Let the sea set you free: Wedding Anniversary Maldives Edition

Dear diary, today marks the 1st anniversary with le hubz.

Feels like just yesterday when we got married. Being a wife, is wonderful. Having someone to be officially part of your life, it’s the most amazing feeling ever.

Without further ranting, we hopped onto Scoot flight because SQ tickets were fully booked and flights arriving after midnight in Malé, there will not be any speedboat services from the airport. Thank God for Scoot, we arrived in Malé at 20:05 in the evening!

Velana International Airport, filled with counters like this, upon arrival, you need to visit one of the counters depending on which island resort you’ll be staying and then be ushered to the speedboat with a few others heading towards the same island. We waited about half and hour to get everyone on the boat. Always email your resort prior to your arrival to confirm a speedboat for you or you’ll end up staying at one of the airport hotels until the next day.

We headed off to the beautiful island called Paradise Island Resort & Spa, located in Lankanfinolhu, Maldives, 20mins away from Velana Airport. The speedboat costed us a whooping 104USD per person for a return trip, payable at the hotel itself.

Our romantic welcome drink and a refreshing cold towel upon arriving at the hotel lobby. Our beautiful water bungalow is 77sqm big and leading stairs straight to blue waters of the Indian Ocean.

I must say that it was the best found villa in the Maldives. Just like how the pictures were, it was incredible. You can check out the water villa prices here

16.10.17, rise and shine! We’re both up early to catch the sunrise and enjoyed dipping ourselves the water and enjoying the view right outside our water bungalow. Wanted to have the first picture taken in Maldives to be perfect and ended up laughing because Adam was leaning towards me and squashing my face😅

Full breakfast buffet was included during our mornings here in the Maldives. I realised how fast paced I’ve become ever since I started working, how I would gobble down my food at work and rush to do things and always walking really really fast and ahead of everyone…. which was super bad for me. It was a good change, managed to finally sit down and have a decent and slow 3-hour, yessss, 3 hour breakfast.

Float float, away! Finally made use of the pearl float I’ve bought months ago in Australia. I was definately going for the old school bikini look 👀

Exploring Paradise Island and the main jetty was beautiful, will definately remember how romantic the atmosphere was when we arrived at night, 💡💡💡💡 everywhere and the 🌟 🌟 lighted up the skies! Stargazing moments were the best!

We decided on an impromptu parasailing experience, cuz boo has never done it before plus he’s afraid of heights, so le wife decided to give moral support and made him go for it💪🏻The speedboat took us out to the ocean and we were paired with 2 other couples who were extremely nice to take our videos and pictures for us while we were parasailing above. :’) It was one hell of a boat ride though, fun yet crazy! Iwas so close to flying off of my seat!!!The view from the top was spectacular, we could actually see patches of reefs in the middle of the ocean and a few resorts from a bird’s eye view. Always wanted to get a Mavicpro for myself, but this, will do for now. Capturing moments with my own bare eyes. We were both feeling a little sea sick at the top, age is catching up😭😓 I used to be wayyyy more adventurous and my body would always be able to take it. I puked 🤢 on the boat when we got down but felt so much better after that. I insisted that it was the Ginger Tea 🍵 given at the Spa earlier, which made my tummy turned like crazy. Oh, how i regretted drinking that sip of tea.

We had afternoon nap in our villa because the sun was scorching hot and decided to come out for a walk during sunset around 17:30 in the evening . The italian restaurant had the best view of the sunset because it was nearest to the equator and there’s an unblocked view of the entire Indian Ocean. The staff was really sweet he took a lot of photos for us together using my dslr and we had a mini photoshoot going on. People in  Maldives are just wonderful. Their service is so amazing, nothing can compare the passion they have for their work and the people living there are just so happy and carefree.

The resort had sessions for guests to watch shark feeding near the seafood restaurant and stingray feeding near the bar every night, 06:30pm and 07:00pm daily.

I’ve never seen so many sharks fighting over food and it was just so crazy cuz we shared the same blue waters in the morning😱💩

We also got a chance to feed stingrays! 😍😍 yes, actually feed them by the mouth😱 i used to be so afraid of them but I never knew that they were so adorable and friendly, they loved being touched and fed by humans. So in love with them right now!

We had our first dinner night at one of the restaurants called Dhavaani Coffee Shop which was 24hrs.

They served Japanese, Chinese and Western cuisines. I had the usual Nasi Goreng  (cuz you’ll never go wrong with Nasi Goreng) and boo had this whole grilled fish to himself.

There were activities organised every night in the island so we decided to join in the fun for the F1 crab race. Yes, we actually bet freaking 6USD for the crab! Our crab was tagged with a number, 24, and we named him Craby! 🦀The game was pretty simple, all our crabs were placed in a glass, the fastest crab that got out of the circle, wins!Of course, Craby was just too slow 😒 yes he was one of the last one out! But it was all for the fun of it😅

The first prize winner walked away with 30 cans of beer, second prize with a whole pizza and third prize with 2 cocktails/ mocktails. I would love to have the pizza though!

