumped into Hana School which led to a dead end. We came all the way for this and had to make our way back.

 photo IMG_5314_zpsticawlbz.jpg

We saw 2 girls who needed to hitch a ride so we decided to give them a lift. They on the other hand was too excited that they got into a convertible. It was nice having them around just for a bit. It started to get a little dark and we were literally chasing sunset because we didn’t want to end up in the dark curved roads of Hana, where there were no lights at all.

 photo IMG_5315_zpsxyoghm8x.jpg

We got real hungry after all the driving so we decided to take a break at Lahaina Harbour, at a restaurant called down the hatch. Ordered some fish and chips and fries and got our favourite Pina Colada and this time, it was in a Tiki cup! How cute!

 photo IMG_5316_zpsbsbq9id3.jpg

Ended the night late and we were both glad that our road to Hana trip was safe despite the slight drizzle throughout the day.

10 December 2016 10:00am

 photo IMG_5317_zpsksboxiy1.jpgIt’s our monthsary! My baby and I officially dated each other on the 10.10.2010, so we decided to book an Atlantis Submarine Tour to celebrate. It was something that my momma always wanted me to come back to sit this. When I was 11 months old, I was here in Hawaii, but me and mom couldn’t get in onto the submarine only because I was a baby, so it was nice to be back here with my newly wedded husband. We had huge ass pancakes at the breakfast restaurant nearby the harbour and it costs us only 6 USD for each pancake.

 photo IMG_5318_zpszc972tbx.jpg

It was drizzling but the sales lady said that it was a rain or shine event, so the submarine will still be operating. We were one of the 6 people who took the first dive out, so it was kind of like a private tour for us.

 photo IMG_5319_zpskfnbcuoe.jpg

We were really excited as to how the submarine actually goes underwater, well apparently my mom said that they’ll start spinning you round and round and that everyone will start puking until they finally reach the bottom. Thank God that wasn’t the case! The submarine itself has weight that goes downward pressure so it was pretty quick going down. We even managed to see how it goes down when the next tour arrived. Which was full tour btw so we were lucky we didn’t have to squeeze inside of the submarine.

 photo IMG_5321_zpsxsbmgepp.jpg

We saw a lot of fishes, an abandoned ship that they bought for a dollar from a museum, we saw corals and baby sharks.

 photo IMG_5320_zpsibdykxao.jpg

It was really nice having to see what’s under the sea without having the hassle of going snorkelling, I’d definitely recommend this as well to those who can’t swim or dive.

 photo IMG_5322_zps9uuutwrr.jpg

The whale watching season was also in season from December – May. Probably will try going out at sea again to try that the next time I plan my trip here.

 photo IMG_5323_zpsfdmfsl3j.jpg

I bought myself this 3D shark postcard only because we missed our shark cage tour in Honolulu. We were supposed to go there on our last day but booking it on Hawaiian Discount which totally screwed up our plans and morning. P.S DO NOT EVER BOOK WITH HAWAIIAN DISCOUNT. They claimed that we did not click the transportation services and there was no follow up at all prior to departure date and the next thing we knew is them emailing us saying that our boat has sailed and there was no refund. Wasted my time calling them they put the blame on the main company asked me to ask them for the refund which totally blew my phone bill. Anyway, Hawaiian Discount is total rip off!

 photo IMG_5324_zpsrotu4kec.jpg

I LOVE MAUI. I really enjoy those colourful, vibrant and interesting shops and spots, would love it better with Summer.

 photo IMG_5325_zps3zg1gvar.jpg

We ended up going to our hotel in the evening and spend the rest of our day here at Westin Maui. Took a swim, nap and enjoyed our last sunset in Maui. 😦

11 DECEMBER 2016 06:10am

 photo IMG_5327_zpsh1wjdes4.jpg

Got up early to catch our flight back to Honolulu, and then to Incheon which was nearly 12 hours. As much as I hate leaving Maui, I know this honeymoon had to come to an end. I literally had tears in my eyes when I was flying over Maui to Honolulu. I know, I will be back for sure. There’s so much that these islands had to offer, I couldn’t get enough of it. No wonder everyone that has ever been to Hawaii said that you would want to stay here forever. Hawaii changed my life. I fell in love with this place. You had me at Aloha.

 photo IMG_5328_zpsh47cwnaw.jpg

I bought a Precious Thots hawaiian doll to remind myself that I will someday come back here when I have my first child. Also, to buy more of these dolls because they’re too pretty.








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