17.10.17 – We dedicated the whole day for snorkelling.

Buying those snorkelling masks from Decathlon was so worth it, I could breathe normally and most importantly, keeps my makeup slaying all day!Had the usual breakfast orders – waffles, sunny side up, chicken bacon, sausages… the poori was the best! They also had a vegeterian section for those who don’t eat meat which was also so tasty~ Our view from the breakfast table. So serene and perfect for beach lovers like us.

Stairway to heaven, since young, being near the sea always makes me happy, for some strange reason, helps me to get back on my feet during tough times. Mermaids, water and anything sparkling are my thing. I haven’t been to Maldives for the longest time, made the trip even more fullfilling because I get to explore another resort of its same kind.

Bandos Island and Kurumba Island are both paradise islands too but this island is just extra special. Best of it all, I personally researched and hand picked this resort for our honeymoon. Favourite part of going for a holiday is definately planning for it and making it come to life.

Decided to take a break from snorkelling and explore the island for a little bit, the catamaran sail tho!❤️

We decided not to go for anymore water sports activities because I promised myself not to do anymore funky and wild stuffs while I’m still recovering from yesterday’s nausea.

c5eb29ab-4fa4-4b83-82d4-843dca7e7b98-1We managed to find baby sharks swimming around halfway during our snorkelling time,   and was so enthusiastic about capturing it on the go pro.

Le hubz, love how he would just randomly sing to me when he’s feeling it. God has really proven to me that you’re the best soulmate for me, despite all our differences, you know when you just when to make me happy. It’s crazy how some days I can’t stop looking at you all day and just staring at you on days you fell asleep on me. Thank you for always being my hero, in so many ways.

Maldivian Digging Dinner😍😍😍

Fine dining with the millions of 💫 stars above  –  definately one of the most romantic dinner dates I’ve had with boo. Truly unforgettable and the service was amazing.  Our seats were made out of sand and the table was dug deep so I could leave my feet hanging, no picture could describe how amazing the million of stars that were sparkling above and just hearing the waters from the ocean is just……aaah, perfect. Just what we needed for this anniversary.

I had a good H2H talk with this one, about how life is just going to be on another level after

this, with our 🏠 home coming end this year.

We requested to exchange the mixed salad with the salmon appetiser, but we got them both instead on top of the delicious bread platter that was being served for the first course.Soup! I love soup! Seafood chowder it is!Here’s my hubby posing for the camera! Thank you for always taking beautiful pics of me.Italian white 🍷 wine, just so smooth. Ended with my favourite kind of dessert, cheesecake!

The 3 hour, 6 course meal which included a whole entire grilled lobster for each of us and 2015 bottle of wine on the house, truly worth it!

I’ve always wanted this type of dinner for our wedding ceremony by the beach, so that’s a bucket list checked afterall! So convincing my brothers and cousins to get married here so I can visit this beautiful island again, the name says it all, Paradise.

Literally, paradise.

By far the most relaxed, enjoyable and calming holiday. No rushing for the bustling cities, running to trains, catching up with the latest attraction times. This island, time moves extra slowly and had a pretty much needed break for the entire year.

Boo went for another round of snorkelling before we check out, so i just chilled on the float because my ear was aching so bad from all the water, the best spot was right infront of our water bungalow!

Getaway with my jumbo❤️ should really do a what’s in my bag video🙈

Our hearts were heavy leaving this island.

We really wish we could come back here again someday, had the greatest time here and would definately recommend it to those couples looking for a honeymoon destination!

They even have wedding packages!!!!😎

Of course their spa outdoor rooms are just 👍🏻 so relaxing zzzz

Thank you for the much needed getaway with you, honey!😘😘😘

Instead of going for a Male excursion tour which was gonna cost us a bomb 60-80USD per person, we opt to go local. Meaning, we decided to explore Male city on our own, which only cost us 1USD for the ferry boat (one way) from the airport, which was so wayyyy more cheaper alternative to visit the city. Always wondered what Male City is like, another bucket list off!

I wouldn’t recommend a night stay in Malé city though due to the over population and there’s not much to see and explore besides, traffic is very dangerous here and there’s no shopping mall around, just outdoor shophouses. If you have time to spare, you can visit the National Museum, known to be one of the largest.

We headed to a few souvenoir shops around the city via walking, ended up having lunch and made our way back to the ferry ⛴ terminal cuz we were so shagged. Also, make sure you leave your luggages at the airport for a fee of 6USD per bag for safekeeping if you intend to explore the city on your own until your check-in is available. The counters at Malé Airport opens only 3 hours before flight departure so do plan ahead or you’ll end up stranded in the airport for hours doing nothing but just bumming around and waiting.

Time to bid goodbye to the beautiful island 🌴 of Maldives.

Here’s a little clip we captured from our trip!



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